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A Tribute to Teresa Teng

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Released  1995
Release date  1995
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Peggy liu a tribute to teresa teng

A Tribute to Teresa Teng - A Rocking Farewell (告别的摇滚) is a May 1995 tribute album by many of the leading lights of Beijing's first generation rock bands. Although the take of hardcore rock acts like Zang Tianshuo and 1989 on the gentle songs of Teresa Teng is rough edged, like Faye Wong's tribute Decadent Sound of Faye (菲靡靡之音) which appeared two months later, the album was a genuine and sincere tribute to the childhood appreciation of Teng as one of the first pop singers to be heard in China.


Track listing

  1. Zai shui yifang 在水一方 Again
  2. Chuange 船歌 Zheng Jun
  3. Zaijian wo de airen 再见!我的爱人 Zang Tianshuo and 1989
  4. jiǔzuì de tàngē 酒醉的探戈 Again
  5. Ai de zhēnyán 爱的箴言 Black Panther
  6. Lubian de yehua bu yao cai 路边的野花不要采 Zang Tianshuo and 1989
  7. Du shang xi lou 独上西楼 members of Tang Dynasty
  8. Tiánmìmì 甜蜜蜜 Zheng Jun
  9. Airen 爱人 Black Panther
  10. Yese 夜色 Beijing Rock Allstars


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