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Aaron Livesy

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First appearance  24 December 2003
Other names  Aaron Dingle
Mother  Chas Dingle
Aunt  Genesis Walker
Classification  Present; regular
Played by  Danny Miller
Uncle  Cain Dingle
TV show  Emmerdale
Aaron Livesy Aaron Livesy is back on Emmerdale and back into trouble Mirror

Portrayed by  Danny Webb (2003–2006) Danny Miller (2008–)
Duration  2003–2004, 2006, 2008–2012, 2014–
Occupation  Mechanic Co-owner of Holy Scrap
Introduced by  Steve November (2003), Kathleen Beedles (2006), Anita Turner (2008), Kate Oates (2014)
Similar  Robert Sugden, Chas Dingle, Moira Barton, Adam Barton, Cain Dingle

Aaron Dingle (also Livesy) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Emmerdale, played by Danny Miller. The character was originally played by Danny Webb and appeared in a recurring capacity. When Aaron was reintroduced in 2008, he was promoted to the full-time cast and the decision was made to recast the role. Miller successfully auditioned for the part and later admitted that he would have quit acting, if he had not been cast. Aaron made his first appearance during the episode broadcast on 24 December 2003.


Aaron Livesy Emmerdale Danny Miller39s 39banterban39 during Aaron Livesy abuse

Aaron is the son of Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Gordon Livesy (Gerard Fletcher; Gary Mavers). His storylines have included being involved with the criminal McFarlane family, making a romantic advance towards his best friend Adam Barton (Adam Thomas), coming to terms with his homosexuality, his relationship with Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock) and Jackson's suicide. Miller chose to leave the show in November 2011 and he made his final appearance on 5 April 2012. Aaron's exit storyline saw him accused of arson and so he left the village with his new partner Ed Roberts (Lloyd Everitt).

Two years later, Miller reprised the role and Aaron returned on 14 August 2014, as part of a heist storyline involving Donna Windsor (Verity Rushworth) and Ross Barton (Michael Parr). The character's most notable storylines since his return have been his relationship with Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley), his role in Katie Sugden's (Sammy Winward) death, self-harming, revealing that he was sexually abused by his father when he was a child and reuniting with his estranged half-sister Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele).

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On 20 December 2016, Aaron was briefly played by Bryan Parry in a special episode focusing on Ashley Thomas' (John Middleton) dementia.

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When Aaron (Danny Webb) was young, his parents, Gordon Livesy (Gerard Fletcher) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), separated and Chas left her son to live with his father and Gordon's second wife, Sandra (Janet Bamford). Aaron visits his mother in Emmerdale, where he tells her that he resents her for not raising him and explains that he feels that she abandoned him. The two begin to bond, before Aaron returns home to his father. Aaron returns to visit Chas, but she reprimands him after she catches him talking to other people about her behind her back.

Louise Appleton (Emily Symons) witnesses Chas slapping Aaron and tells Gordon when he arrives to collect his son. Gordon tells Chas that her relationship with her son is over and that Aaron will not visit her again. Despite this, Aaron returns to Emmerdale several months later, staying longer than expected as he came into contact with a person who had German measles and Sandra was pregnant. Aaron returns home to his father and his stepmother, after telling Chas that while she was in the Army, her partner Carl King (Tom Lister) had a one-night stand with her cousin, Del Dingle (Hayley Tamaddon).


Aaron (now Danny Miller) returns to the village two years later when arrested by Ross Kirk (Samuel Anderson) for possession of drugs. He is cautioned and meets his mother but later runs away after Chas takes him home. Gordon reveals that he threw Aaron out for hitting Sandra and Chas' family learn that he is a drug courier for the McFarlanes and they bring him to Emmerdale, after Gordon refuses to take him back.

Aaron clashes with Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins), but they eventually become friends and Aaron helps rescue her when she falls into a frozen lake. After Aaron convinces his cousin, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), to take the day off school and is caught stealing so Lisa (Jane Cox) throws him out. Consequently, he and Chas move into Smithy Cottage with Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Chas gives him the choice of going to college or getting a job so he gets a job at the garage. Aaron begins dating Victoria and loses his virginity to her but they break up when he discovers her relationship with her foster brother, Daz Eden. Aaron then dates Holly Barton (Sophie Powles) and make friends with her brother, Adam (Adam Thomas). When Aaron ignites a bale of hay at the Bartons' farm, Holly's father, John (James Thornton), hits him and locks him in a stable. Aaron reports John to the police but drops the charges.

Aaron discovers that Chas has resumed her relationship with Carl and he tells her that he wants nothing more to do with her. After Aaron and Adam are involved in a run-off-road collision, Aaron tries to kiss Adam. Aaron is embarrassed and tells Adam that he misunderstood the situation. Aaron sleeps with Holly and Adam tells his family that he thinks Aaron is gay. Adam tells Aaron that he is fine with him being gay but he does not want his sister to be used. Aaron denies it but Holly ends their relationship.

Aaron visits a gay bar and meets Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock) but leaves his phone behind and Jackson returns it. Aaron returns to the bar to meet Jackson. When Paddy discovers that Aaron visited a gay bar, he asks Aaron if he is gay and Aaron attacks him. Aaron apologizes and admits that he is gay but rejects his sexuality. Jackson comes to the village and he and Aaron talk. They go to kiss but are interrupted. After a night out at the bar, Jackson and Aaron kiss. Jackson comes to The Woolpack and when he touches Aaron's arm, Aaron punches him. Aaron is charged with ABH and told he will stand trial. Aaron tries to kill himself but his uncle, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), and Adam drag him outside. During his court case, Aaron admits that he is gay and is sentenced to community service. He meets Wayne Dobson (Gary Hanks), who taunts him about his sexuality. Jackson witnesses Aaron being threatened by Wayne and protects him. After talking things through, Aaron and Jackson start dating.

Aaron sells a clocked car to Mickey Hall (Lee Oakes). Aaron uses his dog, Clyde, to try to intimidate Mickey but Mickey sets his dog on Clyde, seriously injuring him, so Clyde had to be put down. Jackson and Aaron argue and Jackson tells Aaron that he loves him. Aaron thinks things are becoming too serious and the pair do not talk for days. Aaron and Jackson invite Paddy and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) on a night out. Jackson is hurt when Aaron does not say he loves him too and after realizing that Aaron will not change his violent tendencies, Jackson drives off. Aaron tries to ring him and later finds Jackson has crashed his van onto a railway and has been hit by a train. Jackson is permanently paralysed from the shoulders down and Aaron tells him that he will not walk again as Jackson's mother, Hazel (Pauline Quirke), cannot do it. Jackson blames Aaron for the crash and they break up so Aaron refuses to see Jackson, even when Hazel asks him to.

Aaron and Jackson get back together and Aaron helps Jackson and Hazel move into Dale Head. Jackson's mood starts to deteriorate and he pushes Aaron away. Aaron meets Flynn Buchanan (Ryan Prescott) and he feels like he is cheating on Jackson. Aaron tells Flynn about Jackson and that he cannot forget about him. Aaron then tells Jackson that he loves him. Aaron watches Jackson's video diary and is shocked to hear Jackson admit that he wants to die, he tells Hazel and they try to work out how to help Jackson. Aaron confesses to Jackson that both he and Hazel have watched his video diary. Aaron and Hazel then become determined to show Jackson that he has a life worth living. Jackson is admitted to hospital with a chest infection and it strengthens his resolve to end his life. Jackson, Aaron and Hazel go to Whitby and Aaron books Jackson on a tandem skydive. Aaron thinks Jackson has changed his mind about dying, but he has not. Aaron is shocked to learn that Jackson has managed to convince Hazel to help him end his life. Jackson later promises Aaron that nothing is going to happen until Aaron is ready. Jackson breaks up with Aaron to make the process easier and Aaron agrees to help Jackson end his life. Jackson tells his mother and Aaron how grateful he is for their support and when Hazel cannot give Jackson the pills, Aaron takes the cup and gives it to Jackson. Jackson then dies and Aaron runs through the village. He then tells Adam that Jackson is dead and what he did.

The police investigate Jackson's death and arrest Aaron for murder. Aaron is forced to miss the funeral as he is due in court. He is released on bail and he goes to Jackson's grave to say goodbye. At his trial, Aaron is found not guilty of murder. However, Aaron blames himself for Jackson's death and he starts lashing out at people. Aaron breaks into Carl's house with the intention of getting arrested, but Carl does not press charges. Aaron moves into The Woolpack with Chas and begins self harming. During a drive, Aaron starts speeding and crashes the car. Chas suffers minor injuries. When Sean Spencer (Luke Roskell) steals money from the garage, Aaron chases him and collapses. He recovers and Chas tries to get him to open up to her about his problems. She later catches Aaron self harming and he starts attending counselling sessions. He also takes a break from the village for a while.

Aaron meets Ed Roberts (Lloyd Everitt) when he brings a minibus to the garage to be fixed. However, when Aaron becomes involved in an argument with Adam, Ed leaves. He later returns with his rugby teammates and Aaron fixes the minibus, but Ed drives off without paying the bill. Ed later returns to pay Aaron and when he brings his car to the garage for Aaron to look, he gives him his phone number. Aaron arranges to go for a drink with Ed, but he cancels to help Adam fix a roof. Ed turns up with two of his teammates to help out. Ed initially mistakes Aaron and Adam's friendship for something more, but Aaron corrects him and they kiss. They go on their first date to Bar West, but Ed leaves early when he finds out about Jackson. Aaron becomes angry with Ed and deletes his phone number. Ed comes to visit Aaron and he apologises. Aaron reveals his scars from self harming to Ed and they spend the night together. Ed tells Aaron that he has been signed for a French rugby club and is leaving for France in four weeks. He asks Aaron to come with him, but he turns him down. Aaron spots a fire in the garage and helps Adam save Cain, who had become trapped. Aaron then learns Adam deliberately started the fire and not wanting his friend to be sent to prison, Aaron tells the police that he was responsible for the fire. He is released on bail, but on the day of his court hearing, Aaron goes to France with Ed.


Aaron returns during a job with Adam, Ross Barton and Donna Windsor. Adam later confesses to arson, so Aaron is arrested for perverting the course of justice. A few days later, Aaron returns to the village on a suspended sentence. He moves into The Woolpack along with his mum, Chas, her boyfriend, James and Diane Sugden. Upon his return, he has a one-night stand with Finn Barton, James' son.

He resumes his job as a mechanic at Debbie's garage. While working at the garage, he gets involved in a car scam with Ross Barton and Charity Dingle. They later have to give it up after being caught. Aaron and Ross also are involved in a raid on Home Farm attacking Lawrence White and his daughter, Chrissie on the orders of Chrissie's fiancé, Robert Sugden. A few weeks later, Aaron got a call from Robert to fix his car. It is clear that this is a trick and Robert and Aaron soon kiss. Later the same day, Robert finds Aaron at the garage and they have sex in the back of a car.

Robert and Aaron continued to have secret meetups, which eventually embroiled them in an affair. Despite his wedding to Chrissie, Robert ensured that his and Aaron's relationship was purely meaningless sex, that would end when he married, much to the disappointment of Aaron. Despite this, Aaron continued to grow closer to Robert, spending nights at hotels with him and going into a scrap yard business with Adam with Robert as an investor. In this time, Katie Sugden, Robert's sister-in-law and ex-girlfriend believed Robert was having an affair and went through a vendetta to prove Robert's guilt, much to the annoyance of Robert and Aaron. Aaron's feelings continued to grow until he eventually declared to Paddy Kirk in a heart-to-heart he was having an affair and was in love with the man, but failed to reveal the identity of his lover.

Despite his feelings, Aaron attempted to have Robert fight for their relationship when Aaron seemingly ended things, but this only backfired and caused Robert to declare them over and his commitment to marrying Chrissie, despite his declaration that he had intended the affair continue after he was married. Angered and upset by the rejection, Aaron revealed to Katie he knew that Robert was having an affair and he could prove it. The following day, Robert's wedding day, Robert told Aaron once more they could possibly continue their affair, surprising Aaron, who then dismissed his claims to Katie in order to stop her from discovering the affair. However, Aaron met up with Robert at Wylie's Farm where he asked Robert to call off the wedding and declared he loved him - which wasn't reciprocated by Robert who refused to end the wedding and once again declared them over. Hurt by the rejection once more, Aaron hesitantly text Katie to come to Wylie's Farm to get the evidence she wanted to prove Robert's infidelity.

After Aaron seduced Robert into another kiss, Katie arrived and took a photo of Robert and Aaron kissing, to the horror of Robert. Robert attempted to discredit Aaron, which led to Aaron leaving Katie and Robert alone at the farm. This led to a heated argument between Robert and Katie resulting in Katie's death as she fell through the floor in Wylie's Farm after being pushed to the floor by Robert. Robert called Aaron for help, who arrived and discovered Katie dead. Robert went on to manipulate the truth to Aaron and claimed that Katie had deleted the incriminating photo but had just fallen through the floor. Aaron was set to call the police but Robert pointed out that they could both seem guilty of her death. Despite his protesting to call somebody still, Robert manipulated him into believing it was his fault Katie was at the farm and therefore inadvertently caused her death. Because of this, Aaron then compromised the scene of her death to rid of any evidence of them being there, while telling Robert to go get married back in the village. He did so, and at the reception, Robert and Aaron were horrified to discover Andy was going to Wylie's to look for Katie. With Katie's death now discovered, Aaron struggled to cope with his guilt and cut himself with a shard of glass outside of the wedding reception, and was unable to hide his guilt in front of his mum Chas. The following day, Chas couldn't hide her suspicions of Robert and vented them in front of Aaron, resulting in Aaron revealed to his mother and Paddy that Robert was with him, exposing his affair with Robert to the pair in order to protect the secret and provide Robert an alibi for his wedding day.

After Katie's death, Aaron begins a new form of his previous self-harm, which shows him deliberately running more than 5 miles a day, causing injuries to his feet. Concerned for his great-cousin, Belle, he convinces her that she had nothing to do with Katie's death, as Belle believes that she is to blame, but this is because Belle has recently been diagnosed with a mental illness, following her release from prison after murdering her best friend nearly year ago. Aaron discovers the truth about Katie's death, as Robert confesses to killing her. Aaron takes his anger out on Robert by severely punching and attacking him. Aaron tries to tell Victoria what her brother is capable of, but Robert interrupts their conversation. Later, Robert tells Aaron he loves him and their affair resumes.

Robert invites Aaron to stay at Home Farm whilst the Whites are away on holiday following Lachlan's sexual assault of Alicia. Aaron's happiness is cut short when Robert informs him that Chrissie is coming back, which deeply upsets Aaron. In response, Aaron continues to do more running, but during one of his jogging days, he trips and falls in the woods, causing him to break his leg. As he attempts to free himself from a piece of branch which traps his leg, Aaron falls down a steep hill and hits his head, knocking him unconscious. Eventually, Chas and Robert find Aaron and he is rushed to hospital. He comes home a week later on crutches and he discovers that James Barton has cheated on Chas with his ex-wife, Emma Barton. When James calls Aaron a coward, he retaliates by attacking James with a bottle of vodka, causing serious injury to his head. Emma reports Aaron to the police for assault, but James drops all charges and says that he doesn't remember who the culprit was that attacked him. When Robert moves in after being kicked out by Chrissie, Aaron ends his affair with Robert. Aaron later helps Adam and Victoria elope before the court hearing that Victoria has to attend, so that they can get married. They later return to the village and Victoria is let off from being sentenced after accidentally running over Ashley Thomas.

Aaron resumes his affair with Robert, but later finds out that Robert tried to kill Paddy, who was helping Andy out at the farm and the grain machine turned on, nearly burying Paddy alive. Aaron confronts Robert, which leads to Robert admitting the full truth to Aaron about what happened to Katie on the day she died. Aaron punches Robert, who then knocks Aaron unconscious. Aaron is then held hostage. Paddy attempts to save Aaron, who is being held at gunpoint by Robert, but is accidentally shot by Robert who is struggling to end Aaron's life. Eventually, Robert lets Aaron and Paddy go, as the two promise not to say anything about Robert holding them hostage. However, as a final act of revenge Aaron turn up at Home Farm hours later exposing their affair to a stunned Chrissie who eventually believes him after he divulges into details about where they went and by telling her he knew where she was as well. Aaron is seen to attend the stag do of Pete Barton in August 2015. As he attends the wedding of Pete and his cousin, Debbie Dingle, Aaron witnesses a confession recorded, revealing that Debbie had an affair with Pete's brother, Ross. As a helicopter comes tumbling through the Village Hall, Aaron, along with all the other wedding guests are put at risk as the roof collapses on top of everyone. Aaron survives and helps save other victims, but the deaths of Val Pollard and Ruby Haswell shock the village.

After discovering Wylie's Farm has been sold, Aaron began to mend his friendship with Andy Sugden by offering to help him sort Katie's belongings. While doing so, Andy found Katie's final phone bill and was curious to find a mysterious number as her final caller on the day she died. Unbeknownst to him, the number was Aaron's, who then turned off his phone when Andy tried to ring the number, fearing Andy could learn the truth about her death. He then bought a new phone, and after a run-in with Robert when Aaron and Andy were in a bar, he left the village to stay with a friend for a few weeks. In that time, Andy discovered that the number was in fact Aaron's.

Aaron returned later that month when Andy questioned him why he hadn't revealed to be the mysterious caller. Panicked, Aaron lies to him that Katie had phoned him about changing her car so she could get some money to start a new life away from Andy, but Andy doesn't believe him. Suspicious, Andy confides in Robert that he thinks Aaron is lying. At the same time, knowing something is going on, Chas demands Aaron and Paddy tell her what's going on. After trying to make sense of things with Robert, Andy figures out that Aaron must have been lying, but deducts that he wouldn't have killed her. After questioning Robert more, Andy managed to get Robert to admit to pushing Katie to her death, leaving out Aaron's involvement completely. Elsewhere, Aaron ends up admitting to Chas that Robert killed Katie and he covered it up, telling her that Robert is a psychopath and that he covered it up because he loved him.

Robert is later arrested by the police, but released soon after. He turns up at the scrap yard to see Aaron and tells him he left him out of it and that they're off the hook. Angry, Aaron calls him a pathetic coward. Robert then goes on to insult him horribly, telling him he should never have been with him and that they are more alike than he thinks because he "murdered" Jackson. Aaron is seething and tells Robert he will never talk to him like that again. When Andy confronts Robert again, he asks Aaron to tell him the truth about Katie, knowing he is the only one who can show Robert's guilt. Chas however steps in and confirms Aaron's story that Katie was leaving him, leading Andy to storm off in anger. Later that night, Robert was shot by a then unknown shooter. Aaron appeared on the scene not long after Robert was shot where he helped limit the bleeding from Robert's wound.

In the following weeks, Aaron begins acting suspicious as he hides the gun. He visits a comatose Robert in hospital where he told him to hurry up and die, and later suggested to his sister Victoria that Robert deserved what'd happened to him. While Adam and Victoria were filming a video for Adam's son Johnny, they accidentally caught Aaron concealing the gun in a car at the scrapyard, although they weren't aware at the time. When editing the video, Adam discovered what his friend did and confronted him about it. Aaron admitted to having the gun and hiding it to protect his mother when he believed she was guilty. Stuck, Adam agreed to help get rid of the gun and deleted the incriminating video. At the same time however, Victoria uploaded the video without knowing what it contained to the Internet, where it was later seen by Priya Sharma and Rakesh Kotecha. Rakesh reported it to the police, and after discovering the gun at the yard, Aaron was arrested at the pub. He was then charged with possession of a fire arm and attempted murder, and having a suspended sentence, was then immediately remanded in custody.

While in prison, he was visited both by his mother and Cain at different times. Aaron explained to Chas the truth behind the gun, revealing he hid it to protect her. When Cain visited him, Aaron had lost hope and began speaking about Jackson Walsh and how he had found a way out, suggesting to Cain that he may be suicidal. Worried, Cain came up with a plan to kill Robert and frame Chrissie to free Aaron, but the plan was thwarted by Zak Dingle who reasoned that it wouldn't help Aaron.

In a Rewind episode of the nights events, it was revealed that Aaron had spoken to his mum Chas about Robert, telling her that he can't trust himself to be around Robert because despite all he's done, he still loves him. Chas is worried as Aaron walks off, fearing what he'll do. After seeing Robert with Lawrence, Aaron went to the garage. Later on when he was leaving, he heard the gunshot and dropped a crowbar as he ran to inspect the shot. In doing so, he alerted the actual shooter Ross Barton to his presence who then quickly hid, but in his haste dropped the gun. As Aaron approached the scene, he discovered the gun, and upon seeing Robert being shot and Chas close by, he presumed she had shot Robert and so took the gun to conceal it to protect her.

At his plea hearing, Aaron pleads not guilty to shooting Robert. Frustrated as he had been led to believe Aaron was guilty, Robert goads Aaron in court to tell the truth, but it goes wrong when Aaron tells him he should have done everyone a favour and stayed dead. After discovering Andy's involvement in his shooting, Robert made a false statement to the police about the shooter to get Aaron released. After returning to the village the following day with all charges dropped, he met with Robert and accused him of trying to mess with his head again, before saying he hates him and nothing will ever change that, leaving Robert upset.

After the return of his father, Gordon, Aaron contemplates self-harm again by almost burning his arm on some birthday candles, but Cain catches him. Aaron admits that he has found it hard to accept his father's return, which is why he wanted to hurt himself again. When he learns that his parents are back together, Aaron considers running away to France, but when attempting to get in a car and drive away, he is stopped by Robert, who takes Aaron to hospital after he collapses. Aaron develops an infection in one of his wounds and remains in hospital. Robert questions why Aaron is self-harming again and Aaron says that it is because of his father. Aaron discharges himself and hides at Debbie's house, where Robert finds him and tries to get him to talk. Aaron suddenly breaks down in tears and admits to Robert that Gordon raped him when he was a child. After Robert confronts Gordon about the rape, Aaron is horrified to hear that Robert is doubting what he says about what happened to him in the past, as Robert thinks Aaron may have been affected by false memory syndrome. Aaron is discharged from hospital and confronts his father about his twisted lies. Gordon later leaves.

When the sale sign is removed from the Woolpack, Aaron believes Gordon has bought the pub and accuses Chas of seeing Gordon again behind his back. Chas had enough of Aaron's behaviour and tells him he needs to move out. The next day, after Robert tells Chas that instead of throwing out her son, she needs to speak to him, Cain also reveals he caught Aaron trying to harm himself with his birthday candles. Cain thinks that Robert knows something else. When Chas pays Robert a visit, Robert tells Chas that his self-harming caused his septicaemia, but nearly lets slip about the secret Aaron had told him. After spending the day with his mother at the seaside, Aaron breaks down as he tells Chas about his rape ordeal. Chas tells Aaron she will make it better by confronting Gordon about what he did. When she returns, Chas tells Aaron that Gordon admitted to abusing Aaron. Chas tells Cain, who goes to Gordon's home to exact revenge. When Aaron learns where Cain has gone, he stops Cain from killing Gordon and tells him that he wants to call the police. Whilst giving his statement to the police, Cain, at Aaron's request is telling the rest of the Dingles, Paddy and Adam of what Gordon has done to Aaron. Gordon is brought in for questioning and maintains that he is innocent and that Aaron is lying. Gordon also informs the police that Cain tried to make him take his own life. Gordon turns up at the scrapyard to try and bully Aaron into retracting his statement by telling him that he told the police about what Cain did to him. Aaron tells Chas that he can't see this through and is contemplating leaving again. Chas convinces Aaron to take some time away from the village to get his head straight.

When Aaron returns, he learns that Chas vandalised Gordon's car by painting "Paedo" on it. A furious Aaron demands that Chas tell everybody in the pub that Gordon is innocent or he will walk away. Chas blurts out what happened to Aaron to the whole pub which leaves Aaron upset that his secret is out. Robert helps Aaron out by tracking down his stepmother Sandra Livesy, who has changed her surname to Flaherty. After an unusual re-introduction to his half-sister Liv Flaherty (where she steals Aaron's wallet), Aaron pleads for Sandra's help, but she is adamant that she didn't know anything, until she slips up that she changed her name to keep Liv safe. Aaron works out that she knew everything and gets angry with Sandra. Tearfully he tells Liv what kind of person their dad is and returns to the Woolpack with Robert, where he despairs that all is lost. After Chas criticises Cain for not showing support, he pays Aaron a visit and says he loves him and wants justice against Gordon but not for Aaron to suffer any more because of it, so he should drop the case, as he was about to do that, Aaron learns a male victim has come forward to say Gordon abused them. Gordon accuses Chas for paying his neighbour Ryan (George Sampson) to lie to the police. After the police escort Gordon away, Robert admits to Chas, that he was the person who paid Ryan. Aaron returns having found out about Gordon paying a visit. Chas tells him she just called the police on Gordon. The police return the next day to inform Aaron that because of Ryan's statement, they are pressing charges against Gordon. Aaron spots Robert with Ryan, and it's revealed to Aaron that he is the "other victim", Aaron blames himself for what happened to Ryan. However, Chas confesses that Robert paid Ryan to lie that leaves Aaron upset and furious at Robert. Aaron breaks down and says if his case falls apart, then it is all down to Robert. Aaron visits Ryan and convinces him to retract his statement, Ryan agrees. Then Aaron visits Gordon who tells Aaron that he's blown the case, still insisting that all the lies will unravel and that he will not get away with this before closing the door on him. Aaron returns and found out the police charges Gordon with his statement only. Aaron tells Robert, that they should be friends.

Nearly two weeks later, Aaron goes out on his own, walks to his car and finds "Liar" scratched into his car, he is unaware he is watched. Aaron goes to Gordon's plea hearing with Chas, Lisa, Belle and Robert on his side. Gordon pretends to be ill and he collapses with Aaron, Robert, Lisa, Belle and Chas watching in disbelief. DS Wise tells Chas and Aaron that Gordon had an alibi on the night Aaron's car was scratched. Later, Robert met Aaron on the bridge and tries to support him, telling him he is stronger and he can beat Gordon. Robert hugs Aaron, unaware Liv (the person who scratched Aaron's car) is watching them. Liv arrives at the village and accuses Aaron of making up everything about their dad abusing him. Aaron tries to explain to Liv what Gordon did to him but she refuses to believe him. It is discovered that Liv went though Chas' phone to find Gordon's address and has gone to see him. Aaron and Zak go to rescue Liv. When they return, Chas has managed to convince Sandra to give a statement to the police.

Liv comes to stay with Aaron for a while. Aaron catches Liv throwing fruit at David Metcalfe and Jacob Gallagher. Robert tells Aaron that Liv has been questioning him about Ryan. Aaron puts it down to curiosity and he brings up that Robert paid Ryan to lie. When Aaron learns that Liv had been spying on him for Gordon, he is furious and tells her to leave. He then goes to see Gordon where he confronts him about Liv. Gordon attempts to goad Aaron to punch him, but Aaron tells him to get ready for court before walks off home. Aaron tells Robert that Liv recorded them talking about Ryan. He also tells Robert that he does not want him to go to prison for trying to help him. Aaron come face to face with Gordon in court. Aaron take the stand when Gordon's barrister asks him about try to take into the picture, believe Aaron had made the allegations as a way to split up Chas and Gordon. The barrister bring up about Aaron's previous dislike to Carl, Paddy and James. Aaron fight back by insists he's the victim and he wishes he was lying but Gordon did raped him.

The next day, Sandra, Robert and Chas take the stand. After Chas went to the stand, Aaron admits to Chas that Gordon's barrister was right about one thing, he no longer wants Gordon's surname, so he is going to change it to Dingle. The case stops for the day when Liv becomes distressed answering questions for Gordon's defence barrister. Liv later tells Aaron she does not want to lie for Gordon, but when Aaron is unsure about Liv moving in, Liv threatens to play the recording. Aaron is worried that Gordon may win if Liv reveals the recording. When Gordon takes the stand, he attempts to lie and Aaron walks out. Aaron breaks down and tells Chas that he worries Gordon will get away with what he did to him, but Chas says nobody will believe Gordon. When Liv takes the stand, she tells the court she believes Aaron and calls Gordon a bully and a liar. Robert tells Aaron he is over between Andy and Chrissie, and he is a changed man. Aaron tells Robert he wants to be with him if he can trust him. Robert promises he will not let him down and they kiss. The next day, Gordon is found guilty by the jury. Aaron tells Robert that Gordon going to prison will not help him to forget what he did, but Robert encourages him to be happy.

Robert staying over at the Woolpack with Aaron. After the first night he stays, Chas seems elated to see him at breakfast the following morning and him and Aaron discuss taking a trip somewhere to get away from it all. But their plan change when Liv turning up and wants to stay with Aaron. Sandra arrived and says she is planning to move to Dublin, but Liv is refused to go. Liv told her mother, she wants to stay with Aaron and Aaron promise Sandra he will look after Liv.

Liv skips school to go to Gordon's sentencing. Robert went to the court and found her. Robert then contacts Aaron. When he turns up, Aaron decides to stay to see Gordon get sent down. Gordon is sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. Aaron is left confused when Gordon asks if he got his letter, unaware that Robert burnt it. Aaron, Liv and Robert walks away as Gordon is taking away. When they arrived at the pub, Aaron gets confused when Gordon mentions the letter but Robert covers his tracks by saying he is lair.

Aaron learns his surname has been officially changed to Dingle, and Charity and Chas plan a party for him. At the party, Aaron discovers Robert got rid of Gordon's letter. Later, Aaron happiness was cut short, when DS Wise turns up and informs him, Liv and Chas that Gordon is found dead in his prison cell. Aaron gets angry at Robert for not giving him the letter before Gordon died. Robert tells Aaron that he read the letter. Later, Cain and Chas arrived and tells Aaron that Robert could have paid somebody to have Gordon killed. Aaron has a feeling that this could be true. They was unaware that Liv was listening upstairs. DS Wise visited the following day, following a text from Liv. Liv tried explaining that Robert killed Gordon, but DS Wise reassures her that Gordon ended his own life, by hanging himself. Later, Aaron apologises to Robert for thinking he could killed Gordon. Robert tells Aaron that he was only protecting him. Aaron admits he got scared if he killed Gordon but Robert tolds him he is not that guy anymore. Robert suggests Aaron visit Gordon's body in the mortuary. The next day, Aaron discovers Gordon had left half a million for him and Liv, and must put back as his originally last name into a middle name in order to get it. Later, Aaron went to the mortuary with Chas supporting him. Aaron walks away when he saw Gordon's body. In the car, Aaron blames himself for not telling Gordon what he thought of him before he died. Chas tells Aaron that he has a life, a family, a business and a future with Robert. Aaron admits it he is a coward but Chas told him that he is strong person who is so kind to himself and anybody. Later, Aaron overheard when Charity and Robert talking about his decision to walk away from the £250,000 that Gordon left him in his will. Aaron walks in and angrily confronts Robert, calling him manipulative and controlling. Robert trying to apologized to Aaron but Aaron refused to accept his apology. Aaron tells Robert that he will never change and he never will. Aaron orders him to stay away from him and his life. Robert walks off upset. However, the next day, Robert tells Aaron he will never stop looking out for him and Liv, asserting that the inheritance will be useful for Liv's future. Aaron then convinces Liv to accept her share.

Aaron, Liv and Robert attend Gordon's funeral. At the funeral, Liv runs off and when Robert goes after her, they form a bond. Aaron opens up and says his last words to Gordon. Aaron is shocked when Robert is arrested for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Liv admits to him that she promised to pay Ryan £50,000 to go to the police, but when she changed her mind, she was unable to contact Ryan. Liv apologises to Aaron. Robert reveals he could be facing prison and is angered when he realises that Aaron knew about Ryan. Liv overhears this and decides to run away, while Aaron tries to make amends with Robert. Robert finds Liv and learns that Noah Dingle has been bullying her online. Aaron decides to organise a holiday for himself, Liv and Robert.

After growing frustrated about the lack of privacy, Aaron asks Robert if he wants to get a place together. Robert initially tells Aaron he will think about it, leaving Aaron disappointed. He then discovers Robert locked Ryan in the boot of his car for the night and tells him has not changed. Liv gets them to talk it out. Robert tell Aaron that when something matters to him he will do anything, but he will keep trying to change for the better because Aaron matters to him. Aaron and Robert agree to live together at the pub until they find a place of their own for them and Liv. Aaron brings up Robert's shooting and Robert tells him the truth about Ross and Andy's deal. Robert tells him he wants to move on. After seeing Andy and Chrissie in the street, Aaron punches Andy. Chas returns from her time away at the mental health clinic and tells Aaron that she knew the truth about the shooting months ago but chose not to tell Aaron because she was worried how it would affect him.

After Andy is arrested for shooting Lawrence, Robert helps Andy to escape police custody. He suggests that he and Aaron go after Lachlan, who he believes really shot Lawrence. Aaron struggles at the scrap yard while Adam is away. Robert contacts Lachlan online, pretending to be his father. Aaron tells Liv that if you mess up in the Dingle family you are out and jokes about her being out before Christmas if she carries on misbehaving. Liv tells him she is happy living with him, Chas and Robert. Aaron then reassures Liv that no matter how many times she misbehaves she is staying put. Aaron tells Robert not to scare Lachlan off before he gets a confession. When it seems like Robert has a confession, Chrissie and Lachlan enter and catch them out. Aaron comes to Robert's defence when Lachlan threatens him. Robert and Aaron agree to continue the fight against the Whites. Aaron gets an offer to learn export trade in France and plans a holiday with Robert. When Aaron realises Liv's been playing up in school, Robert agrees to stay behind. Aaron returns home early from France after learning that Holly has died. Aaron advises Cain to attend the funeral, telling him he knows Moira really wants him there despite their separation. When the topic of marriage comes up between him and Robert, Aaron is embarrassed when Robert dismisses the idea.

Aaron overhears Lachlan threatening to make false allegations of sexual abuse against Robert, and he forces his head into a barrel of water, warning him to stay away. Robert calms Aaron down and they later meet at a barn, where Aaron shows Robert that he has Lachlan tied up in the boot of his car. Robert reprimands Aaron for his actions, reminding him of how he reacted when he kidnapped Ryan, but when Lachlan escapes, they are forced to give chase and stop him falling over the edge of a cliff. Aaron pulls Lachlan back, but Lachlan gets the upper hand, almost forcing Aaron over until Robert pulls him off. Lachlan tells Aaron that Robert had an affair with Chrissie's sister Rebecca (Emily Head). With Lachlan back in the boot, Aaron and Robert talk and Robert admits he is bisexual. While driving back to the village, Robert produces a ring and tells Aaron he was going to propose. Aaron takes his eyes off the road, but Robert yells at Aaron to watch out and he loses control of the car trying to avoid a pile up on the road. They crash into a water-filled quarry. Aaron regains consciousness and realises his leg is trapped. Robert attempts to free him, but Aaron begs Robert to save himself. Robert eventually manages to free him and he gets Aaron breathing again, as the paramedic arrives. Robert dives back into the water to try and save Lachlan. Aaron becomes unresponsive and undergoes surgery on his liver. He regains consciousness as Robert, Liv and Chas visit him. Aaron accepts Robert's proposal and goes on to recover from his injuries.

Aaron and Robert attend the bonfire night at Home Farm, where Rebecca publicly accuses Chrissie of framing Andy. Aaron learns that Finn has been visiting Kasim, another victim of the pile up, almost every day. Aaron voices his concerns and tells Finn that he should stay away. Aaron becomes jealous when he sees Rebecca and Robert together. Robert insists that they are trying to clear Andy's name, but Aaron does not trust Rebecca and asks Robert to stay away. Aaron informs Robert that Lachlan pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. The next day, Rebecca tells Aaron about her recent kiss with Robert in front of the entire pub. However, Aaron calmly calls her bluff, saying he already knew Robert was playing her before telling her she is not a threat. Aaron angrily confronts Robert and Robert assures him it was only to get Rebecca on side for Andy, and that it meant nothing. After learning that The Mill is up for auction, Liv offers to use some of her inheritance to help buy it, but Aaron refuses to use Gordon's money. Robert tries to persuade him that Liv needs some security and that the move would be good for them all.

Aaron breaks into Home Farm and empties the safe. Rebecca confronts Aaron at the pub, threatening to call the police. When she asks why Aaron would choose to steal from her even though he has money of his own, Aaron tells her about Gordon's abuse and how using the money for anything would be a constant reminder of what he went through. Rebecca advises him not to be stubborn and to use the money as a means to secure some happiness for himself, Liv and Robert. Aaron returns the money he stole and he purchases The Mill for himself, Robert and Liv. Aaron (Bryan Parry) finds a confused Ashley wandering around the streets of Hotten and offers to bring him back to the village. He takes him to The Woolpack and is saddened to see the former vicar's rapid decline as his dementia takes hold, especially when he fails to recognise his wife, Laurel. The next day, Laurel thanks Aaron (Miller) for his help and sympathetic over her situation, he opens up to her about his own experiences as a carer for Jackson, which helps Laurel make a decision regarding full-time care for Ashley.

Aaron suspects Chas and Paddy still have feelings for each other, and he encourages them to act on it. Aaron is disappointed when Robert cannot be with him on his birthday because he is negotiating a business deal with Rebecca. Chas later shows him a video of Robert and Rebecca hugging, and he confronts Rebecca, who tells him that she was helping Robert plan a trip to Vegas for himself and Aaron. Roebrt and Aaron argue about the lack of trust in their relationship again. When Robert mentions that he is helping Rebecca to run Home Farm in Lawrence's absence, which will require an overnight stay, Aaron lies that he has booked a weekend away in Manchester. Chas questions Aaron's motives regarding the weekend away and apologises for fuelling his insecurities. Before he and Robert leave, Aaron invites Rebecca to Charity's upcoming birthday party.

Aaron struggles to hide his jealousy when Robert spends most of his time working on a business plan for Rebecca which prompts Chas to remind her son it's better to be open about things rather than let them fester and encourages him to talk to Robert about his feelings. Following a suggestion from Charity, Aaron and Robert decide to have a secret wedding in Vegas. However, Aaron's jealousy spirals out of control again when he learns Robert has been celebrating a business deal with Rebecca and barges into Home Farm to confront him. Fed up with his behaviour, this leads to a heated argument between the pair, after which Robert tells Aaron he can't do this anymore and removes his engagement ring. Devastated, Aaron grabs a bottle of whiskey and goes outside where he witnesses an altercation between Finn and Kasim and jumps to Finn's defence, beating Kasim to the ground. He is shocked by his actions. Back at the pub, after an emotional talk, Robert admits to Aaron he doesn't want to finish things but they are interrupted by the police. Aaron is arrested. He is released the next day on bail and gives Robert the chance to walk away but Robert promises to stick by him.

Aaron returns from the police station after giving a second interview and informs Robert of his impending court date. Robert promises to support him no matter what happens. Their argument from before is forgotten about and they make up. The next day, Aaron apologises to Finn for attacking Kasim. Finn tells him he deserves to go to prison but hopes he doesn't. A couple of weeks later, Aaron meets his estranged grandmother Faith Dingle and instantly takes a shine to her, despite Chas' disapproval.

As the day of his sentencing draws nearer, Aaron is told by his solicitor to prepare for the worst and expect to be given 9-12 months in prison. Despite Robert and Chas' attempts to keep him positive, Aaron is downbeat and tells them to get used to the possibility that he might be going to jail. The next day, Liv is disappointed that no one remembered her birthday and lashes out at Aaron and Chas before storming out. Aaron finds her drowning her sorrows at the bridge and carries her home. The following morning, Aaron gives Liv some belated birthday presents but she gets upset about the thought of him going to prison and what could happen to him while he's there, causing Aaron to snap at her. He goes out for a run to try and calm his nerves but Faith finds him suffering from a panic attack. He admits to his grandmother that he's messed everything up and is worried what will happen to Liv when he's gone. Back at the pub, Robert and Chas are concerned when they learn of Aaron's panic attack and assure him that they will look after Liv in his absence. Robert confides in Chas that he wants Aaron and Liv to feel more secure and decides to organise a wedding for the following day in order to prove his commitment before Aaron goes to prison.

With the help of his family, Liv and the rest of the Dingles, Robert surprises Aaron with an impromptu wedding ceremony in the Woolpack. Just as the service gets underway, the police turn up looking for Faith. Upset, Robert walks off and Aaron follows him to the garage. Robert laments that he wanted this day to be perfect but Aaron assures him it doesn't matter and produces the rings. They exchange their vows in private before heading back to the pub where they are congratulated by their family and friends. Later that night, Aaron slips away from the party and apologises to Robert for messing up and having to leave him. Robert understands his fears about prison and gently assures Aaron however long he's gone for, it'll pass and he'll wait for him. The next day, Aaron packs his belongings and says his goodbyes to Adam, Victoria, Paddy and Liv before sharing a tender moment alone with Robert. He then heads to court with Chas. Aaron is given 12 months in prison and immediately begins to struggle with the situation. After seeking the advice of one of the guards, Aaron decides to hide his sexuality for his own protection, but instinctively shouts at the prison bully Jason when he sees him abusing a fellow gay inmate. When confronted by his cellmate Ethan, Aaron claims to have a gay brother in order to cover his tracks but the experience leaves him shaken and scared.


Jake Roche auditioned for the role of Aaron, however, it was actor Danny Webb who was eventually cast. Aaron first appeared in Emmerdale in 2003 as a recurring character. In 2008, Aaron was reintroduced as a full-time cast member and the decision was made to recast the part. Former Grange Hill actor Danny Miller successfully auditioned for the role of Aaron. Miller admitted in an interview with Sue Crawford of The People that he would have quit acting for good if he had not landed the role. On 20 December 2016, Aaron was temporarily recast with new actor Bryan Parry taking on the role for an episode focusing on the viewpoints of dementia patient Ashley Thomas.


Violent, angry and always in trouble, the character quickly established himself as the 'baddest' of bad boys. Describing Aaron, Lucy Pargeter (Chas Dingle) said "Aaron's an absolute pain in the arse for Chas. Danny Miller, who plays him, is brilliant. He gives so much and he's only young".


A high-profile storyline for the character was when he began to question his sexual orientation. As the storyline progressed, Aaron was seen struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, before admitting the truth to his friend and guardian Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt). Miller admits that he was apprehensive when the Emmerdale writers approached him and told him they were making Aaron gay. Miller said "Being a straight actor and having to kiss another lad, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit worried about it, because it's a great test of your acting skills."

Miller's co-star, Dominic Brunt has praised the storyline and told Media and Entertainment website, Digital Spy, that "It's done more realistically than I've seen in a soap." He went on to describe Aaron as being a homophobic homosexual, who doesn't like what he is. Miller has stated that he is enjoying the challenge presented by the storyline saying "It's definitely been a big challenge - I feel a big responsibility to get this right and portray it in a way that makes it real, because there are so many lads who are going through what Aaron is going through". Miller's co-star James Sutton, who previously played a gay character in Hollyoaks, has said that Miller did not need any advice for the role and said, "We've chatted but I've given him no advice - he's a great actor, he doesn't need me to give him any pointers".

Emmerdale producer Gavin Blyth explained the gay plotline to Miller saying, "There are hundreds of thousands of teenage lads out there who are struggling with it as we speak - they're sexually confused". He also added "Aaron keeps it in so much because he's worried about what people think of him". Miller has admitted that he felt "awkward" and "strange" when he filmed an intimate moment with his Emmerdale co-star Adam Thomas, who is his real-life flatmate. He said "You'd never think yourself to be in the position that these two are in. Knowing myself and knowing Adam and his long-term girlfriend, he's the last person you'd expect in that position."


On 18 November 2011, Miller announced he would be leaving Emmerdale in 2012. Of his decision to leave, Miller said "It has been an incredibly difficult decision but after three years playing Aaron and much soul-searching, I am eager to explore other roles. I am so grateful to Emmerdale for the opportunity that I have been given and have loved every moment. I will miss everyone enormously but this might not be the last we see of Aaron." Series producer Stuart Blackburn said he respected Miller's decision and was grateful for the hard work he had put into the role of Aaron. On 20 January 2012, Miller revealed the Emmerdale team were still discussing how to write out Aaron. The actor said "They keep chopping and changing [it] - I think because they want to make it quite impactful and dramatic. I hope it's not leaving in the back of a cab, but there's great storyliners and a great team there."

In February 2012, Susan Hill of the Daily Star reported Aaron would exit the village in "heartbreaking scenes" after turning down the chance to leave with his new man, Ed Roberts (Lloyd Everitt). Hill said the show's bosses were desperate to get the character's departure right and spent months coming up with a dramatic storyline. Details of what happens to stop Aaron having a happy ending were being kept under wraps. The following month, Miller and other members of the cast and crew were spotted filming Aaron's final scenes at Robin Hood Airport. Paul Millar of Digital Spy reported that Aaron's final scenes could see him on the run from the police after being accused of setting fire to the garage. Aaron made his last screen appearance on 5 April 2012.

In honour of his departure, the cast and crew made a parody video for the song "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah.


On 4 April 2014, Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy reported that Miller would be returning to Emmerdale. Kilkelly said that while producers had yet to officially announce the news, a show insider had confirmed Miller's return. Aaron will make his on-screen return later in the year. Aaron returned on 14 August 2014 to help Adam out of a scam that he was involved with Ross Barton and Donna Windsor.

Child abuse

On 21 January 2016, a new story arc for Aaron began when he revealed to his ex-lover Robert Sugden that he was raped by his father, Gordon, when he was child. Aaron explained to Robert that Gordon repeatedly raped him throughout his childhood from the age of 8, before Gordon kicked him out. Two weeks later, on 3 February 2016, Aaron tells his mother Chas what Gordon did to him. After the emotional episode aired, Miller was overwhelmed by the response to his child abuse storyline with fans and co-stars praising his performance on Twitter. On 16 February 2016, it was announced that a new character would become involved in the storyline with Aaron; newcomer Ryan (played by George Sampson), and a second abuse victim, later revealed to be male, would come forward. A week later, it's revealed that Robert paid Ryan to lie about being abused by Gordon in order for the police to charge him. On 15 April 2016, the jury found Gordon guilty of raping Aaron.

Car crash

In May 2016, new Emmerdale producer Iain Macleod reveals Aaron will heavily involves the big October storyline along with Robert. Aaron and Robert will caught in explosive and heartstopping twist. Iain says 'It's a massive, big storyline for Robron. It's funny, romantic and heartstopping in places. people will be on the edge of their seat – or possibly falling off the end of it. I think viewers want us to keep them together and they have earned the right to be together for a period. obviously there will be challenges but I’m really rooting for them, I hope that they can make it through!’


For his portrayal of Aaron, Miller was nominated for the "Best Newcomer Award" at the Inside Soap Awards in 2009. Miller won the "Best Actor" award at the 2011 British Soap Awards, he was also nominated for "Sexiest Male". Miller was nominated in the category of "Serial Drama Performance" at the 2012 National Television Awards. The character was selected as one of the "top 100 British soap characters" by industry experts for a poll to be run by What's on TV, with readers able to vote for their favourite character to discover "Who is Soap's greatest Legend?". Miller was nominated for Best Actor for the 2015 British Soap Awards and won the 2014 Best Moment in All About Soap Awards (with Ryan Hawley, who played Aaron's on-off lover Robert). He won the Best Actor Award at the 2015 TV Choice Awards. Miller has won more awards for his character than any other Emmerdale actor for their character.

A writer for Holy Soap said Aaron's most memorable moment was "His realisation about his sexuality and the emotional scenes where he told Paddy the truth." Miller revealed that he had been verbally abused in public for portraying a bad boy and a homosexual. He stated some viewers initially found it difficult to differentiate between character and actor. Miller said, "I get the odd bit of trouble here and there but nothing that I can't handle. I get people shouting stuff, names in the street, but nothing serious." He added, "There are people who think I'm the character but when they realise you're not they warm to you." Following Aaron's departure, Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail said "Gosh, I never expected to be so devastated by Aaron's exit, but I was sobbing as much as he was. Danny Miller has delivered some extraordinary performances and will be hugely missed." Sarah Ellis of Inside Soap said that "given the impact he's had on Emmerdale, Aaron's farewell was always going to be an emotional one." The writer said that she and all of her colleagues from the publication will miss him. Ellis added that she would also "love" to watch Aaron in a spin-off series set in France. A reporter writing for the Inside Soap Yearbook 2017 named Aaron's "abuse agony" as one of the "best bits of February", describing viewers as being left "stunned" when he revealed he was abused by his father. They praised the scenes between Aaron and Chas at the seaside.


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