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A Pillow Case of Mystery II

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Theme music composer  Yip Siu-chung
Original language(s)  Cantonese
Final episode date  7 August 2010
Networks  TVB, TVB Jade
Country of origin  Hong Kong
First episode date  12 July 2010
Number of episodes  20
A Pillow Case of Mystery II YESASIA A Pillow Case Of Mystery II DVD End English Subtitled
Written by  Lee Yee-wah Choi Suk-yin
Starring  Bobby Au-yeung Jessica Hsuan Johnson Lee Leila Tong Joel Chan
Opening theme  "Bit Tai Koo Ngor" (別低估我) by Wong Cho-lam
Genres  Historical period drama, Detective fiction, Fantasy
Cast  Bobby Au‑yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Leila Tong, Johnson Lee, Joel Chan
Similar  A Pillow Case of Mystery, Beauty Knows No Pain, Sisters of Pearl, Ghost Writer, When Lanes Merge

A Pillow Case of Mystery II (Traditional Chinese: 施公奇案II; literally The Curious Cases of Lord Sze II) is a 2010 Hong Kong detective-fantasy television drama starring Bobby Au-yeung as the title character, Mr. Sze (Sze Sai-lun).


Produced by Lam Chi-wah and edited by Lee Yee-wah and Choi Suk-yin, the drama is a TVB production. The original broadcast was on the TVB Jade network with 45-minute episodes airing five days a week from 31 January to 6 August 2010. The two-hour finale was aired on Saturday, 7 August 2010.


A Pillow Case of Mystery II A Pillowcase of Mystery 2 Episode 1521 Finale Thoughts K for TVB

The drama is a direct sequel to A Pillow Case of Mystery, which aired in early 2006. Set in the early 19th century Qing dynasty, a year after the original, Sze Sai-lun meets a new pillow spirit, who convinces him to become the new magistrate for Sin-yau County.

Main characters

A Pillow Case of Mystery II levian A Pillow Case of Mystery II 2010 II
  • Bobby Au-yeung portrays the title character Magistrate Sze Sai-lun, Sin-yau County's new magistrate.
  • Jessica Hsuan portrays Ng Kwan-yau, a con artist.
  • Joel Chan portrays So Ying-chun (born Guuwalgiya Jinchun), the son of the Eighth Prince.
  • Leila Tong portrays Ting Mei-yan, the daughter of General Ting.
  • Johnson Lee portrays the new Pillow Spirit, later revealed to be Ngau Tai-lik, a castrated man, from the Ngau village.
  • Recurring characters

    A Pillow Case of Mystery II httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb0
  • Lee Fung portrays Chiu Yuet-ngor, Sai-lun's mother.
  • Rosanne Lui portrays Pong Got-ngoi, Sai-lun's official wife.
  • Eileen Yeow portrays Ka Sau-yuk, Sai-lun's second wife/concubine.
  • Gordon Liu portrays Szema Jui-fung, the head constable.
  • Law Ho-kai portrays Ng Sau-shun, Kwan-yau's uncle and owner of the Dragon Phoenix Inn.
  • Cha Cha Chan portrays Tit Kim-lan, an employee at Dragon Phoenix Inn.
  • Alex Lam portrays Chukot Leung, an employee at Dragon Phoenix Inn.
  • Wi Kar Hung portrays Golden-haired Rat, an employee at Dragon Phoenix Inn.
  • Dai Yiu-ming portrays Assistant Lui Ming, Sai-lun's assistant judge.
  • Cilla Kung portrays Ting Ting, Mei-yan's younger cousin.
  • Luk Wing-chi portrays Ng Hei-lam, Ng Kwan-yu's six-year-old daughter.
  • The swordfish murder case

  • Kwong Chor-fai portrays Magistrate Yeung (villain)
  • Ngai Wai-man portrays Chan Dai-kwan (villain)
  • Wong Man-piu portrays Constable Chu
  • The undergarment theft case

    A Pillow Case of Mystery II A Pillow Case of Mystery II AsianWiki
  • Lily Liu portrays Miss Fa
  • Choi Hau-lam portrays Ngang Ngang
  • Tsui Man-ching portrays Yin Yin
  • Annie Wong portrays Kiu Kiu
  • Yaka Fu portrays Yim Yim
  • Leo Tsang portrays Tong Yan
  • The painting theft case

  • Wong Wai-tak portrays Fung Chi-hoi
  • June Chan portrays Sin Ying
  • The drama murder case

  • Raymond Tsang portrays Ng Kwan-yu, Kwan-yau's older brother.
  • Rachel Kan portrays Ling Lung
  • Kwok Dak-shun portrays Hung Wuen-tong
  • Lee Kai-kit portrays Fan Siu-sau (villain)
  • Cheung Dat-lun portrays Yim Bak-sang
  • Lam Yuen-ying portrays Au-yeung Hon
  • The family genocide case

  • Law Lok-lam portrays General Ting Yan-chuen, Mei-yan's father.
  • Suet Nei portrays Wong Seung
  • Chalk North portrays Chik Yiu-tin (villain)
  • Lee Chi-kei portrays Lo Yau-choi
  • Elton Loo portrays Lo Dat
  • Wong Ching portrays Lo Shu-gan
  • The serial rapist murder case

  • Cheng Ka-sang portrays Kot Fei (villain)
  • Ma Tai-lo portrays Tin Siu-tung
  • Lai Sau-ying portryas Grandma Kam
  • Wong Tsun-san portrays Lam Gau
  • Pillow spirit and Mystery Bay case

  • Rain Lau portrays Princess Mucideri Yanxian (main villain)
  • Henry Lee portrays Samala Acai (semi-villain)
  • Lee Kong-lung portrays Eunuch Lo (villain)
  • Yoyo Chen portrays Princess Qianqian
  • Queena Chan portrays Ng Mau-dan
  • TVB Anniversary Awards 2010

  • Nominated: Best Drama
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Bobby Au Yeung)
  • Nominated: Best Actress (Jessica Hsuan)
  • References

    A Pillow Case of Mystery II Wikipedia

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