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Paddy Kirk

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Portrayed by
Dominic Brunt

First appearance
20 February 1997

Present; regular

First cousins
Jason Kirk, Ross Kirk


Introduced by
Mervyn Watson (1997)

Played by
Dominic Brunt

TV show

Paddy Kirk Emmerdale spoilers Paddy Kirk cheats on Rhona Goskirk but what

Spin-off appearances
The Dingles in Venice (1999) Paddy and Marlon's Big Night In (2011)

Marlon Dingle, Chas Dingle, Rhona Goskirk, Aaron Livesy, Robert Sugden

Patrick Frederick "Paddy" Kirk is a fictional character from the British soap opera Emmerdale played by Dominic Brunt. Paddy demonstrates the dedication of the soap's writers towards maintaining a comedic tone in plotlines. While he has appeared at the centre of some grave storylines, Paddy is often a manifestation of the faintly ridiculous. His bumbling ways and perpetual ill luck act as an amusing antithesis to the sometimes traumatic incidents which befall those around him.


Paddy Kirk Emmerdale Spoilers 2016 Has Paddy Kirk left the soap for good

Paddy is one of the longest-serving characters currently in the programme. He has been married three times, to Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) in 1999, Emily Dingle (Kate McGregor) in 2002 and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) in 2012. He has also had several flings since arriving, notably with Viv Hope (Deena Payne) and Tess Harris (Nicola Stephenson). Brunt took a break from the show with Paddy departing on 18 April 2016 and returning on 29 August 2016.

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Paddy Kirk Paddy Kirk Paddykirk Twitter

Paddy arrives in Emmerdale to work as a temporary locum for Zoe Tate (Leah Bracknell). He is drawn to Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) and they are smitten but their relationship was rocky. Paddy's mother, Barbara (Judi Jones), disapproved of Mandy and offered her money to marry someone else. Needing money to stop her family from being evicted, Mandy took it and married her cousin, Butch (Paul Loughran), leaving Paddy depressed. After a bad date with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), Paddy proposes to Mandy and she accepts. They marry the following year but over the next two years, Mandy is frequently absent as her father, Caleb, is ill. She misses Paddy but begins an affair with her father's carer and their marriage breaks down.

Paddy Kirk Paddy Kirk PaddyTheVet Twitter

A heartbroken Paddy becomes close to Emily Dingle (Kate McGregor). They begin dating and later get engaged. On the day Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Tricia Stokes's (Sheree Murphy) were supposed to marry, Tricia gets cold feet so Emily and Paddy get married instead. Their marriage is happy and they become foster parents, looking several children including Debbie Jones (Charley Webb) but over time, the marriage loses its spark. Emily tries to make things work but Paddy has an affair with Viv Windsor (Deena Payne). The affair is revealed when Viv jokes to Paddy that she told Emily about their affair but Paddy, fearing she was serious, rushes home and confesses. When it becomes public knowledge, Paddy is punched by Viv's estranged husband, Bob Hope (Antony Audenshaw) and Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell). Soon after, Emily leaves the village with Debbie's baby daughter, Sarah.

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Paddy begins internet dating and goes to Portugal after Jo Stiles (Roxanne Pallett), plays a practical joke by pretending to be his Internet lover Fireblade and suggesting they meet. He goes but realizes he was tricked and returns with Toni Daggert (Kerry Stacey). A horrified Jo thinks Toni wants Paddy's money and is relieved when Paddy and Toni reveal they were paying her back. Paddy later develops feelings for Toni but she didn't feel the same so he moves on and starts dating Del Dingle (Hayley Tamaddon), making Toni realize that she is in love with Paddy. Toni tries to split them up but it fails but Paddy and Del's relationship ends after Del accidentally burns Toni with hot fat in the Woolpack kitchen. Paddy admits that he loves Toni but the relationship breaks down when Toni learns Paddy does not want to marry her.

Paddy's cousin Ross Kirk (Samuel Anderson) arrives in the village. One morning, Ross accidentally hits Genesis Walker (Sian Reese-Williams), knocking off her moped. Genesis seems fine and Ross, afraid of losing his job, convinces Paddy to say that he was responsible. Genesis, or Gennie as she called herself, soon collapses and is intensive care. Ross refuses to own up and Paddy tells Ross's colleague Shane Doyle (Paul McEwan) what really happened. Shane convinces Paddy that he will be jailed for perverting the course of justice so he remains silent. After he learns about Ross's affair with Marlon's wife Donna (Verity Rushworth), Paddy throws Ross out.

Paddy begins a relationship with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) but also deals with her wayward son, Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller). The problems are not helped when Carl King (Tom Lister), Chas's ex, reveals that when Paddy was away, he and Chas slept together. At first Paddy refuses to believe it, thinking that he was just stirring things but realizes it is true and evicts Chas and Aaron but lets Aaron move back in and they build up a father-son relationship and Paddy helps Aaron come to terms with his homosexuality.

Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) returns to the village. She and Marlon reignite their relationship but Rhona falls in love with Paddy and ends it with Marlon. Rhona learns she is expecting Marlon's baby and he initially decides not to be the part of the baby's life but has a change of heart once he learns that the baby may have Down's Syndrome. They repair their friendship and Rhona gives birth to a baby boy, Leo, in 2011. Paddy gets a job in New Zealand and Marlon decides to go too but changes his mind. The Goskirks and Marlon battle over Leo's welfare and Marlon and Paddy have a fight that ends in Paddy being charged with assaulting a police officer. Following the suspension of his veterinary license, Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), arrives and gets off on the wrong foot with Paddy. Vanessa joins the surgery and later agrees to buy a share and when Paddy's suspension was over, he, Rhona and Vanessa all had their names above the door.

Paddy and Rhona's marriage faces a major test after Rhona becomes addicted to the painkillers she is taking for a back injury. Paddy and Vanessa become worried as Rhona's mood swings are visible and matters get worse when Rhona begins buying pills from a dealer named Gary. When Paddy confronts Rhona, she lashes out at him physically. Eventually Rhona collapses from taking too many painkillers and is rushed to hospital where she learns that her kidneys are about to collapse. Consequently Marlon removes Leo and Rhona goes to rehab. Eventually, when Marlon is satisfied that Rhona is capable, Leo returns to live with her and Paddy.

Paddy became involved in Aaron Livesy's relationship with Robert Sugden, after Aaron tells him in February 2015. Paddy and Chas Dingle tried to keep Aaron and Robert apart, with little luck. In July, Paddy was worried that Aaron and Robert were continuing their affair and found he was right when he caught them half dressed at the scrapyard. Paddy sent a note to Robert's wife, Chrissie White, telling her to 'rein her cheating husband in'. While helping out at the farm, Paddy fell into a grain pit and injured his leg. Robert then turned on the grain pit to scare Paddy after he discovered that Paddy sent the note to his wife. Paddy fell unconscious and was about to drown when Robert turned the machine off and went to help, only to be scared off by Andy Sugden's approach. Paddy spent a night in hospital. He suspected Robert of being responsible and this was confirmed when Robert threatened him and his family. A while later, Paddy told Aaron so Aaron planned a night at a lodge with Robert to get him to confess. Worried what Robert might do, Paddy went to the lodge and was shot by Robert. Paddy helped Robert stitch his wound and persuaded him to let him and Aaron leave but Aaron retaliated by telling Chrissie about his affair with Robert. Paddy demanded Aaron leave Robert alone, telling him that it'd be his fault if something happened to his family.

Following the helicopter crash, Paddy discovered Rhona and Marlon had kissed at Debbie Dingle's wedding so he set up an online dating profile for Marlon. Marlon invites Paddy to a night out and meets a woman named Tess. He offloads on her about the situation regarding Robert and Aaron and they end up having sex in her car. Tess turns out to be Leo's teaching assistant, who is also married. They break things off, but resume things after a short while. Feeling broody after Vanessa gives birth to her son, Johnny, Rhona suggests to Paddy that they adopt a child and Paddy eventually agrees. Amongst others, Aaron and Tess are selected to be references for the social worker. After Tess gives her reference, she texts Paddy but Rhona finds the phone and asks why he has a second phone, Paddy says that it's Aaron's and consequently tells him about the affair. Reeling, Aaron tells the social worker that Paddy and Rhona are having marital issues. After Aaron blames Tess, she is furious and reminds Paddy that she can take everything away from him in an instant.

In February 2016, Paddy and the Dingles are informed by Cain, that Aaron was sexually abused as a child by his father, Gordon. Tess and Paddy's affair comes to an abrupt end when a drunken Kirin Kotecha runs her over and kills her. Tess dies in Paddy's arms. Rhona learns about the affair after Paddy goes to Tess' funeral alone but is spotted by Megan Macey. After a series of rows, which includes Paddy telling Rhona about Aaron and Robert's affair, nearly dying in the grain pit, getting shot by Robert and also revealing that Robert killed Katie Sugden's, Rhona decides that the conversation never happened and that they should continue as normal. Unfortunately they try to make it work but Rhona is haunted by the extent of Paddy's deceit and cannot forgive him so they agree that he should take a new job in Germany and cancel the adoption plans.

In October 2016, he is involved in a car pile up, caused by Emma Barton pushing her husband James in front of a car from a bridge along with several other villagers, such as Rhona and Paddy is badly injured but asks Pierce to help him survive which he does but in the ambulance tells him if Rhona doesn't survive then Paddy will suffer.


Brunt was nominated in the category of "Best Actor" at the 2011 British Soap Awards.


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