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Akku Yadav

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Akku Yadav

Akku Yadav with a mustache, an Indian gangster, robber, home invader, kidnapper, serial rapist, extortionist, and serial killer.

1971 or 1972 (age 32) India

13 August 2004 (aged 32) Nagpur District Court

M Jaishankar, Auto Shankar, Raman Raghav

Nagpur dont want another akku yadav

Bharat Kalicharan, alias Akku Yadav (1972 - August 13, 2004), was a 32-year-old rapist and murderer in India who, on August 13, 2004, was lynched by a mob of around 200 women from Kasturba Nagar. Yadav was stabbed over seventy times, and chili powder and stones were thrown in his face. One of his alleged victims also hacked off his penis. This Lynching occurred in the Nagpur district court, on the marble floor of the courtroom. The women who killed him claimed that Yadav had been raping and abusing local women with impunity for over a decade, and that the local police had refused to help his victims or pursue charges as Yadav was allegedly bribing them. Yadav had also reportedly murdered at least three people and dumped their bodies on the railroad tracks. The lynching reportedly occurred when Yadav spotted a woman he had raped and called her a prostitute, enraging the crowd.


On the left, a crime scene with blood on the floor. On the right, Akku Yadav with a mustache.

In 2012, Akku Yadav's nephew, Amar Yadav was stabbed to death following similar circumstances.

On the left, a dead body. On the right, Akku Yadav with a mustache.

Five women were immediately arrested but released following demonstrations in the city. Every woman living in the local slum has claimed responsibility for the lynching. Usha Narayane, a local activist, was arrested and charged with murder, as were other women. In 2012, Narayane was released from custody. 21 other people, including six women, were also arrested and released due to lack of evidence.

On the left, news about Akku Yadav. On the right, Akku Yadav with a mustache.

Akku yadav killing case nagpur


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