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Bacon and egg pie

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Alternative names  Egg and Bacon pie
Serving temperature  Hot or cold
Type  Savoury pie
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Main ingredients  Shortcrust or other base crust, Bacon, eggs, peas
Similar  Egg as food, Flour, Bacon - egg and cheese s, Chicken and mushroo, Meat and potato pie

How to make the easiest bacon and egg pie

The bacon and egg pie is a savory pie consisting of a crust containing bacon, egg and sometimes onion, peas, tomato and cheese. Bacon and egg pie may be served with ketchup, and some versions have a rising agent such as baking powder mixed into the egg to make a fluffier filling.


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The pie is often constructed with a shortcrust or other mechanically stable base crust. The crust is usually topped with a pastry lid, but is sometimes left open.

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A bacon and egg pie differs from a quiche, most notably due to the absence of cheese and milk and the presence of an upper crust. Also the eggs are not beaten and are whole, or at the most yolks pierced. The pie also tends to have a heavier texture and feel, and is generally high in calories.

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Although the bacon and egg combination is not unique to any country, its use in modern cooking is notable in New Zealand.

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Bacon and egg pie Bacon and egg pie


Bacon and egg pie Wikipedia

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