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Carnaubeira da Penha

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Area  1,010 km²
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Carnaubeira da Penha is a city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, 498 km away from the state's capital, Recife. The population in 2009, according with IBGE was 12.451 inhabitants and the total area is 1010.17 km². Has also the presence of Indigenous people in reserves.


Map of Carnaubeira da Penha - State of Pernambuco, Brazil


  • State - Pernambuco
  • Region - São Francisco Pernambucano
  • Boundaries - Salgueiro and Mirandiba (N); Belém de São Francisco (S and W); Floresta (E).
  • Area - 1010.17 km²
  • Elevation - 446 m
  • Hidrography - Pajeú and Terra Nova rivers
  • Vegetation - Caatinga hiperxerófila.
  • Clima - Semi arid ( Sertão) hot
  • Annual average temperature - 25.2 c
  • Distance to Recife - 498 km
  • Economy

    The main economic activities in Carnaubeira da Penha are based in agribusiness, especially creation of goats (over than 80000 heads), sheeps, cattle, pigs, donkeys, chickens; and plantations of bananas, tomatoes and guava.

    Economic Indicators

    Economy by Sector 2006


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