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Day of the Evil Gun

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Director  Jerry Thorpe
Music director  Jeff Alexander
Language  English
6.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Western
Production  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Country  United States
Day of the Evil Gun movie poster
Release date  March 1, 1968 (1968-03-01)
Writer  Charles Marquis Warren (screenplay), Eric Bercovici (screenplay), Charles Marquis Warren (story)
Cast  Glenn Ford (Lorn Warfield), Arthur Kennedy (Owen Forbes), Dean Jagger (Jimmy Noble), Harry Dean Stanton (Sergeant Parker)
Similar movies  Frontier Hellcat, The Desperado Trail, Last of the Renegades, Treasure of Silver Lake, Ulzana's Raid, Old Shatterhand
Tagline  They had one enemy even more deadly than the Apaches... each other!

Day of the evil gun 1968 official trailer glenn ford arthur kennedy western movie hd

Day of the Evil Gun is a 1968 American traditional western starring Glenn Ford, Arthur Kennedy, and Dean Jagger. It was directed by Jerry Thorpe.


Day of the Evil Gun movie scenes

Day of the evil gun buzzards scene with glenn ford and arthur kennedy


Day of the Evil Gun movie scenes

Angie Warfield and her two children are kidnapped by Apaches. Lorne Warfield (Glenn Ford), who had been away a long time, sets out to rescue his family, with the unwanted help of his neighbor Owen Forbes (Arthur Kennedy). Warfield is a former gunman trying to forget his violent past. Forbes, a decent, humane rancher, is also in love with Warfield's wife and feels guilty that he did not try to prevent the kidnapping.

Day of the Evil Gun movie scenes

An Indian trader (Dean Jagger), who feigns insanity (as the Indians will not kill a crazy person), reluctantly provides Warfield with some information. Next, Warfield and Forbes are captured by the Apaches and staked out on the ground to die. However, Mexican bandit DeLeon (who has dealings with the Indians) believes Warfield's story that he hid his money before he was caught and cuts him loose. Warfield manages to kill him and frees Forbes. They detour to a town where a doctor is being overwhelmed caring for the victims of cholera. They buy supplies, and Forbes learns the location of the Apache camp. On the way, they enter a deserted Mormon settlement, where they encounter a detachment of Union soldiers led by "Captain" Jefferson Addis. However, all is not what it seems. It turns out that Corporal Addis and the rest killed the real captain so that they could trade two wagons full of weapons and ammunition to the Apaches in return for an army payroll the latter recently captured. The Apaches, however, have other ideas; they attack. During the battle, Warfield arranges it for them to steal a wagon. That leaves deep tracks it is easy for him to follow to the Indian camp. Warfield and Forbes rescue the captives.

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Safely back home, Forbes challenges Warfield (who is now unarmed, having traded his gun to a storekeeper for clothing for his family) to a duel for the woman, but Warfield just turns and walks away. Forbes throws him a pistol, but Warfield refuses to pick it up. Forbes then shoots Warfield in the leg. Before Forbes can finish him off, he is shot and killed by the storekeeper using Warfield's gun.


Day of the Evil Gun Day of the Evil Gun 1968 Jerry Thorpe Synopsis
  • Glenn Ford as Lorne Warfield
  • Arthur Kennedy as Owen Forbes
  • Dean Jagger as Jimmy Noble
  • John Anderson as Captain Jefferson Addis
  • Paul Fix as Sheriff Kelso
  • Nico Minardos as Jose Luis Gomez de la Tierra y Cordoba DeLeon
  • Harry Dean Stanton as Sergeant Parker
  • Pilar Pellicer as Lydia Yearby
  • Parley Baer as Willford
  • Royal Dano as Dr. Eli Prather
  • Ross Elliott as Reverend Yearby
  • Barbara Babcock as Angie Warfield
  • James Griffith as Storekeeper - Hazenville

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