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County of Auxerre

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County of auxerre

The County of Auxerre is a former state of current central France, with capital in Auxerre.



The first count attested by the sources is one Ermenaud, a companion of Charlemagne who reigned around 770. In 859 Charles the Bald handed over the county to his cousin Conrad II of Burgundy. When he revolted, the county was assigned to Robert the Strong. After the latter's death, Hugh the Abbot was count, but named a viscount in his lieu; later Auxerre was absorbed in Richard of Burgundy's dominion.

It returned to the Capetians with Renauld I of Nevers. Auxerre remained part of Nevers until 1262. It was sold to the King of France in 1370. After the Treaty of Arras (1435) between Charles VII of France and Philip III of Burgundy, it returned once again to the latter. In 1477, with the annexion of Burgundy, it became definitively part of France.

List of counts

  • Ermenaud I of Auxerre c. 758
  • Ermenaud II of Auxerre ?
  • Ermenaud III of Auxerre c. 840
  • Jouvert of Auxerre c. 853
  • Adelaide I of Auxerre (daughter) 853–864
  • Conrad I of Auxerre, duke of Transjuran Burgundy 859–864 (married to Adelaide)
  • Robert the Strong 864–866 (married to Adelaide) (king
  • Conrad II of Auxerre (son) 853–876
  • Hugh the Abbot (son of Adelaide) 876–886
  • Adelaide II of Burgundy (daughter of Conrad I) 921–936
  • Richard of Gorze 886–921 (married with Adelaide II)
  • Raoul I of Gorze (son) 821–936
  • To France 936–971
  • Heribert of Auxerre 971–996 (son of Hugh the Great, dux francorum)
  • Eudes Henri of Auxerre (halfbrother) 996–1002
  • Adelaide of Auxerre (daughter of king Robert II of France), countess of Auxerre
  • Renauld I of Nevers (son of Landri, lord of Monceaux and Maers) 1031–1040 count of Auxerre (married to Adelaide)
  • William I, Count of Nevers (son) 1040–1083 (count of Auxerre, Tonnerre and Nevers)
  • Renauld II of Nevers (son) 1083–1089 (count of Auxerre and Nevers)
  • William II, Count of Nevers (son) 1097–1148 (count of Auxerre, Tonnerre and Nevers)
  • William III, Count of Nevers (son) 1148–1161 (count of Auxerre, Tonnerre and Nevers)
  • William IV, Count of Nevers (son) 1161–1168 (count of Auxerre, Tonnerre and Nevers)
  • Guy I of Nevers (brother) 1168–1175 (count of Tonnerre, Auxerre and Nevers)
  • William V, Count of Nevers (son) 1175–1181 (count of Auxerre, Tonnerre and Nevers)
  • Agnes I of Nevers (sister) 1181–1192
  • Peter II of Courtenay 1184–1218 (married to Agnes)
  • Mahault I of Coutenay (daughter) 1218–1257
  • Hervé of Donzy 1218–1257 (married to Mahault)
  • Agnes II of Donzy (daughter) 1218–1225 (deceased before her mother)
  • Guy II of Châtillon, count of Saint Pol 1223–1225 (married to Agnes II)
  • Gaucher of Châtillon (son)  ? (deceased)
  • Yolande of Châtillon (daughter) ?–1254
  • Archambaud of Dampierre ?–1254 (Archambaud IX Lord of Bourbon) (married to Yolande)
  • Mahaut of Dampierre (daughter) 1257–1262
  • Odo of Burgundy 1257–1251 (married to Mahaut)
  • Alix of Burgundy (daughter) 1251–1290
  • John I 1273–1290 (married to Alix, joint rulers)
  • William VI the Great (son) 1290–1304
  • John II (son) 1304–1361
  • John III (son) 1361–1370
  • John IV (son) 1370
  • Sold to France 1370
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