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Scientific name  Campanulales
Rank  Order
Higher classification  Dicotyledon
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Similar  Dicotyledon, Flowering plant, Campanulaceae, Campanula punctata, Asteridae

Campanulales is a valid botanic name for a plant order. It was used in the Cronquist system as an order within the subclass Asteridae in the class Magnoliopsida flowering plants. As then circumscribed it included the families:

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  • Pentaphragmataceae In Watson and Dallwitz this family has 1 genus, Pentaphragma with 30 species from southeast Asia.
  • Sphenocleaceae - 1 genus
  • Campanulaceae (harebells) - 28 genera
  • Stylidiaceae In Watson and Dallwitz it has 5 genera and 150 species.
  • Donatiaceae
  • Brunoniaceae In Watson and Dallwitz there is only one species in the family, Brunonia australis
  • Goodeniaceae (naupaka) - 1 genus

  • Campanulales Campanulales Wikipedia

    Campanulales is not recognized as an order in the APG II system, where the families are included in order Asterales, except for Sphenocleaceae in Solanales.

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