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Bunny Dips Into Society

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Directed by  Wilfrid North
Release date  April 19, 1913
Country  United States
Director  Wilfrid North
Distributed by  Vitagraph Studios
Written by  K.W. Hood
Running time  1,030 ft
Initial release  1913
Producer  William Nicholas Selig
Bunny Dips Into Society
Starring  John Bunny Earle Williams Leah Baird
Cast  John Bunny, Leah Baird, Earle Williams
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Bunny Dips Into Society, also known as Bunny and the Bunny Hug, is a short American silent comedy film.


Plot Summary

A poor but gregarious Irish nightwatchman is falsely introduced as a count at a society ball. He proved to be very popular, especially with the ladies. In one sequence, Bunny performs a (at the time) new and popular dance, the Bunny Hug.


Bunny Dips Into Society was released on May 17, 1913, in the United States, where it was presented as a split-reel with another Vitagraph comedy, Three to One. It was released in London August 25, 1913, and was still circulating on the British mainland in late February, 1914. It accompanied Selig's production Wamba, a Child of the Jungle when that film screened in New Zealand.

The film has survived and was presented, with live musical accompaniment by Ben Model, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


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