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César Award for Best Writing

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Winners & Nominees  Games of Love and ChanceAbdellatif Kechiche - Ghalya Lacroix, Games of Love and Chance, Winner, 36 Quai des OrfèvresOlivier Marchal - Julien Rappeneau - Franck Mancuso -, 36 Quai des Orfèvres, Nominee, Kings and QueenArnaud Desplechin - Roger Bohbot, Kings and Queen, Nominee, A Very Long EngagementJean-Pierre Jeunet - Guillaume Laurant, A Very Long Engagement, Nominee, Look at MeJean-Pierre Bacri - Agnès Jaoui, Look at Me, Nominee, The Barbarian InvasionsDenys Arcand, The Barbarian Invasions, Winner, After the LifeLucas Belvaux, After the Life, Nominee, Bon VoyagePatrick Modiano - Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Bon Voyage, Nominee, Since Otar LeftJulie Bertuccelli - Roger Bohbot - Bernard Renucci, Since Otar Left, Nominee, On the RunLucas Belvaux, On the Run, Nominee, Fear and TremblingAlain Corneau, Fear and Trembling, Nominee, An Amazing CoupleLucas Belvaux, An Amazing Couple, Nominee, AmenCosta-Gavras - Jean-Claude Grumberg, Amen, Winner, 8 WomenFrançois Ozon - Marina de Van, 8 Women, Nominee, The PianistRonald Harwood, The Pianist, Nominee, Summer thingsMichel Blanc, Summer things, Nominee, The Spanish ApartmentCédric Klapisch, The Spanish Apartment, Nominee, Read My LipsJacques Audiard - Tonino Benacquista, Read My Lips, Winner, The Officers' WardFrançois Dupeyron, The Officers' Ward, Nominee, No Man's LandDanis Tanović, No Man's Land, Nominee, AmélieJean-Pierre Jeunet - Guillaume Laurant, Amélie, Nominee, ChaosColine Serreau, Chaos, Nominee, The Taste of OthersJean-Pierre Bacri - Agnès Jaoui, The Taste of Others, Winner, The King's DaughtersPatricia Mazuy - Yves Thomas, The King's Daughters, Nominee, A Question of TasteBernard Rapp - Gilles Taurand, A Question of Taste, Nominee, Human ResourcesLaurent Cantet - Gilles Marchand, Human Resources, Nominee, Harry - He's Here to HelpGilles Marchand - Dominik Moll, Harry - He's Here to Help, Nominee

The César Award for Best Writing (French: César du meilleur scénario, dialogues ou adaptation (1976-1982); César du meilleur scénario original ou adaptation (1986-2005)) is a former award given by the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma from 1976 to 2005. It was split into César Award for Best Original Screenplay and César Award for Best Adaptation in 2006.


The César Award for Best Adaptation and the César Award for Best Original Screenplay were awarded from 1983 to 1985.


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