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Buir Lake

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Designated  22 March 2004
Surface elevation  583 m
Buir Lake photoswikimapiaorgp0003739011bigjpg

Location  Dornod Province, Mongolia and Hulunbei'er, China

Buir Lake (Mongolian: Буйр нуур; Chinese: 贝尔湖; pinyin: Bèi'ěr Hú) is a freshwater lake that straddles the border between Mongolia and China. It lies within the Buir Lake Depression. The Chinese city of Hulunbuir is named after both this lake and Hulun Lake, which lies entirely on the Chinese side of the border in Inner Mongolia.

Map of Buir Lake

In 1388, Ming forces under Lan Yu won a major victory over the Northern Yuan Dynasty on the Buir Lake region. Northern Yuan ruler Tögüs Temür tried to escape but was killed shortly afterwards.


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