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BFGF (TV series)

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Directed by
Bb. Joyce Bernal

Opening theme

First episode date
11 April 2010


Theme music composer
Country of origin

Final episode date
30 January 2011

Number of episodes

Created by
Associated Broadcasting Company

Alex GonzagaKean Cipriano

Program creators
TV5, ABC Development Corporation

Juicy!, Babaeng Hampaslupa, Lokomoko, Everybody Hapi, P S I Love You

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BFGF is a Filipino weekly teen drama series with romance/comedy theme which premiered on TV5. It was last aired on April 11, 2010. The show is directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal and is topbilled by Alex Gonzaga and Kean Cipriano of Callalily.


First Season

The story begins with Claring being hired by her grandmother's former employer to be the nanny for his son. Expecting a cute little child, Claring got the surprise of her life when she found out that she will be a nanny to a college student named Kean. The first season revolves around Claring and Kean getting to know each other, hating each other and later on building their friendship.

Second Season

The second season starts with Claring being enrolled with the same College with Kean and his friends. In this season, Kean and Claring are getting more confused with their relationship as friends. It gets more complicated as Claring accepts exclusive dating status with her longtime suitor Jackson and Kean's former girlfriend Chanel tries to win him back.

Third Season

The Third season starts with Claring getting a new job, so she can resign from being Kean's nanny, because she can't stay longer with Kean because of his soon marriage with Chanel. Kean believes that Chanel is pregnant with him. When Claring finds a job, she met Atong who shows interest for her. Claring decides to give up Kean. And when Kean know that Chanel is pregnant with his friend Chito, he decide to soul search. Being away for a month and knowing that Claring loves him, he realizes that he must win back Claring, but in this time he meets his rival, Atong his look alike, cool, bisaya and an heir of a big airlines. Both of them will do their best to win Claring. But, when Claring chooses Kean and Atong tries to win her back, will she stay with Kean or switch to Atong?

Finale Month

Atong had an accident. As he recovers, Claring stays by his side unaware of Kean being jealous and worried about her. Kean's having trouble with his upcoming album launch, but still doing well with promotions and recordings around the country. Claring now longs to be a flight attendant. Claring feels betrayed after hearing a promotion on the radio of Kean's band that he is indeed in Manila. Kean is unaware that his lie hurt Claring. As Claring and Kean try to keep it together in their professions will their love for one another stay stronger as they are headed to success?

Main cast

  • Alex Gonzaga as Claridad or Claring – Ma. Claridad P. Malinao - a young bisaya who takes her journey to Manila to become a yaya and to fulfill her dreams to be a flight attendant, but unexpectedly falls in love with her ward, Kean. She is naive and plain-looking but has a strong and bubbly personality.
  • Kean Cipriano as Kean – Prince Kean Prieto - A brat, heartthrob-rocker, rich guy who came from the states. He had a bad experience from his mother's death and has a bad relationship with his father. "High tempered", he always makes fun of Claring but later on falls in love with her.
  • Supporting cast

  • Pio as Jackson – Claring's textmate for two years and later on becomes Claring's M.U. A certified jejemon but sweet and respectful.
  • Chris Cayzer as Wency - Kean's friend. a good son and reliable. she sees Claring as a strong and sometimes she helps Claring with her problems.
  • Nico Ibaviosa as Chito - Kean's playboy friend, He has a hidden affection for Chanel and is the real father of Chanel's baby.
  • Zyrus Desamparado as Ely - Kean's friend. The naughtiest and sometimes his plans have ended up with another problem.
  • Diane Medina as Chanel - Chanel Ann Laguardia - the ultimate antagonist in the story, sossy, rich, pretty and mean. she is Kean's ex-girlfriend, and she will do everything to make kean go back to her. She hates Claring and she will do everything to get rid of Claring.
  • Louise delos Reyes as Hermes - Chanel's best friend, she always help Chanel to do evil things but in exchange of expensive bags. she is slow, bubbly yet very pretty. in season 1 she flew to America to pursue her Hollywood dreams.
  • John Manalo as Techno - BG's best friend and been fall in love with her for years, but in the end of the season 1 he goes to America to study.
  • JR de Guzman as Taq - BG's best friend and his longtime suitor he is handsome and reliable.
  • Alyana Asistio as BG - kean's younger sister, she always help kean in all his problems. she is close with kean and she will do everything to protect their family.
  • Anykka Asistio as Cassie - Cassandra Prieto - kean and BG's half sister, in season 1 she is being hated by BG but in the end of season one, they became best friends and she always help kean and BG.
  • Angelo Patrimonio as Martin - chanel's other suitor that made Kean jealous and resulted to a fight on chanel's 18th Birthday party.
  • Ramon Christopher as Victor - Kean's father. he have a bad relation with his son because of his mistresses, her wife death, and forcing Kean to get a business course instead of supporting kean's dream, being a musician.
  • Tuesday Vargas as Snow White - claring best friend and co-worker in kean's house. she always support claring and giving jokes. she was only in first season.
  • Lemuel Belaro of Callalily as Lemuel - kean's classmate in music, they are with kean in the campus and in gimmicks.
  • Tatsi Jamnague of Callalily as Tatsi - kean's classmate in music, they are with kean in the campus and in gimmicks.
  • Aaron Ricafrente of Callalily as Aaron - kean's classmate in music, they are with kean in the campus and in gimmicks.
  • Caloy Alde as Manong Paeng - kean's driver.
  • Rheasol Hiballes as Romana – Kean's fat maid. She always bullies, nags and shouts at claring. She was being called as piggy.
  • Carlo Cannu as Greg Chan – when hermes was gone he is the replacement. a gay but he always help chanel and he loves news that can increase his popularity.
  • Teri Onor as Aling Diana Rose – Jackson's mother and the new maid at kean's house.
  • Alwyn Uytingco as Atong – Agaton Altamerano IV - as the new friend-suitor of Claring, and he is also considered as a threat to Kean, for he is a visayan and the heir of Alta Airways where Claring works.
  • Reception

    The series became a hit when TV 5 Launched it as an Afternoon Teen Sunday Program like the Hit TV series Lipgloss it also made global airbase through Facebook, Twitter, and Most Watched on Blog sites, and made Alex Gonzaga a New Afternoon Star and Main Character in 2010, It has also released a BFGF CD from the Hit Teen Weekly Series, some songs include Calla Lily Hits, Kiss Jane's Kahit Na and Moonstar 88, and many more.


    In August 2010, TV5 decided to release an album a soundtrack to the hit TV series.


    The finale was aired in mid-January to February 2011.


  • On its first two to five weeks of airing on television many people on Facebook and said blogsites have made so many positive remarks on the TV show and so many fans have been raving on every episode and so many people are in love and can relate to both characters, Claring played by Alex Gonzaga and Kean played by Kean Cipriano.
  • This is Kean Cipriano's First Television Show as a leading character and leading man to fellow Young Actress Alex Gonzaga who has been mostly on TV5 since 2008.
  • Due to its popularity the show was most talked about on TV5's Sunday Afternoon Talk Show Paparazzi which is Hosted by Ruffa Guttierez who was currently on The Buzz on her Mother Network ABS-CBN last March and moved to TV5 and Veteran and Popular Journalist's in media Cristy Fermin and Dolly Ann Carvajal and TV host Mo Twister who was last seen on GMA-7's Sunday Oriented TV talk show Showbiz Central.
  • The show was mentioned by Mariel Rodriguez on ABS-CBN's Top Rated Game Show Wowowee when she asked Kean to Promote the show on his Saturday Appearance on the Afternoon Game show in July as he has Variously Appeared.
  • Joyce Bernal who has directed mostly on GMA-7's Primetime Drama Series and Biggest Box Office Movies First Directorial job for TV-5 and "BFGF" and like all her other Television Productions have been the Most Talked About.
  • "BFGF" is more formatted like a Teen Nick Television Series like other TV5 TV shows.
  • The Theme Song "Yakap" and other songs like "Magbalik" are featured on the TV Series featuring Kean Cipriano's band "Calla Lily"'s album Destination XYZ hits songs as its background or theme and recently just on its Second Season New Songs have been developed.
  • The Characters Claring and Kean demonstrate the romance-comedy development between two different Characters.


    The soundtrack features Callalily hits Gabay and Hintay. It also includes songs that every teenager could relate to like scenes from the show: Gusto Ko Lang Ng Girlfriend by Eevee; Kiss Jane’s Kahit Na; Nababaliw by Letter Day Story; Moonstar88’s Tadhana; and Gusto Na Kita by 6Cyclemind and the said soundtrack is released August 2010 by Sony Music.


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