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Director  Shyamaprasad
Music director  M. Jayachandran
Language  Malayalam
7/10 IMDb

Adapted from  The Glass Menagerie
Country  India
Akale Malayalam Full Movie Akale 2004 Award Winning Movie Ft

Release date  2004 (2004)
Writer  Shyamaprasad, Tennessee Williams (play)
Songs  Akale
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Malayalam full movie akale prithviraj geethu mohandas

Akale is a 2004 Malayalam film by Shyamaprasad, inspired by the American classic play The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. The movie stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Sheela, Geetu Mohandas and Tom George Kolath in lead roles.


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The film starts with Neil, a writer bidding farewell to his partner who wishes him luck with his writing. He intends to write about Rose, his sister. There he sees a familiar face and then the story goes back into a flashback.The story about an Anglo-Indian family who lives in Kerala. Neil (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a disturbed youth working as a clerk in a factory for low wages. His intention is to become a writer. He lives with his mother Margaret (Sheela) and sister Rose(Geetu Mohandas). His father was a Portuguese sailor who left the family when the children were very young. Rose, his sister is slightly handicapped and because of this, she is always in her shell. She is very much interested in glass figurines that adorn her showcase. She simply gazes at the iridescent beauty of the figurines in her loneliness. Margret, Neil's mother hates his care-free attitude towards life and his late-night movies. She is a very possessive mother and she is always worried about the future of her daughter. The next day, Margaret finds some adult novels with Neil. She angrily scolds him and this later turns into a violent fit of rage. Neil ends up calling his mother an " old chattering witch" and leaves as he breaks one of Rose's figurines as she watches. Neil returns drunk at night and says to Rose that he had been to a Magic Show. He gives Rose a magic shawl that he got from the show in order to make up for her broken figure. The next day, the two reconcile the next day when Margaret expresses her deep fears about her children, at the same time admitting their talents. One day, Margaret goes to the Type writing class where she had previously sent Rose. She finds out that Rose had quit the class and had even fainted while taking a speed test. Margaret confronts Rose and learns that she had been spending her spare time at the church and the museum. As Rose feels sorry for her crippled stage, Margaret resolves to send her away in marriage. She asks Neil to bring a fine young man for dinner one day for Rose to get acquainted with that man. One day Neil invites his co-worker Freddy (Tom George Kolath) for a dinner at his home. Margaret plans a light supper and digs up her old gown from her teens. She dramatically slips into talking of her old days, and her fate of having reached a pathetic situation.Neil's mother and daughter thinks that Freddy will get interested in Rose and they can marry her off. Margaret dresses up in the gown and compels Rose to do so. At this point, she says that all pretty girls are a trap in which handsome men must fall into. Rose reluctantly agrees to cooperate. but on hearing that the man about to come is her previous schoolmate, Freddy, she refuses to sit for dinner. She had a crush on him for her was very artistic and athletic. A flashback shows a young Rose who lives a pitiful time deprived of friends. As the dinner is about to start, Rose faints and Neil takes her to lay her down on the sofa. Later, Freddy and Rose get to talking and realizes their past connection. Freddy remembers the time when he nicknamed her "Blue Rose". Rose introduces her glass figurines to Freddy and particularly displays a unicorn figure, which was her favorite one. She explains that the unicorn is odd due to its difference from all the others. Freddy enlightens Rose's spirit by saying that her difference from all the similar people of th world is her greatest peculiarity. He even advises her to be more smart at times. Then both of them dance to the beautiful song heard from the song hall outside. Rose is able to overcome her stereotypes and is able to keep up with the dance moves. Rose is lifted both physically and mentally. As the dance concludes, Freddy accidentally knocks off the unicorn from the table. It falls and breaks the horn. But Rose is happy that with this incident, he can join the others as a normal one, for he had just undergone a surgery to remove his painful difference. By these words, Rose indirectly refers to her own state of mind at that time. But her hopes get crushed when she comes to know that Freddie is already engaged to a girl named Betty. She is heartbroken, but bids farewell to Freddy as she gifts her unicorn to him. Margaret is so struck by this that she feels so humiliated. She blames this on Neil as he return back. An argument arises and Neil storms out of the house, leaving them all alone. The story returns to the present. Having recognized the man he saw at the ferry as Freddy, he decides to pay him a visit. He then takes him along with his family to see an aged and timid Margaret. She instantly recognizes Freddy and Betty. She is consoled by their presence. She explains that after Neil left them, Rose was admitted to a Mental Asylum and that she lived a completely withdrawn life there. After a slight improvement, she suffered from a Nervous Breakdown and had died. They all sit down for dinner as Rose's picture is shown over which the magic shawl flies gently. Neil feels no guilt, but only sympathy for Rose. He writes down to immortalize Rose as he imagines her spirit showing him light from the beyond.


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  • Prithviraj as Neil D'Costa
  • Sheela as Margaret D'Costa
  • Geetu Mohandas as Rose D'Costa
  • Tom George Kolath as Fredy Evans (Voice by Mithun Ramesh)
  • Santha Devi as Typewriting teacher
  • Crew

    Akale Alternate Movies AkaleAt a Distance 2004Malayalam

  • Direction : Shyamaprasad
  • Director of Photography : S. Kumar
  • Art Director : Raja Unnithan
  • Costumes : Cukku Parameswaran
  • Make up : Joe Koratty
  • Music: M. Jayachandran
  • Sound : Harikumar
  • Editing : Vinod Sukumaran
  • Produced by Tom George Kolath
  • Distributed by Kolath Films

    National Film Awards 2004
  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam
  • National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress - Sheela
  • Kerala state film awards 2004
  • Best Film
  • Best Director -Shyamaprasad
  • Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress-Geethu Mohandas
  • Second Best Actress - Sheela
  • Best Cinematographer-s kumar
  • Best Art Direction RajaUnnithan
  • Filmfare Awards South 2004
  • Best Actress (Malayalam)-Geethu mohandas
  • Asianet Film Awards 2004
  • 2004 - Special Jury Mention - Geethu Mohandas & Prithviraj
  • Mathrubhumi, Medimix film awards
  • Best Character Actress-Geethu mohandas
  • Special jury award-shyamaprasad
  • Soundtrack

    The film's soundtrack contains 9 songs, all composed by M. Jayachandran and Lyrics by Gireesh Puthenchery.


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