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Annayum Rasoolum

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Release date
4 January 2013 (2013-01-04)

Kerala State Film Award for Best Editor


(Rasool), (Anna), (Ashley), (Lily), (Usman), (Hyder)

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Annayum Rasoolum (English: Anna and Rasool) is a 2013 Indian Malayalam romance film, directed by Rajeev Ravi and scripted by Santhosh Echikkanam from Ravi's story. The film stars Fahadh Faasil and Andrea Jeremiah. The story revolves around the relationship between a young Muslim taxi driver and a Latin Christian girl from Vypeen. The music and background score were composed by K. The film released on 4 January 2013 and was a commercial success at the box-office.


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Annayum Rasoolum Annayum Rasoolum Movie Review A Tender Love Story and an Ode to a

The story is told through the narration of Ashley (Sunny Wayne) who is working in merchant navy and is signing off in Kochi for the second time. Ashley recollects the events happened in his last sign off at Kochi. Rasool (Fahadh Faasil) is a tourist taxi driver from Mattanchery, Kochi. He falls in love with Anna (Andrea Jeremiah), a Latin Christian girl who works as sales girl in a popular apparel shop. It takes time for Rasool to convince Anna and make her understand his love for her; he always follows her as she travels regularly to her work place.


One day Ashley has to pick his relative from the textile shop. Using Rasool he plans to pick them up in his taxi and there he finds out that Anna is also going to return home in the same taxi. They make a quick pit stop at a church where Anna leaves her bag in the taxi. Rasool peeks inside and gets her number from the phone. Rasool is nervous and shy at first but his friends persuade him to text her through phone. No replies comes at first. Then one day, Rasool approaches Anna and tells her that he loves her. Anna is surprised and stunned and moves away without an answer.

Annayum Rasoolum Annayum Rasoolum Movie Review A Tender Love Story and an Ode to a

The following day Rasool is sick and stays home. Anna boards the ship like every other day but is anxious since Rasool was not around anywhere she went that day. Anna seems restless as she cannot stop thinking about Rasool and why he had not come to see her. She can not wait longer and she desperately texts Rasool on the phone. Rasool on receiving the message rushes to see Anna. Anna further tells him that she is scared and tells him it will not work out. Rasool then explains that he loves her no matter what and religion does not affect his affection towards her. Then Anna calls him one day to go to a convent where a nun tries to persuade Rasool to change his religion for marriage which Rasool declines.

Annayum Rasoolum Annayum Rasoolum Malayalam Movie Fahadh Faasil Discuss about

In the later part of the film, we find that this nun is Anna's elder sister who had gone to convent after a love failure. Ashley, who had a soft corner for her, does not reveal it to her even after finding out about her love failure. The rest of the part narrates incidents happening around Anna and Rasool, their love for each other and those who are close to them. In the climax, after some events which blocked their relationship, Anna commits suicide, and this takes a toll on Rasool.

Annayum Rasoolum MALAYALAM SONG LYRICS Zammiluni LyricsAnnayum Rasoolum Malayalam

The next year Ashley comes back again for another leave and says that he has got back his girl, who is none other than Anna's elder sister to whom he finally reveals his love. She joins him leaving the convent life. He tries to find Rasool, but is not successful. A few scenes are added where the now lone Rasool travels in a local train, suggesting that he left Vypin for good and moved to Mumbai.


  • Fahadh Faasil as Rasool, a tourist taxi driver in Fort Kochi
  • Andrea Jeremiah as Anna, a salesgirl in a textile shop
  • Sunny Wayne as Ashley
  • Soubin Shahir as Collin
  • Ranjith as Usman
  • Shine Tom Chacko as Abu
  • Srinda Ashab as Fazila
  • Aashiq Abu as Hyder
  • Sija Rose as Lily
  • P. Balachandran as Rasheed
  • M. G. Sasi
  • Joy Mathew as Joseph Anna's Father
  • Jins Baskar as Jismon
  • Shane Nigam as Kunjumon, Anna's Brother
  • Muthumani as Shalu
  • Alencier Ley Lopez as Constable Alencier
  • Rajesh Sharma as Panchi
  • KPAC Batrice as Kathrina
  • Soundtrack

    The soundtrack was composed by K, who made his debut in Malayalam Cinema. It features remix versions of two songs by Mehboob. The song "Kandu Randu Kannu" was written by P. A. Kasim and set to music by M. S. Baburaj for the 1973 film Chuzhi while the song "Kaayalinarike" was written by Meppalli Balan. Anwar Ali wrote three songs: "Kando Kando", "Yaname" and "Vazhivakkil". Rafeeq Thiruvallur has written "Zammilooni", which is in Arabi-Malayalam dialect.

    The audio was released on 12 December 2012. For the audio release held in Fort Kochi that forms the backdrop of his film, Rajeev Ravi organised a mehfil of Mehboob songs.

    Box office

    The film, made at a production cost of 4.5 crore (45 million) did a business of 12 crore (120 million) at the box office, making it one of the financially benefited Malayalam films of the year. According to IBN Live, Annayum Rasoolum was the first commercial success in Malayalam in 2013.

    Critical reaction

    In, Paresh C. Palicha rated three out of five and said: Annayum Rasoolum "is a tale told in the classical love story mould with the underbelly of Kochi city as its backdrop. The low lifers of this bulging cosmopolitan urban jungle populate this film" and that the "director is more interested in giving us a glimpse of the life led by those in the lower strata of society and we do not complain because whatever he shows is interesting". He concluded "Annayum Rasoolum is a chain of interesting moments woven into the thread of a love story". Palicha also gave thumps-up to the work of Ravi, acting of Abu and Chacko.

    S. R. Praveen of The Hindu commented: "Annayum Rasoolum is a tale that moves leisurely. It speaks of love beyond the cosmetic (unlike Thattathin Marayathu), where the eyes speak rather than dupatta's flutter". Praveen praised the performance of Faasil and the supporting cast that includes "even those who appear [only] in a handful of scenes" and the cinematography and direction. The Times of India awarded three out of five stars and appreciated Ravi's detailed presentation in setting the backdrop of the story, but criticized the running time and characters' minimal speech.

    Smitha of Filmibeat described the film as "realistic, refreshingly heart warming and a simple love story narrated in the most fantastic manner", and stated: "the story as such is not a novel plot, but it is the narration and the treatment which needs a standing ovation. Regular day-to-day events and happenings are encapsuled in a beautiful way making the entire experience very enjoyable and memorable. She praised the direction, cinematography, music, and the performances of every cast but criticized the film's running time.

    The New Indian Express's Anil R. Nair called it a "refreshingly heartwarming simple romantic tale". According to him, the "perfect casting and synchronized sound recording make the movie more realistic" and lauded the performance of Faasil. Nair said: "the story is not new, but the narration deserves a standing ovation" for that he praised Echikanam's "brilliant screenplay" and Neelakhandan's "excellent shots", and also the songs—"Kandu Randu Kannu" and "Kaayalinarike". However he suggested a tight editing could have been "made the movie more appealing".


    Annayum Rasoolum was screened at the section "Malayalam Cinema Today" at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). For the film, Radhakrishnan S. received a National Film Award for Best Audiography, and three Kerala State Film Awards for Madhu Neelakandan, B. Ajithkumar, and Jayadev Thiruveiyapati respectively for the film's cinematography, editing, and colour grading.

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