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Bio Zombie

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Genre  Comedy, Horror
Country  Hong Kong
6.6/10 IMDb

Director  Wilson Yip
Music director  Peter Kam
Language  Cantonese
Bio Zombie movie poster
Writer  Matt Chow, So Man-Sing, Wilson Yip
Release date  6 November 1998 24 April 2001 (U.S. DVD)
Screenplay  Wilson Yip, Matt Chow, Siu Man Sing
Cast  Jordan Chan Siu-Chun (Woody Invincible), Emotion Cheung (Loi), Sam Lee (Crazy Bee (as Chan Sum Lee)), Yiu-Cheung Lai (Kui (as Yiu Cheung Lai))
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Bio zombie original hk trailer cantonese only 1988

Bio Zombie (simplified Chinese: 生化寿尸; traditional Chinese: 生化壽屍; pinyin: Shēng Huà Shòu Shī; Jyutping: Sang1 Faa3 Sau6 Si1) is a 1998 Hong Kong zombie comedy film, starring Jordan Chan. It spoofs George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead and shows many similarities to Peter Jackson's Braindead.


Bio Zombie movie scenes


Bio Zombie movie scenes

Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee are two young men selling bootlegged DVDs at a small stall in the New Trend Plaza Mall. They spend most of their days gambling and committing petty crimes. They meet Rolls, an employee at the beauty parlor, then have a run-in with Mr. Kui, the cellphone store owner. Rolls frequents a sushi bar in the mall, and flirts with the waiter Loi, who is smitten with her.

Bio Zombie movie scenes

Elsewhere, black market dealers sell to three government agents a bioweapon which turns people into zombies. They brought a zombie to demonstrate the substance's effect, but it breaks out and kills two agents. On the way back after picking up their boss' fixed car, Woody hits the surviving agent, who is carrying a sample of a bioweapon contained in a soft drink bottle. Thinking he needs a drink, Woody pours the sample into his mouth. The two bring him back to the mall, and Woody damages the car again. The reanimated agent slips out of the car, dropping his cellphone.

Bio Zombie Bio Zombie 1998

Woody sells the cellphone to Kui, but still doesn't have enough money to fix the car. The two then robs Rolls’ money and ring. A suspicious Rolls asks Woody to find the robbers in return for a free meal. She intends to get him drunk, so he would admit committing the robbery. At the Sushi bar, they get drunk, much to the chargrin of Loi. Woody and Rolls head to the bathroom to have sex. An anxious Loi follows them, but is injured by the zombified agent. He alerts Woody and Rolls, but the zombie is already gone when they check.

Bio Zombie BioZombie UNDEAD REVIEW

Rolls lets Loi rest at the beauty parlor. Loi reanimates and keeps Rolls captive as he still has affection for her. The agent retrieves his cellphone from Kui's shop. Kui accuses Woody and Bee of theft, and Ox, a security guard, calls the police. Two policemen, known only by their badge numbers, #3001 and #9466, question the Kui's, Woody and Bee. Woody and Bee's behaviors makes the officers suspicious, and #9466 eventually handcuffs them in the security guard's office. While #3001 goes around the mall to find witnesses to the theft, he is killed by Loi.

Bio Zombie BioZombie 1998 Goshzilla

The agent burst into the security office, kills Ox and attacks #9466. The policeman kills the zombie, but dies from his injuries. Bee gets the handcuff key from #9466, and frees himself and Woody. The two heads to the mall entrance, and sees Jelly, Rolls' co-woker, who just got back after a walk. The reanimated Ox remotely closes the mall's shutter, trapping everyone inside. The three then meets the Kui's, who just had a brief run-in with a zombie, and the group hides in the beauty parlor.

Bio Zombie Bio Zombie Original HK Trailer Cantonese Only 1988 YouTube

Woody heads out alone to call the police. He rescues Rolls while Loi is distracted fighting off the zombies coming for her. They head back to the beauty parlor, and the group decide to escape instead of waiting for rescue.

Bio Zombie Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews Bio Zombie 1998

They board an elevator, but it cannot move due to the weight limit. When a zombie closes in, Kui pushes Jelly out. Disgusted, the rest of the group exits the elevator and goes back for Jelly, but finds her dead. They head to the security office, killing zombies on the way. Mrs. Kui is separated from the group and attacked by zombies. Kui, who is hiding nearby, tries to help, but is killed along with his wife. Bee arrives and, distracted by Mrs. Kui's death, is bitten.


At the security office, Woody, Rolls and Bee cannot find the security key to open the entrance door. After saying his last works, Bee is killed by Ox. Enraged, Woody beheads Ox, then cuts off Bee's head before he reanimates. Woody and Rolls head down the parking garage, now crawling with zombies. Fighting their way through the shambling undead, they reach Woody’s boss’ car. Loi appears, lifts up the garage shutter, then pushes the car out so that the two can escape.

At a gas station, Woody is unable to find a working phone. He sees an emergency broadcast, which warns people against drinking soft drinks. Looking outside, Woody sees Rolls drinking from the bottle which he earlier took from the agent. Woody briefly considers killing Rolls, but instead drinks the rest of the soft drink, and the movie ends.


  • Jordan Chan as Woody Invincible
  • Sam Lee as Crazy Bee
  • Angela Tong as Rolls
  • Wayne Lai as Kui
  • Emotion Cheung as Loi
  • Tak Chi Tam as Policeman #3001
  • Chi Chuen Chan as Policeman #9466
  • Yeung Wing Cheung as Chinki Zombie
  • Frankie Chan
  • Ronny Ching
  • Matt Chow
  • Ken Lok
  • Voice cast (English version):

  • Sparky Thornton as Woody Invincible
  • David Umansky as Crazy Bee
  • Matt K. Miller as Kui
  • Bob Bobson as VCD Nerd
  • Francis Cherry as Man A
  • Richard Epcar as Ox
  • Tara Jayne as Jelly
  • Steve Kramer as Yung/Zombies
  • Wendee Lee as Rolls
  • Dave Mallow as Loi
  • Dorothy Melendrez as Mrs. Kui / TV announcer / Cindy
  • Anthony Mozdy as Boss / Sushi Chef / Movie Actor 1 / Zombies
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