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A47 autoroute

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Length  29 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A47 autoroute

The A47 autoroute is a 29.5 kilometres (18.3 mi) long highway in central France. Completed in 1983 it connects Givors (Lyon) to Saint-Étienne. It also serves the suburbs south-west of Lyon and east of Saint-Étienne.


Map of A47, France


  • Toll free motorway
  • 2x2 lanes
  • 45 km long
  • History

  • 1953 and 1962: Opening of the central section between Saint-Chamond and Rive-de-Gier (current Junction 11).
  • 1970: Opening of an extension to Givors. In Givors, A47 is built on the site of an old road, which makes it run close to neighbouring buildings creating noise pollution.
  • 1983: Opening of the short section between Givors and the junction with the A7 and A46 autoroutes. As a result, Lyon and St-Etienne are linked totally by motorway from beginning to end.
  • 1991: Opening of the St-Chamond by-pass. The old A47 through St-Chamond was re-numbered the D288 (expressway).
  • 1998: For the Football World Cup the section between St-Chamond and St-Etienne was widened to 2x3 lanes but this section is numbered the RN88.
  • Future

    There are plans to transform sections of the A47 into an urban boulevard if the A45 to Lyon and Saint-Etienne, bypassing Givors, is built.


  • Exchange A7-A46-A47 Autoroute starts with a junction with the A7 and A46 to (Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, Lyon, Vienne)
  • 08 (Chasse-sur-Rhône) Towns served:
  • 09 (Grigny-Givors centre) Towns served: Givors
  • 09.3 (Givors Montrond-Mornant) Towns served: Givors
  • 10 (Givors ouest) Towns served: Givors
  • Service Area km 7: St-Romain-en-Gier
  • 11 (Rive-de-Gier-St-Martin-la-Plaine) Towns served: Rive de Gier
  • 12 (Lorette) Towns served: Lorette
  • 13 (La Grand-Croix) Towns served: La Grand-Croix
  • 14 (D288 vers St-Chamond) Towns served: St-Chamond via RD288.
  • 15 (St-Chamond Stélytec) Towns served: St-Chamond Stélytec
  • Service Area: Pays-du-Gier
  • 16 ('St-Chamond La Varizelle) Towns served: St-Chamond La Varizelle
  • Autoroute becomes the RN88 to Saint-Étienne before becoming the A72 to Clermont-Ferrand.
  • References

    A47 autoroute Wikipedia

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