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Aditi Sarangdhar

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Nikita, Amruta


Aditi Sarangdhar

Years active

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16 October 1981 (age 42) (

Suhas Revandekar (m. 2013)

Dr.Dipak, Shaila Sarangdhar

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Aditi Sarangdhar is a Marathi actress. She has worked in many Marathi movies and television serials. She is famous for the role of Saloni Deshmukh in TV serial Lakshya (Star Pravah).


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Early life and education

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Aditi was born to Dr. Dipak and Shaila Sarangdhar, a middle-class family from Kalyan. She has two sisters: Nikita and Amita. She is a graduate from Ramnarain Ruia College Mumbai. On 25 May 2013 Aditi married Suhas Revandekar.


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Few years ago a young girl from Kalyan performed in Nishikant Kamat's experimental play 'Litmus', only to be spotted for her incredible talent. Kanchan Adhikari offered her 'Damini'. She also acted in Female version of Devendra Pem's 'All The Best' and then Zee Marathi's 'Vadalvat' happens and Aditi Sarangdhar becomes household name in Maharashtra. Today, she is one of the leading actresses in Marathi entertainment industry.

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Proposal: The two-act play, in which Aditi is playing a role of call-girl "Shabbo". The story revolves around two characters and in two incidences. But those incidences turns lives of two characters: Nivruti and Radha(Shabbo). She played shades of Radha successfully. Rajan Tamhane have directed this play and played two short term characters. Play is worth watching for not only acting of Amol Kolhe and Aditi but Pradeep Mulye's art design(whole local train boggie). Aditi secured Zee Gaurav and MaTa Sanman for this role.

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Marathi plays on ex marital relationship, are not new to Marathi drama lovers. In the recent past, we saw a play ‘Aamhi Sou Kumud Prabhakar Apte’ with Pratiksha Lonkar and Aishwarya Narkar playing the first and second wife respectively, of Late Prabhakar Apte. It presented each other’s point of view, for their identity as Ms. Kumud Prabhakar Apte. Aditi Sarangdhar, Asha Shelar, Actress Now, director Rajan Tamhane presents the same subject, once again, in a different way, through his latest play ‘Graceful’. Written by Mahesh Ghatpande and produced by Anuradha Wagh, this latest Marathi play portrays two women, in the life of a celebrity script writer. First one is his middle aged married wife ( Asha Shelar) and the other is a young graceful TV actress( Aditi Sarandhar) , with whom he is in ‘live in relationship’. ‘Graceful’ presents these two women characters, throughout the play, who try to prove their love and affection towards the writer. While his wife tries to argue, stating that she being his official wife, commands all the respect, while his actress girlfriend, also claims that she is also the wife of the writer, and receives all the love and affection from him. The play not only presents the argument between the two women; but, also has few moments, to surprise the audience. In this play, the character of writer exists only through his voice in the background. As the story had limited content, there was enough scope for the director to use audio visual display, to show some flashback moments, as noticed now days in many popular plays. But, that was not noticed in this play. There was enough scope to show the character of celebrity writer to appear in the last scene; but once again, that did not happen. Therefore, in the entire play you only find these two women, proving their point, to defend themselves . Nevertheless, both Aditi Sarangdhar and Asha Shelar ( Janhavi’s mother in popular TV serial ‘Honar Suun Mi Hya Gharchi) have displayed their potential as versatile actresses, through their impulsiveness, in different scenes, throughout the play. Wonderful set design by Pradeep Muley , costumes designed by Geeta Godbole add luster, to this emotion filled play. It is a sincere effort by both the actresses, to make this women oriented play , presentable.

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Hou de jarasa ushir is movie produced by Biroba Production and directed by Wasim Maner. Aditi is playing character named Monali Mohite. Movie has competed for Oscar nomination.

TV Serials

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  1. Laksh - Star Pravah
  2. Dholkichya Talavar - coloursmarathi
  3. Fu Bai Fu - zeemarathi
  4. Active Wheel WOW - ETV Marathi
  5. Abhilasha
  6. Vadalvat (Role:Rama Chaudhary)
  7. Damini (Dir: Kanchan Adhikari)
  8. DD Kathasarita - Vachan
  9. Bheti Lagi jeeva (Doordarshan)
  10. Majhe Man Tujhe Jhale - (Role:- Rama Shiledar) (ETV Marathi)


  1. Litmus (Dir: Sameer Limaye)
  2. /Manjula (Dir: Nishikant Kamat)
  3. Aga Aga Degree (Dir: Mangesh Satpute)
  4. All The Best (Dir: Devendra Pem)
  5. Proposal (Dir: Rajan Tamhane; Cast: Aditi, Amol Kolhe / Astad Kale, Rajan Tamhane)
  6. Indrakshi (Sahyadri Media Entertainment)
  7. Graceful (Dir: Rajan Tamhane; Cast: Aditi, Asha Shelar)


  1. Best actress: Manjula [Sawai inter-collage-drama competition 2000]
  2. Best actress: Vadalvat [Zee Marathi Award 2011] [Adv. Rama Choudhari]
  3. Best actress: Proposal [MaTa Sanman Award 2013]
  4. Best actress: Proposal [Zee Gaurav Award 2013]
  5. Best actress: Proposal [Maharashtra State Govt Commercial Theater Competition Award 2013]


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