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Asturias, Cebu

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Country  Philippines
Barangay  27 (see § Barangays)
ZIP code  6042
Local time  Tuesday 6:47 AM
District  3rd District of Cebu
Time zone  PST (UTC+8)
Area  190.4 km²
Province  Cebu
Asturias, Cebu httpsmw2googlecommwpanoramiophotosmedium
Region  Central Visayas (Region VII)
Weather  26°C, Wind N at 16 km/h, 84% Humidity
Neighborhoods  Looc Norte, Banban, Saksak, Tag-amakan

Vacation at asturias cebu city

Asturias is a 3rd municipal income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 47,857. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 31,631 registered voters.


Map of Asturias, Cebu, Philippines

It is bounded by Tuburan in the north; Balamban in the south, Danao city in the east and by the Tañon Strait in the west.

Vacation at asturias cebu city


The original name of Asturias is Naghalin, perhaps from the word lalin, native Cebuano term for settlers coming from far places. Other authorities say that "Naghalin" is a mispronunciation of the Cebuano word naghaling which means "making fire" as preparation for cooking. This assertion is supported by the old name of an adjacent municipality, "Bagacawa" (now known as Tuburan), which means "fiery cauldron" from the Cebuano baga (ember) and kawa (cauldron).

The first occupants of Asturias came from other places and neighboring islands such as Negros and Bohol. At first, one part of Naghalin was part of Tuburan and the other part of Balamban. Over time, the population of Naghalin increased because of immigration and natural population growth. Eventually the inhabitants petitioned Spain to grant them their own local government. This petition was granted in the late 19th century by Spain, thereby creating the pueblo (town) of Asturias. This event was witnessed by the arrival in 1888 of the alférez, Antonio Alonso, uncle of José Rizal.


Asturias comprises 27 barangays, of which 7 are coastal and 20 are inland:


In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 31,631 registered voters, meaning that 66% of the population are aged 18 and over.


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