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Aa Raathri

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Director  Joshiy
Music director  Ilayaraja
Story by  Joy Thomas
8.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Screenplay  Kaloor Dennis
Language  Malayalam
Release date  23 April 1983 (1983-04-23)
Writer  Kaloor Dennis (screenplay), Joy Thomas (story)
Cast  Mammootty (Ravi), Poornima Jayaram (Indu), Lalu Alex (Babu), M G Soman (All Kerala Abdu), Jagathy Sreekumar (Sundaresan)

Similar  Kinaram, January Oru Orma, Katha Ithuvare
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Aa raathri full length malayalam movie mammootty poornima jayaram

Aa Raathri is a 1983 Indian Malayalam-language]] film directed by Joshiy, starring Mammootty, Poornima Jayaram, M. G. Soman and Lalu Alex. This was the director's first collaboration with Mammootty. The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, who composed for the third time for Mammootty.


Aa raathri 1983 full malayalam movie


Ravi and Indu are happily married and they have a daughter, Minimol. Ravi is working in a bank and Indu is a housewife. Indu was bought up in an orphanage at Ernakulam. Ravi had fallen for her and they got married. They are now settled in Trivandrum.

Abdu is illegally 'employed' as a 'false witness' in court. People will hire him for providing false witness during court judgements.

Venu and his two friends(portrayed by Lalu Alex and Cochin Haneefa) stay in a house. Venu is descent guy but the other two will always go behind girls for their desires.

There was an invite for Ravi and Indu to attend the feast of Mother (who was the matron of orphanage in which Indu was bought up), and they plan to go.

During proceeding of one of the cases, abdu tells that he had seen the alleged person committing a murder, and he should be given the maximum punishment. The alleged person pleads to the court, that he has not committed it. However court orders the alleged to be hanged. The wife and daughter of the alleged commits suicide by jumping in front of the train. After watching their corpses, Abu regrets to his mother (portrayed by Philomina) and takes the decision to lead a good life by doing a descent job. He then starts the job of fish seller in the market.

On their return journey from Ernakulam after attending the feast, Radha runs and gets into the compartment in which Ravi and Indu are travelling. Radha's stepfather started misbehaving with her after her mother's death. She is now running to escape from him. She boarded the train as one of her cousins and would be (Venu) was employed at Trivandrum, and she had decided to reach him for help. On reaching Trivandrum, Radha stays with Ravi and Indu. Minimol is much interested in Radha. In the meantime, Ravi starts enquiring about Venu, who was a medical representative. Ravi gets the information that Venu has been to Madras for a training, and once he is back he will be promoted to area manager. Days pass and as Radha's grief increases day by day, Ravi gets a job for her in YWCA. However as per their rules, Radha has to stay there. So Radha parts with them to stay there.

Venu returns after the training, and they starts partying in a bar. Ravi, Indu and Minimol visits Radha in YWCA and they go for an outing. After the outing, Minimol wants to stay with Radha. So Ravi and Indu returns after leaving Minimol with Radha, with the assurance that Radha will drop her at the house the next day morning. Ravi and Indu takes dinner outside and they go for a second show(movie). Venu and his friends too come for the movie and they get seated just behind Ravi and Indu's seat. Venu was seated just behind Indu. Despite initial warnings from Venu, his friends try to trouble Indu. And while Ravi goes to toilet in between, and as the molestation becomes too much, Indu turns back and beats Venu, thinking that she was disturbed by Venu. As the people in the theatre gets angry with the three, they leave the theatre and go to bar. Venu feels much depressed as he was humiliated in front the crowd in the theatre for an offence he had not done. His friends console him by telling that they will take revenge for this. While Ravi and Indu was returning after the movie, they block them, thrash Ravi and take Indu in the car. Abdu sees Ravi, and they both search for the car. However they did not succeed and they file a complaint with police. Ravi gets back home and spend the night in chair sleepless. In the morning when Radha returns with Minimol, the phone rings and they get the information that Indu is admitted in the hospital. Ravi goes to see that she was raped, and takes her home. He takes good care of her to recover. Though Indu plans to suicide, Ravi consoles her by telling that its her personality that he had liked and not her body.

As Indu also suggests, Ravi wants to withdraw the case as he fears that the proceedings in the court may hurt Indu mentally again. However, when the police Inspector suggests that it will allow the accused to be free again, Ravi somehow agrees. Abdu was approached for telling false witness in the court for Venu and his friends, but he denies. Abu assures Ravi that he will provide witness in the court for Indu and Ravi.

On the way Abdu meets his old teacher Rahim master. We come to know that Abu is actually Gopi, who had eloped while he was young, leaving his mother and sister. Gopi was falsely caught for a pick-pocket case and then he had reached the hands of a Muslim family where they had called him as Abu. Rahim master says that after the death of Gopi's mother, he had taken Gopis sister to an orphanage in Ernakulam, and gives the details of the orphanage.

While the case proceedings happen in the court, Radha had a glimpse on Venu and she was shocked to see that Venu is one among the culprits. Abu tells false witness against Indu, alleging her as a prostitute. Also Indu could not answer the criminal lawyer's questions. The culprits are set free. Ravi gets angry with Abu, and start to fight with him, when the crowd pulls them apart. Abu visits the orphanage to find out that Indu is her sister. He returns to Ravis house to see that Indu had committed suicide. Radha visits Venu and curse him. While she returns, she is taken into custody by Venu's friends. On seeing that Radha is about to be raped by his friends, Venu fights them. He confirms to Radha that he is innocent and he was the one who had taken Indu to hospital(after his friends had raped her that night).

Ravi was looking to take revenge for all happenings. As he was about to beat Venu, Radha interferes and tells Ravi that Venu is her husband and he is innocent. While Minimol is all alone at the house, Abu reaches there and takes her. While Ravi sees this he gets angry and starts fighting with Abu. Abu somehow blocks Ravi and tells him that Indu was his sister and in order to get cash to conduct her sisters marriage, he had bore false witness in court.

Ravi and Abdu then set out to hunt the two criminals, and finally kills them. The film ends with Minimol being taken by Radha and Venu, as the police vehicle departs with Ravi in it...


The music was composed by Ilayaraja and lyrics were written by Poovachal Khader.

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