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Aaron (given name)

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Gender  male
Variant form(s)  Aharon, Aron, Harun
Language(s)  English, Exodus 4:14
Aaron (given name)
Pronunciation  /ˈɛərən/, /ˈærən/, /ˈɛərɪn/
Derivation  Ancient Egyptian (Aharon), Hebrew (אהרן), Greek (Ααρών), Latin (Aaron), British English (/ɛərən/), American English (/ærən/, /eIrɪn/)

Aaron is an anglicised Hebrew masculine given name. Its English form is derived from the Hebrew name "Aharon" (אהרן) which is most likely of Ancient Egyptian origin from "aha rw" meaning "warrior lion",


or from Aaru, the Egyptian heaven ruled by Osiris,

According to other theories, the name could be derived from various Hebrew roots meaning "high mountain", "mountain of strength", "exalted", or "enlightened", or "bearer of martyrs".

Aaron the brother of Moses is described in the Hebrew and Christian book of Exodus, the Quran and the Bah'ai Iqan.

The given name was used by Jews and early Christians, then became exclusively Jewish in the Middle Ages, taken up by Gentiles in the 17th century, and popular among both in the end of the 20th century. Aaron was most popular in the United States in 1994 peaking as the 28th most popular name. Aaron is also a Jewish surname. St. Aaron's day is on July 1 and is celebrated in French speaking countries and Poland. The name is generally recognisable around the world as referring to the biblical Aaron and cognate forms in other languages include Aarón in Spanish; Aarão in Portuguese; Aron in Irish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Croatian; Árón in Czech; and Harun (هارون) in Arabic. The variant used in the Russian language is "Ааро́н" (Aaron), with "Аро́н" (Aron) being its colloquial form; diminutives include "Ааро́нка" (Aaronka), "Аро́нка" (Aronka), and "Ро́на" (Rona). The patronymics derived from this first name in Russian are "Ааро́нович" (Aaronovich; masculine) and its colloquial form "Ааро́ныч" (Aaronych), and "Ааро́новна" (Aaronovna; feminine). In France, "Aaron" and especially "Aaron Cohen" is seen as a somewhat caricatured/stereotyped Jewish name.

"Aaronite" is a noun referring to the biblical tradition and modern genetic line of Kohanim claiming descent from the biblical Aaron. "Aaronic" is an adjective referring to their traditional priestly attributes such as attention to detail, respect for tradition, and religious dogmatising. For example, biblical texts focussed on rules and traditions such as Leviticus are considered aaronic.


In its original Hebrew, Aharon (אהרן) is pronounced as three syllables, a-ha-ron. This Hebrew pronunciation is still used in modern Hebrew in Israel today. The Hebrew sound had no direct equivalent in Greek, when Jewish scriptures were translated by Greek-speaking Jews in Alexenadria around 200 BCE to form the septuagint, so these translators used a pair of Greek alpha letters to approximate the same sound, "Ααρών". This was translated again by St. Jerome from the Greek to the Latin Vulgate as "Aaron" in the fourth century CE. It is thought that the Greeks and Romans would pronounce Aaron similarly to the Hebrew, as the Catholic Latin pronunciation is still defined this way.

The English pronunciation of the biblical Aaron's name was derived by anglicising the Latin during the Church of England's translation of the Authorized King James Bible in 1611 (possibly influenced by older English translations of the bible from Anglo Saxon times onwards). The modern Church of England Pronunciation Guide, the BBC pronunciation guide, the Mormon pronunciation guide, the Oxford English Dictionary, the Longman pronunciation guide, and Harper Collins Biblical Pronunciation Guide all define this modern English pronunciation as /ɛərən/ ("air-run", where "air" is the same sound as in "dairy"). This pronunciation is used in the 1956 film The Ten Commandments featuring the biblical Aaron, by UK chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks when speaking in English, and in the BBC production of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.

The English name "Aaron" is sometimes confused with the English name "Aron" which is also derived from the biblical Aaron but through translation routes other than the Church of England (e.g. Scandinavian and Celtic churches) and pronounced /ærən/ ("a-ran" as in "arrow"). It is further sometimes confused with the names Arran and Aran which are also pronounced /ærən/ ("a-ran" as in "arrow") but derive from various sources unrelated to the biblical Aaron such as the Scottish Isle of Arran and Irish Aran Islands. Aeron is another unrelated name, pronounced air-ron, of an old Celtic god and the Aeron chair.

In the 20th century, ambiguity over the pronunciation of "Aaron" was created by naming children after Elvis Aaron Presley rather than after the biblical Aaron. Presley's middle name was originally "Aron" on his birth certificate and pronounced /ærən/ ("a-ran" as in "arrow") by his parents to rhyme with his stillborn brother's name, Garon. Presley later legally amended his middle name to be spelt "Aaron" to match the English biblical Aaron, but without changing the pronunciation. Naming children after Presley effectively created an alternative de facto pronunciation which can now be found in the Oxford American English Dictionary, along with /eIrɪn/ ('ay-ron' as in "A to Z") which is heard in the American deep south. However the difference in these pronunciations in American English is often small or nonexistent due to its longer "a" than British English, as can be heard in American media such as episodes of Lost, recorded interviews with Aaron Copland, or Hollywood's 1999 Shakespeare movie, Titus.


  • Aaron, biblical elder brother of Moses, Hebrew patriarch, Islamic prophet, Orthodox saint
  • Aaron of Aleth, 6th-century saint
  • Aaron of Auxerre, a bishop of Auxerre locally venerated as a saint
  • Aaron of Caerleon (died 304), saint; British martyr
  • Aaron of Pinsk (died 1841), rabbi and author of Tosafot Aharon
  • Aaron (abbot) (died 1052), abbot of St. Martin, Cologne, Germany
  • Aaron (Copt), a Miaphysite Coptic saint
  • Aaron (Jaredite), a Jaredite king mentioned in the Book of Mormon
  • Aaron (Lamanite), a Lamanite mentioned in the Book of Mormon
  • Aaron (Nephite), the Nephite missionary mentioned in the Book of Mormon
  • Aaron (saint), a saint of the Coptic Church
  • Aaron the Illustrious (or Aaron of the nuts), an Armenian saint
  • Teófilo Vargas Sein aka Aaron (born 1921), Puerto Rican religious leader
  • Aaron Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Archbishop Emeritus of Paris
  • History

  • Aaron I (9th century) Khazar
  • Aaron II (Khazar) (10th century)
  • Aron of Bulgaria (10th-century), Bulgarian noble
  • Aaron the Upright or Harun al-Rashid (ca. 763-809), Abbasid Caliph
  • Y-chromosomal Aaron, the hypothesised most recent common ancestor of many Kohanim
  • Science

  • Aaron Ciechanover (born 1947), Israeli Nobel laureate biologist
  • Aaron Cohen, Deputy director of NASA
  • Aaron Klug, British chemist and astrophysicist, Nobel laureate
  • Aaron Sloman, artificial intelligence scientist
  • Arts

  • AaRON French pop rock musical duo, consisting of Simon Buret and Olivier Coursier
  • Aaron Aedy, rhythm guitarist of English doom metal band Paradise Lost
  • Aaron Barrett, lead guitarist/vocalist of Reel Big Fish
  • Aaron Carter (born 1987), American singer
  • Aaron Copland, American composer, composition teacher, writer, and conductor
  • Aaron Dismuke, American voice actor
  • Aaron Eckhart (born 1968), American actor
  • Aaron Funk, breakcore artist most popularly known as Venetian Snares
  • Aaron Gillespie, drummer/vocalist of UnderOath and live drummer of Paramore
  • Aaron Christian Howles, American actor
  • Aaron Lewis, member of band Staind
  • Aaron Morris (born 1991), English comedian, presenter
  • Aaron Neville, American singer
  • Aaron Paul, American actor
  • Elvis Aaron Presley, American singer (born Elvis Aron Presley)
  • Aaron Solowoniuk, member of band Billy Talent
  • Aaron Sorkin, American screenwriter, producer and playwright
  • Aaron Spelling, American film and television producer
  • Aaron Stern, American musician
  • Aaron Tveit, (born 1983), American singer and film and theatre actor
  • Aaron Charles Wills (born 1974), aka P-Nut member of band 311
  • Aaron Dontez Yates American rapper, also known as Tech N9NE
  • Aaron Matts, lead vocalist of the French deathcore band Betraying the Martyrs
  • Politics and business

  • Aaron Aaronsohn (1876–1919), Romanian-born Jewish scientist, traveller, entrepreneur, and politician
  • Aaron Burr (1756–1836), American politician
  • Aaron Fechter, engineer and founder of ShowBiz Pizza Place
  • Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of Box
  • Aaron Montgomery Ward, American businessman
  • Aaron Swartz (1986-2013), American writer, internet campaigner, and entrepreneur
  • Sport

  • Aaron Boone, American baseball player
  • Aaron Crawford (Canadian football) (born 1986), Canadian football player
  • Aaron Doornekamp, Canadian basketball player
  • Aaron Downey, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Aaron Ekblad, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Aaron Feltham (born 1982), Canadian water polo player
  • Aaron Fernandes (born 1656), Canadian field hockey player
  • Aaron Finch (born 1986), Australian cricket player
  • Aaron Fotheringham, American wheelchair athlete
  • Aaron Garcia (born 1982), American boxer
  • Aaron Grant (1908–1966), American football player
  • Aaron Gray (born 1684), American basketball player
  • Aaron Hill professional baseball player
  • Aaron Hoey, Louth Gaelic footballer
  • Aaron Holiday (born 1996), American basketball player
  • Aaron Hughes (born 1979), Northern Irish footballer
  • Aaron Kernan, Armagh Gaelic footballer
  • Aaron Lennon (born 1987), English footballer
  • Aaron McConnell (born 1980), American football player
  • Aaron Miller, retired American ice hockey player
  • Aaron Milton (born 1992), Canadian football player
  • Aaron Mooy, Australian footballer
  • Aaron Morris, Welsh footballer
  • Aaron Parchem, American figure skater
  • Aaron Peirsol, American swimmer
  • Aaron Poreda (born 1986), American major league baseball player
  • Aaron Pryor, American boxer, a former world boxing champion
  • Aaron Ramsey (born 1990), Welsh footballer
  • Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback
  • Aaron Schoenfeld (born 1990), Major League Soccer player
  • Aaron Sparrow, American football player
  • Aaron Wilbraham (born 1979), English footballer
  • Aaron Whitchurch (born 1992), Australian Rugby League player
  • Aaron White (basketball) (born 1992), American basketball player
  • Aaron Woods (born 1991), Australian Rugby League player
  • Fictional characters

  • Aron Trask, one of the main protagonists in East of Eden by John Steinbeck
  • Aaron Hotchner, one of the main protagonists in Criminal Minds
  • Aaron the moor, fictional character in Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare
  • Aaron (Beyblade), fictional character in Beyblade
  • Aaron (Pokémon), the first of four leaders in the Elite Four in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum
  • Aaron Dingle, fictional character in British soap Emmerdale
  • Sir Aaron, a character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
  • Aaron Fox, one of the Lego Nexo knights
  • Aaron, a main character in Lunar Knights
  • Aaron, son of Claire in Lost
  • Aaron, a friend of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries
  • Aaron Warner, a character in Shatter Me series
  • Aaron, Alexandria safe-zone recruiter in The Walking Dead
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