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M Jaishankar

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Other names  Psycho Shankar
State(s)  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
Victims  19+
Name  M. Jaishankar
Span of killings  2008–2011
Date apprehended  September 2009
Country  India

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Born  1977 (age 40–41)Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India
Died  27 February 2018 (aged 40–41) Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Similar  Ripper Jayanandan, Motta Navas, Kampatimar Shankariya

யார் Psycho Shankar? ஓர் அரக்கனின் கொடூர கதை! | RK 12

M. Jaishankar, nicknamed Psycho Shankar, is an Indian criminal notorious for a series of rapes and murders during 2008-11. He is believed to have been involved in about 30 rape, murder, and robbery cases across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. He has been accused of killing at least nineteen women. He is currently imprisoned in Bangalore, and has been diagnosed as mentally ill.


M. Jaishankar M Jaishankar jailbreak Serial rapist and murderer breaks out of

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Early life

M. Jaishankar media2intodayinindiatodayimagesstoriesrapist

Jaishankar is a native of Salem district, Tamil Nadu. In May 2011, he was reported to be a married man with three daughters. He started his career as a truck driver.

Jaishankar is believed to have started his rape and murder spree around 2008. His first crime to be reported happened on 3 July 2009, when he attempted to rape and murder 45-year-old P Shyamala in Perandahalli. By August 2009, he had raped and murdered 12 women, and raped another six women. He always carried a black hand bag with him. He kept a machete in this bag, and killed whoever resisted him. He used to kidnap sex workers near dhabas (roadside restaurants) on highways, rape them and kill them brutally. He also targeted women in farm houses, in rural areas.

First arrest, 2009

On 23 August 2009, Jaishankar raped and murdered a 39-year-old police constable, M Jayamani. Originally stationed at the Kangeyam all-women police station, Jayamani was on temporary duty at Perumanallur, during the visit of deputy chief minister M. K. Stalin. Jaishankar kidnapped her, and raped her several times before killing her. The police recovered Jayamani's body a month later, on 19 September.

Jaishankar and his accomplice P Mohan Selvam were charged with the murder of 50-year-old K Thangammal Ponnaya in Namakkal on 10 September 2009. (Later, in 2014, the two were acquitted in this case, due to insufficient evidence resulting from lapses in investigation.)

The Tiruppur police launched a manhunt for Jaishankar, and arrested him on 19 October 2009. He was jailed at the Coimbatore Central Prison. By this time, he had been charged with 13 rape and murder cases in Tiruppur, Salem and Dharmapuri. He revealed that he enjoyed torturing women before he raped and killed them.

First escape and murders in Bellary, 2011

On 17 March 2011, the police took Jaishankar to a fast-track court in Dharmapuri, for a murder case trial. The next day, armed reserve police constables M Chinnasamy and Rajavelu were assigned to escort him back to Coimbatore. On the way, Jaishankar managed to escape at the Salem bus stand, around 9:30 pm. On 19 March, constable Chinnasamy shot himself out of shame.

Jaishankar escaped to Karnataka, where he raped and murdered 6 women in Bellary over the next month. He also killed a man and a child in Dharmapuri. In the last week of April 2011, the police traced his mobile phone to Delhi. The police initially believed that he had discarded his mobile phone in Delhi. However, in May 2011, the police traced his mobile calls to Mumbai. Again, he stopped using his mobile phone, probably realizing that the police were using it to trace him. A special team, comprising two sub-inspectors and 15 other police personnel, was assigned to nab him.

Second arrest, 2011

By May 2011, the police had put up wanted posters seeking information about Jaishankar, in public places across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. On the night of 4 May 2011, Jaishankar reached Elagi village in Karnataka, on a stolen motorcycle. He approached a woman, Chandrakala Hotagi, who was working alone in a field, and asked her for water and food. He then tried to rape her, but Chandrakala raised an alarm. Her husband Prakash Hotagi and his friend came to her rescue. Jaishankar tried to flee, but was caught by Prakash and other villagers. The locals brought him to the Zalaki police station. He was handed over to the Chitradurga police on 5 May 2011.

Second escape, 2013

After his 2011 arrest, Jaishankar was kept at the Parappana Agrahara Central Jail in Bangalore. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison. At the Bangalore jail, he underwent treatment for psychiatric problems. On 31 August 2013, the police took Jaishankar to the court in Tumkur near Bangalore. After returning, Jaishankar feigned uneasiness and was admitted to the hospital within the prison premises. He managed to secure a duplicate key and used it at 2 am on 1 September 2013, when the daily change of guards took place. The police suspected that an insider helped him get the duplicate key. He scaled a 20-foot wall, then walked atop a 15-foot wall and finally scaled the 30-foot high compound wall. He managed to cross the electric fence safely, since it was not functional that night. He reportedly carried with him a bamboo pole balancing on the walls and a bedsheet to serve as a cushion over the glass pieces on the wall top. He was injured during the escape, and drops of blood were found outside the outer wall. He was reportedly wearing a police uniform during his escape. 11 of the jail staff, including 3 wardens, 2 jailors and 6 security guards, were suspended following his escape.

The police issued a red alert to all police stations in Karnataka, and urged women to be careful at isolated places. They announced a reward of 500,000 for any information leading to his arrest. They also analyzed his psychology and life history to predict his next actions. Besides, the police printed 10,000 wanted posters and 75,000 pamphlets with different photographic profiles of Jaishankar, in 5 languages: Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Besides Karnataka, these posters and pamphlets were distributed across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra.

Third arrest, 2013

During his escape, Jaishankar had fractured his leg while jumping from the 30 feet wall of the prison compound. He had taken care not to contact his family in Tamil Nadu, assuming that the police would keep an eye on them. Soon after his escape, a police informant managed to get in touch with him. The informant lured him to a dilapidated building near Kudlu gate in Bangalore, with the promise of a motorbike to facilitate his escape outside the city. There, the police arrested Jaishankar, on the noon of 6 September 2013. The Government spent over 75,000 treating his fractured leg at the Victoria Hospital, where he was operated on, on 23 September.

Jaishankar was subsequently kept in a high-security cell, with 24x7 CCTV monitoring and extra lights. The lock of his cell was designed to be out of his reach. It was decided that in case of an illness, he would be treated inside his cell (instead of being taken to a hospital). The police also decided to deploy extra security while escorting him to trials.


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