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Anzhelika Varum

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Genres  Pop
Name  Anzhelika Varum
Instruments  vocals, guitar
Role  Singer

Years active  1991–present
Spouse  Leonid Agutin (m. 2000)
Children  Elizabeth Varum
Anzhelika Varum httpslh6googleusercontentcomYVQgk0GUjewAAA

Born  May 26, 1969 (age 46) Lviv, Soviet Union (1969-05-26)
Occupation(s)  Singer, composer, actress
Parents  Yuri Ignatievich Varum, Galina Shapovalov
Albums  Sluzhebnyj roman, Zvyozdnaya seriya, La-La-Fa
Similar People  Leonid Agutin, Dmitry Malikov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Kristina Orbakaite, Natalia Podolskaya

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Anzhelika Varum (Russian: Анжели́ка Вару́м), real name Maria Yuriyevna Varum (Russian: Мари́я Ю́рьевна Вару́м), born on May 26, 1969, is a Russian singer and actress, and an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. She released 12 albums, starting with "Good bye, moi mal'chik" (Good-bye, my boy) in 1991. More than 60 of her songs became hits, receiving heavy radio play. She is married to the Russian singer Leonid Agutin. They have a daughter, Elisaveta. Meritorious Artist of Russia (2011).


Anzhelika Varum Angelika Varum photo biography


Anzhelika Varum Anzhelika Varum pop singer and actress Russian Personalities

Varum was born in Lviv to composer Yury Ignatievich Varum and theater producer Galina Mikhailovna Shapovalova. At the age of 5, she began to study the piano and, after starting school, she started to learn the guitar. She was part of the school's musical theater group and performed with them throughout the Ukraine. After high school, Varum applied to the Boris Schukin Theater Institute in Moscow, but could not pass the entrance exams. She then began to work as a back-up singer at her father's music studio.

Anzhelika Varum Anzhelika Varum pop singer and actress Russian Personalities

In 1990, Varum recorded a version of "Polunochniy kovboy" (Midnight cowboy) that soon became a hit, particularly after she performed it in the television show "Utrenneya zvezda" (Morning star) and at a concert at the Sports Complex "Olympic". On the back of that initial success, Varum released her first album, "Good bye, moi mal'chik" (Good-bye, my boy). The title song and the songs "Sosedniy parenek" (Neighborhood boy) and "Chelovek-svistok" (Human-whistle) became hits.

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Two years later, Varum recorded the album "La-la-fa" that became hugely popular in Russia. It included the song "Hudozhnik kotoriy risuyet dozhd" (Painter who draws the rain) and the song "Gorodok" (Town), which became one of the singer's calling cards. In 1994, Varum made it to the finals of the Russian annual festival "Pesnya goda" (Song of the year).

In 1995, Varum released a compilation of hits and a new album called "Osenniy dzhaz" (Autumn jazz) that won the "Ovation" award as the best album of 1995, with Varum taking the "Ovation" for best singer of the year. The next year, Varum released "V dvukh minutakh ot liubvi" (Two minutes from love). Around the same time, the perfume "Anzhelika Varum" made its debut on the Russian market. Varum remained prolific, releasing "Zimniya vishnia" (Winter cherry) in 1996. The songs "Eto vse dlia tebia" (It's all for you), "Drugaya zhenchina" (The other woman), and the title song all crowded the hit parades of leading Russian radio stations.

In 1997, Varum played in the musical "Poza emigranta" (The emigrant's pose) and won the "Chaika" award for her performance. She also began a creative collaboration with Leonid Agutin that soon turned into a romantic relationship. In 1999, Varum and Agutin had a baby girl whom they named Elisaveta. The same year, Varum released her seventh album, "Tol'ko ona" (Only she) and a collection of hits titled "The Best". She also appeared in a feature film, playing a leading role in Vasiliy Pichul's "Nebo v almazakh" (Night in diamonds).

In 2000, Varum released "Sluzhebniy roman" (Workplace romance), a collaborative album that she created together with Leonid Agutin. The couple also toured throughout Russia with a concert program titled "Polovina serdtsa" (Half of a heart).

In 2001, Varum created the "Varum Records Company", which she used as a vehicle for producing her own music and representing other artists. She released a new album in 2002 titled "Stop, lyubopytstvo" (Stop, curiosity). She also created two new concert programs, a solo program titled after the new album, and a duet program with Agutin called "Rimskiye kanikuly" (Roman holiday).

In 2003, she played in the film "Kamenskaya 3: Kogda bogi smeyutsia" (When gods laugh), a detective thriller. Later that year, she released the single "Pozhar" (Fire). The following year, Varum toured extensively with Agutin, giving live concerts in the United States, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, and throughout Russia.

In 2005, Varum appeared in a film that was a musical remake of the well-known Soviet era story "Dvennadsat' Stul'yev" (Twelve Chairs) by Ilf and Petrov. She played the role of "Ellochka-lyudoyedka" (Ella the man-eater), a flamboyant character with an over-the-top personality. That year, she also created a new concert program with Agutin called "Ty i Ya" (You and I), with which they toured throughout Europe and the United States. She also helped Agutin to record his first English language record. Created together with Al Di Meola and titled "Cosomopolitan Life", the album dropped in Europe in the spring of 2005 and quickly topped the charts. The album included the Varum and Agutin duet "If I'll get a chance".

After spending much of 2006 touring, Varum released a new album in 2007 called "Muzika" (Music) that included both new and old songs. This was followed up by another album in 2009 titled "Yesli on uidet" (If he leaves). For the first time in her career, Varum not only sang, but also wrote the lyrics for some of the songs.

In 2010 and 2011, Varum and Agutin gave a series of concerts in most of Russia's major cities, including a performance at the Kremlin in collaboration with the renowned Cuban musician Orlando "Maraca" Valle.


  1. 1991 — «Вавилон]»
  2. 1991 — «Барабашка]»
  3. 1992 — «Человек-свисток]»
  4. 1993 — «Художник, что рисует дождь»
  5. 1995 — «Осенний джаз»
  6. 1996 — «Не сегодня»
  7. 1996 — «Ни ответа, ни привета»
  8. 1996 — «Зимняя вишня»
  9. 1997 — «Другая женщина»
  10. 1997 — «Королева» duet with Leonid Agutin
  11. 1999 — «Все в твоих руках» duet with Leonid Agutin
  12. 2000 — «Не жди меня»
  13. 2000 — «I Wanna Be Loved by You»
  14. 2001 — «Будешь рядом ты»
  15. 2001 — «Stop любопытство!»
  16. 2002 — «Если ты когда-нибудь меня простишь» duet with Leonid Agutin
  17. 2002 — «Пожар»
  18. 2004 — «Самая лучшая» duet with Via slivki
  19. 2007 — «Ты и я»
  20. 2007 — «Две дороги, два пути» duet with Leonid Agutin
  21. 2008 — «Где ты»
  22. 2009 — «Если он уйдет»
  23. 2009 — «Давай забудем»
  24. 2011 — «Как не думать о тебе» duet with Leonid Agutin
  25. 2012 — «Где ты»
  26. 2013 — «Сумасшедшая»
  27. 2013 — «Я всегда с тобой»


  • 1991 – Good bye, moy mal'chik
  • 1993 – La–la–fa
  • 1995 – Collected works
  • 1995 – Osenniy dzhaz (Autumn jazz)
  • 1996 – V dvukh minutakh ot liubvi (Two minutes from love)
  • 1996 – Zimniya vishnia (Winter cherry)
  • 1998 – Tol'ko ona... (Only she)
  • 1999 – The Best
  • 2000 – Sluzhebniy roman (Workplace romance)
  • 2002 – Stop, liubopytstvo (Stop, curiosity)
  • 2007 – Muzika (Music)
  • 2009 – Esli on uidet (If he leaves)
  • 2013 – Sumashedshaya (Crazy)
  • Filmography

  • 1992 – Julia
  • 1995 – Stariye pesni o glavnom (Old songs about what matters, a made–for–television musical)
  • 1996 – Stariye pesni o glavnom 2
  • 1997 – Stariye pesni o glavnom 3
  • 1998 – Stariye pesni o glavnom 4
  • 1999 – Nebo v almazakh (Night in diamonds) – Vika
  • 1999 – Dos'ye detektiva Dubrovskogo (Dossier of Detective Dubrovsky) – Lena Posadskaya
  • 2000 – Stariye pesni o glavnom P.S.
  • 2003 – Kamensakaya 3: Kogda bogi smeyutsia (When gods laugh) – Svetlana Medvedeva
  • 2005 – Dvennadtsat stul'yev (Twelve chairs) – Ellochka liudoyedka (Ella man–eater)
  • 2006 – Perviy skoriy (First fast)
  • 2008 – Novogodniya noch 2008 na Pervom (New Year's Eve on Channel 1)
  • 2009 – Novogodniya noch 2009 na Pervom (New Year's Eve on Channel 1)
  • 2010 – Krasota trebuyet... (Beauty demands...)
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