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Between Time and Timbuktu

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Director  Fred Barzyk
Language  English
7.8/10 IMDb

Adapted from  Harrison Bergeron
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Writer  David Odell, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Release date  March 13, 1972 (1972-03-13)
Nominations  Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation
Cast  Cousin Brucie Morrow (Contest announcer), Dortha Duckworth (Mrs. Stevenson), William Hickey (Stony Stevenson), Ray Goulding (Walter Gesundheit), Bob Elliott (Bud Williams, Jr.), Franklin Cover (Col. Donald 'Tex' Pirandello)
Similar movies  Kurt Vonnegut wrote the story for Between Time and Timbuktu and Harrison Bergeron
Tagline  Between Time and Timbuktu: A Space Fantasy

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Between Time and Timbuktu is a television film directed by Fred Barzyk and based on a number of works by Kurt Vonnegut. Produced by National Educational Television and WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, it was telecast March 13, 1972 as a NET Playhouse special. The television script was also published in 1972, illustrated with photographs by Jill Krementz and stills from the television production.

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The script was primarily written by David Odell, with contributions from Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, and the film's director. Vonnegut himself served as an "advisor and contributor to the script."

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The televised production of the play starred William Hickey as Stony Stevenson. The rest of the cast included:

  • Bruce Morrow as Contest Announcer
  • Dortha Duckworth as Mrs. Stevenson (Stony's mother)
  • Ray Goulding as Walter Gesundheit
  • Bob Elliott as Bud Williams, Jr. (the ex-astronaut)
  • Franklin Cover as Col. Donald "Tex" Pirandello
  • Russell Morash as Sandy Abernethy
  • John Devlin as Dr. Bobby Denton
  • Kevin McCarthy as Bokonon
  • Edie Lynch as Island Girl
  • Jerry Gershman as Soldier
  • James Sloyan as Dr. Paul Proteus
  • George Serries as Prosecutor
  • Ashley Westcott as Deaf Juror
  • John Peters as Drunk
  • Helen Stenborg as Miss Martin
  • Hurd Hatfield as Dr. Hoenikker
  • Dolph Sweet as General
  • Hariet Hamilton as Lead Caroler
  • Sam Amato as Policeman
  • Benay Venuta as Diana Moon Glampers
  • Carlton Power as First Stagehand
  • Jean Sanocki as Larry
  • Jack Shipley as News Announcer
  • Alexis Hoff as Ballerina
  • Avind Haerum as Harrison Bergeron
  • Frank Dolan as Short Order Cook
  • Susan Sullivan as Nancy
  • Charles White as Lionel J. Howard
  • Philip Bruns as Announcer
  • Ariane Munker as Wanda June
  • Page Johnson as Hitler
  • MacIntyre Dixon as Cemetery Gardener
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