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Dalia Inés

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Years active  1984–present
Known for  Mi México
Dalia Inés smiles while wearing a pink striped shirt and pair of earrings

Full Name  Dalia Inés Nieto Jiménez
Occupation  Singer, dancer, actress
Parents  Flor Silvestre, Andrés Nieto Villafranco
Siblings  Pepe Aguilar, Marcela Rubiales, Antonio Aguilar, hijo, Francisco Rubiales
Cousins  Velia Vieyra Jiménez, Isabel Vieyra Jiménez, Érika Vieyra Jiménez
Grandparents  Jesús Jiménez Cervantes, María de Jesús Chabolla Peña
Nephews  Leonardo Aguilar, Emiliano Aguilar
Uncles  Francisco Jiménez, Arturo Jiménez, José Luis Jiménez
Similar  Flor Silvestre, Marcela Rubiales, Pepe Aguilar, Antonio Aguilar - hijo, Paco Malgesto
Born  27 February 1948 (age 72 years), Santa Fe, Argentina

Dalia in s hija de flor silvestre ac entre nos

Dalia Inés Nieto Jiménez, simply known as Dalia Inés, is a Mexican singer, dancer, and actress.


A former teacher and English translator, Dalia Inés is the eldest of the five children of singer and actress Flor Silvestre. She has been singing and dancing for several years in her musical revue Mi México, which features traditional music and dances from various states of Mexico. She appeared in several films, including some of her stepfather Antonio Aguilar's productions.

Dalia Inés Dalia Ines Nieto CantaInes Twitter

In 1992, she explained her love of Mexican music, which she inherited from her mother: "With so much music at home, I never had the desire to pursue another career other than this. I identify myself with our culture because my mother instilled it in me since I was a child".

Dalia Inés while singing "Pero sin querer" together with a band | Courtesy of Youtube


  • Dalia Inés (1984)
  • Alegría y sentimiento (2008)

  • Dalia Inés while singing wearing a beaded shirt and pair of golden earrings

    Dalia Inés while singing wearing a black shirt

    Dalia Inés with her curly hair smiles while standing outdoor


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