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Lost on Mars

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Genre  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director  Eric Shook
7.8/10 IMDb

Writer  Eric Shook
Initial release  February 24, 2002
Lost on Mars movie poster
Genres  Science Fiction, Action Film, Adventure Film

Lost on Mars is a 2002 Science fiction film written and directed by Eric Shook.


Lost on Mars is a science fiction movie produced by Westfield Entertainment and distributed by Pro-Active Entertainment Group.

Lost on Mars movie scenes

Lost on Mars is a science fiction movie directed by Eric Shook. The first ship designed to go to Mars is scheduled for a routine planetary space exploration. The mission is drastically changed once Earth receives a strange signal transmitted by a probe on Mars. The Sequel to Lost on mars is" Empire of Danger"


Lost on Mars movie scenes

Lost on Mars was based on what it might have been like if Mars was populated with a civilization and had an atmosphere billions of years ago. Space Command sends a rocket ship to Mars to investigate a signal that Earth received from Mars. Once the crew arrives on the planet they encounter strange things beneath the surface of the planet. Alex Quin an astronaut enters a monument on Mars where he finds a room full of gold and silver, he also finds a strange box; within this box there is a device which he takes back to the ship. A violent storm erupts on his way back and the rocket ship needs to take off immediately before it strikes. The crew tries to launch but its too late and the storm hits the ship hard making the ship go out of control directing the ship back towards the planet. One of the astronauts notices something very strange on her monitor which shows in the cargo bay there is a very strong energy field being created. The energy is coming from the box that Alex brought aboard. This energy force is what creates a door way back into time, a door way back into Mars past. Once they travel back into time the three astronauts find a strange new world, a world of barbaric proportions. While on the surface of Mars they are imprisoned tortured and brought forth to the Siperion Empire for their judgment. Their only hope is to figure out how to get back to their ship in hope they can return home.


  • David Long as Alex Quin
  • Megan Glosser as Nicole Taylor
  • Gretchen Maxwell as Michelle Fox
  • Julia Gommell as the Head Officer
  • Kelli Wilson as Giza
  • Brittnay Wisovaty as the Judge
  • Justin Hemming as Zomac
  • Amber Distler as Cordullus
  • Eric Shook as Ardamas
  • Michale Dwiggins as Torture Officer
  • John T. Oertling as General Gatewood
  • Beverly Rankin as Director of the Space program

  • Lost on Mars movie scenes


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