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Country  India
Director  Sanjeev Sivan
Language  Malayalam
Aparichithan movie poster
Release date  2004

Malayalam movie song from aparichithan kuyil pattil

Aparichithan (Malayalam : അപരിചിതന്‍) (English: The Stranger) is a 2004 Malayalam horror film directed by Sanjeev Sivan in his directorial debut. It stars Kavya Madhavan, Karthika and Manya in lead, Mammootty appears in an extended cameo role. The plot centers around Ouija board and spiritualism. Music was composed by Suresh Peters.


Aparichithan movie scenes aparichithan malayalam movie part 3


It is the story of three carefree college friends - Minu (Kavya Madhavan), Simi (Karthika) and Devi (Manya) – who keep landing in trouble. After one such incident where Devi, the leader of the trio, is caught red-handed trying to steal question papers on the eve of exams, they have to go underground to avoid facing their peers and families.

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They take the help of Chacko (Vineeth Kumar), Simi's fiancee, who arranges their stay with a woman psychiatrist (Urmila Unni) who is also an expert in "tantrik" mysticism and Ouija board, in an isolated house. Fresh trouble begins there. The landlady chases the girls out, saying a wandering soul is following them.

The girls get harassed and threatened by their college mate Jithulal. Chacko accepts the help of his friend Vinod Varghese (Siraj), who promises to take them to a guesthouse out in the woods. Vinod actually has an agenda to cheat the girls by bringing them to Jithulal. Their bus meets with an accident and they are forced to walk along the deserted road through the woods.

There they meet a mysterious wildlife photographer and a drunkard, Raghuram (Mammootty). They take shelter at an old bungalow in the forest where they have strange experiences. Ram is a nuisance throughout their journey; however, Minu makes good company with him. Ram tells her his stories. He was left only by a younger sister who went missing from Bombay which made him a drunkard and a psycho. After long treatment, Ram returned to his professional life and in one of his forest tours, he happened to visit a girl named Kalyani (Mahii Vij ) who looked exactly like his sister. He offered her to take her to Mumbai and she wholeheartedly agreed. But on the day they planned to leave, she too went missing and the aborigines accused Ram for the incident. Ram searched for her throughout the forest but on another side of the jungle she was brutally raped by Jithu Lal. She was burnt alive by Jithulal and his friend Vinod.

The spirit of the murdered girl follows the three girls. At sunrise, Chacko and Vinod inform the police inspector (Rajan P. Dev) Ram's missing. They are terrified to discover that Ram died when they met their accident. They return to the forest house, and Minu once again tries using an Ouija board. Ram's spirit comes to them and they flee the house; they discover that Vinod was cheating them. The soul of Ram follows Vinod and kills him in a marsh.


  • Kavya Madhavan as Meenakshi
  • Karthika as Simi
  • Manya as Devi
  • Mammootty as Raghuram (extended cameo)
  • Mahii Vij as Kalyani
  • Vineeth Kumar as Chacko
  • Dawn Peter as Jithulal
  • Urmila Unni as Tripura Sundari Varma
  • Siraj as Vinod Varghese
  • Jagathy Sreekumar as Annamalai Jolly
  • Machan Varghese as watcher Bhaskaran
  • Augustine
  • Rajan P Dev as police inspector
  • Manjulan as Ponnan
  • Soundtrack

    All songs were composed by Suresh Peters, with lyrics by Girish Puthenchery. The song "Masam Masam" was recorded within 20 minutes.


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