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Asim Randeri

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Pen name  Asim Randeri
Nationality  Indian
Occupation  Poet, Ghazal writer
Died  5 February 2009, Surat
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Born  Subedar Mahmoodmiya Mohammad Imam August 15, 1904 Surat, Gujarat, India (1904-08-15)
Notable awards  Vali Gujarati Gazal Award (2005), Kalapi Award (2005)

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Asim Randeri, born Subedar Mahmoodmiya Mohammad Imam (August 15, 1904 - February 5, 2009), was a Gujarati language poet, mainly popular for his Ghazals. He was a legend in Gujarati literature from the pre-Independence era and recipient of the Vali Gujarati Award and Kalapi Award of 2005.


Varas bavisamu te lavu kyanthi aasim randeri

Early life

Asim Randeri was born on 15 August 1904 in Rander area of Surat, Gujarat, India. He was born in an affluent family and studied till matric before working for a British company.


Asim Randeri started writing at the age of 18. He was working between 1928-1932 with Kenya Daily Mail in East Africa. After 1932 he started working as a Salesman with Swedish Match Company in Bombay.


Randeri's works like Leela, Shanagar, Tapi Tirey and Gulchhadi with their bold style revolutionized Gujarati ghazal writing. Leela, a fictitious character created by Randeri, was a hit among youth. His love for this character continued and lived in the form of a magazine with the same title for six years. Tapi Tirey is a collection of Gujarati ghazals on love blossoming on the banks of the river Tapi, considered to be the lifeline of Surat, which had become hub of Gujarati ghazal in the 1920s.
Manhar Udhas, famous Gujarati Ghazal singer made many of Asim's ghazal famous in early 2000's.

Personal life

Asim Randeri died of old age at an age of 104 years. He died in his home town, Rander, and was buried at the Goregarima graveyard.

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