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Dave Palumbo

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Years active

Dave Palumbo

1.70 m

Full Name
David Christopher Palumbo

February 17, 1968 (age 56) (
Manhattan, New York, United States

CEO and founder of and Species Nutrition

Contest weight: 270 lb (120 kg) Retired weight: 235 lb (107 kg)

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David Christopher "Dave" Palumbo (born February 17, 1968) is a retired American bodybuilder. He competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 1990, an NPC national competition in New York City, where he placed 6th place weighing in at 168 lbs. In just 5 years, Palumbo would gain 70 lbs and win the overall at the 1995 NPC Junior Nationals. His best placing in competition came at the 2003 NPC USA Championships where he finished 2nd place in the Super Heavyweight class.


Palumbo is the former Editor-in-Chief of Muscular Development Magazine. Today, Palumbo is the CEO and Founder of and owner of Species Nutrition. Palumbo is also contest prep coach for several NPC and IFBB bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitors. He is known for his low carb approach to preparing his athletes for competition. Palumbo is also the founder of the S.M.A.R.T. personal training certification program.

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Competition history

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Dave Palumbo’s athletic beginning did not start in bodybuilding. He was a long distance runner throughout his youth and onto college. At the age of 22, Palumbo began to lift weights and in 6 months of training he competed in his first bodybuilding competition at the 1990 NPC Natural New York City weighing in at 168 lb. where he took 6th place in the middleweight class.

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Palumbo would quickly rise in bodybuilding and in 5 years he would win the 1995 NPC Junior USA Championships. At this point Palumbo would embark on a quest to turn professional in the IFBB. From 1995 – 2004, Palumbo would attempt to turn pro 16 times at qualifying events, but never placed higher than runner-up position at the NPC Nationals and NPC USA Championships.

Competition results

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1990 NPC NATURAL New York City (6th place Middleweight.....168 lbs) only 6 months

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1992 NPC NJ SUBURBAN BODYBUILDING CHAMPS (5th place, Light HW.....198 lbs)

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1992 NATURAL TRI STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS (1st place, Heavyweight........202 lbs)

1992 NPC Eastern USA 3rd place HW...212 lbs

1992 NPC WESTCHESTER 2nd place HW ...212 lbs

1994 NPC NY METROPOLITAN BB CHAMPS 1st HW.......228 lbs

1994 NPC SUBURBAN BB CHAMPS 2nd HW........228 lbs

1994 NPC Jr USA 3rd place HW...........228 lbs

1994 AMATEUR GRAND PRIX 1st place HW and OVERALL CHAMP......235 lbs

1995 NPC Jr NATIONALS 1st place HW........258 lbs

1995 NPC USA CHAMPS 7th place HW.........256 lbs

1996 NPC USA 7th place.........254 lbs

1996 NPC NATIONALS 4th place.........268 lbs

1997 NPC USA 6th place .....270 lbs

1997 NPC NATIONALS.....5th place........272 lbs

1998 IFBB NORTH AMERICAN 6th place .......281 lbs

1998 NPC NATIONALS 8th place Super HW....... 273 lbs

1999 NPC USA ......9th place

2000 NPC NY METROPOLITAN 1st place Super HW and OVERALL.... 275 lbs

2000 NPC USA 4th place Super HW.......274 lbs

2000 NPC NATIONALS 8th place Super HW......268 lbs

2001 NPC USA 7th place .......Super HW....... 265 lbs

2001 IFBB NORTH AMERICAN 5th place...... Super HW ...... 271 lbs

2002 NPC USA 3rd place Super HW...........260 lbs

2002 NPC National's 2nd place Super HW.......260 lbs

2003 NPC USAs 2nd place Super HW...........265 lbs

2003 NPC NATIONALS 6th place Super HW.......268 lbs

2004 NPC USA 6th place Super HW....... 258 lbs

Muscular development

In 2001, Palumbo was hired to write a monthly column for Muscular Development Magazine titled The Anabolic Freak. Several years later, he was promoted to editor of the website, a position he held until being terminated in 2009.

Species Nutrition

Palumbo is the owner and president of Species Nutrition. Species Nutrition offers protein, fiber, fat loss, sleep-aid, and joint relief amongst its product line.

Web interviewer and radio host

Palumbo hosts a Q&A program called #AskDave (which has 51 episodes) as well as a "Live With" interview series. In August he interviewed Janae Marie Kroc.


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