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Bârzava (Timiș)

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- location  near Botoš, Serbia
Basin area  1,190 km²
Source  Semenic Mountains
Length  166 km
Mouth  Timiș River
Cities  Reșița, Bocșa
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- location  Semenic Mountains, Romania

The Bârzava (Romanian: Bârzava, Serbian: Brzava or Брзава) is a river in Romania and Serbia. The Bârzava is 166 km long, has a drainage area of 1,190 km² (part of the Black Sea drainage basin) and flows into the river Timiș (Tamiš).


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The river name is of Slavic origin and means "the quick river" in Slavic languages. Bârzava name had been also given to a commune in Arad, and a village in Harghita.


Bârzava (Timiș) Brzava cea frumos curgtoarequot D Petre

The Bârzava springs out in the Semenic Mountains part of the Carpathian Mountains, western Romania, east of the city of Reșița. The river runs to the northeast, close to the Piatra Goznei peak and through the village of Vâliug, reaching the northernmost part of the Semenic mountains, where it turns to the northwest. It runs through the cities of Reșița and Bocșa the largest settlements on its course, and continues next to the villages of Berzovia, and Șoșdea, where the Bârzava leaves the mountain region of Banat for the lower western plain. This is also where the river turns to the southwest, spills in several parallel streams and flows next to the villages of Sculia, Gătaia, Sângeorge, Rovinița Mare and Denta. From this point, until its confluence into the Tamiš, the Bârzava's river bed is channeled. After it flows next to the village of Partoș, it forms the Romanian-Serbian border for a few kilometers and after the course of 127km through Romania, the Bârzava enters the Serbian province of Vojvodina near the hamlet of Markovićevo.


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The Brzava runs next to the villages of Konak and Banatska Dubica, where it becomes part of the largest canal system in Serbia, Canal Danube-Tisa-Danube. The only remaining settlement on the river is the village of Jarkovac, before it empties into the Tamiš, south of the village of Botoš. The river's complete 39 km course through Serbia is statistically classified as a Canal Brzava, but it is not navigable.


The following rivers are tributaries to the river Bârzava:

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Left: Crivaia Mare, Grindieș, Văliug, Lișcovu Mare, Râul Alb, Secu, Ranchinu, Sodol, Doman, Bârzăvița, Moravița (upper Bârzava), Gârliște, Mosсădin, Fizeș, Boruga, Gorova, Ciopa, Moravița

Bârzava (Timiș) Brzava Timi Wikipedia

Right: Berzovița, Alibeg, Izvoru Molidului, Pârâul Băilor Mari, Bolnovăț, Gozna, Izvoru Rău, Cireșna, Breazova, Groposu, Pietrosu, Țerova, Vornic, Smida, Stoiconic, Birdanca

Settlements located near the riverEdit

In Romania: Văliug, Reșița, Bocșa, Berzovia, Gătaia, Denta

In Serbia: Markovićevo, Konak, Banatska Dubica, Jarkovac


  • Harta județului Timiș [3]
  • Harta Județului Caraș-Severin [4]
  • Harta Munții Semenic [5]
  • Harta Munții Aninei [6]
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