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A36 autoroute

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Length  237 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A36 autoroute

The A36 autoroute is a toll motorway in northeastern France connecting the German border with Burgundy. It is also known as La Comtoise. The road forms part of European route E60.


Map of A36, France


  • Exchange A31-A36 Autoroute starts with a junction on the A31 to Lyon (south), Dijon/Metz (north)
  • Rest Area: Villy-le-Moutier (eastbound) Argilly (westbound)
  • Service Area: Bois-Guillerot (eastbound) Glanon (westbound)
  • 01 Seurre Towns served: Seurre
  • Rest Area: Les Noues (eastbound) St-Jean-de-Losne (westbound)
  • Exchange A36-A39 or St Seine Junction with the A39 to Dijon (north west) Bourg en Bresse (south east)
  • Rest Area: Sampans (eastbound) Bois des Potets (westbound)
  • 02 Dole Authume Towns served: Dole, Authume
  • Service Area: Dole-Audelange (westbound)
  • Service Area: Dole-Romange (eastbound)
  • 02.1 Dampierre-Gendrey Towns served: Dampierre, Gendrey
  • Rest area: Hyombre
  • Rest Area: Bois de Servole
  • 03 Besançon Planoise Towns served: Marnay, Dannamarie
  • Rest Area: Bois de Frachère/Pelousey
  • 04 Besançon centre Towns served: N57, Besançon, Vesoul
  • Service Area: Besançon-Marchaux (eastbound) Besançon-Champoux (westbound)
  • 04.1 Marchaux-Besançon Palente Towns served: Marchaux
  • Rest Area: Chevaney (eastbound) Les Grands Brocards (westbound)
  • 05 Baume-les-Dames Towns served: Baume les Dames
  • Rest Area: La Combe de Fougère (eastbound) Le Boulet (westbound)
  • Rest Area: Charme
  • Rest Area: Galiot
  • 06 L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs Towns served: L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs
  • Péage: Péage de St-Maurice
  • Service Area: Ecot (eastbound) La Combe Ronde (westbound)
  • 06.1 Pont de Roide Towns served: Mathay
  • 07 Voujeaucourt Towns served: Voujeaucourt
  • 07 Audincourt Towns served: Audincourt
  • 08 Montbéliard Towns served: Montbéliard
  • 09 9a: Exincourt-Etupes/9b: Sochaux Towns served: Exincourt, Etupes, Sochaux
  • 10 Grand-Charmont Towns served: Grand-Charmont
  • Rest Area: Dambenois
  • 11 N1019 to Héricourt, N19 to Delle Towns served: N19, Delle, Héricourt
  • Rest area: Grand Bois (closed)
  • 12 12a: Danjoutin-Bavilliers/12b: Belfort centre Towns served: Danjoutin, Bavilliers, Belfort
  • 13 Belfort Glacis-du-Château Towns served: Belfort
  • 14 Colmar-Mulhouse par RN/Belfort centre Towns served: N83, Chèvremont
  • Rest Area: Les Grands-Prés
  • Rest Area: La Forêt
  • 14.1 Fontaine Towns served: Fontaine
  • Rest Area: Fontaine
  • Péage: Péage de Fontaine
  • Rest Area: Angeot
  • Rest Area: Le Haut Bois
  • Service Area: La Porte d'Alsace
  • 15 N466 Colmar/Belfort by RN Towns served: Colmar, Belfort
  • 16a N66 Mulhouse le Coteau-Epinal Towns served: Mulhouse
  • 16b Mulhouse le Coteau Towns served: Altkirch, Remiremont
  • 17 Pfastatt-Lutterbach-Mulhouse Dornach Towns served: Pfastatt, Lutterbach, Dornach
  • 18 D430 (68), Mulhouse Centre-Guebwiller Towns served: Mulhouse, Guebwiller
  • 19 Mulhouse-Centre Towns served: Mulhouse
  • 20 Sausheim Towns served: Sausheim
  • Exchange A36-A35 Strasbourg - Basel Junction with A35 autoroute Strasbourg (north), Basel (Switzerland) (south)
  • 21 Usine Peugeot Towns served: Peugeot Factory
  • 22 Ottmarsheim Towns served: Ottmarsheim
  • Customs post Douane d'Ottmarsheim
  • Germany Autoroute becomes the A862 autobahn to Freiburg and A5.
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