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A Fistful of Stances

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Created by  Lee Tim-shing
Final episode date  18 April 2010
Program creator  Lee Tim-sing
First episode date  17 March 2010
Number of episodes  25
Networks  TVB, TVB Jade
A Fistful of Stances A Fistful of Stances AsianWiki
Genre  Costume drama Martial arts
Written by  Cheung Wah Biu Chan Ching Yee
Starring  Kevin Cheng Tavia Yeung Kenneth Ma Yuen Qiu Shirley Yeung Selena Li Natalie Tong Nancy Wu Kara Hui Jacky Heung Dominic Lam Chung King-fai
Theme music composer  Yip Kai Chung Tang Chi Wai
Opening theme  "Thinking Under the Snow" (雪下思) by Kevin Cheng
Cast  Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, Tavia Yeung, Nancy Wu, Angela Tong
Similar  Gloves Come Off, The Life and Times of a Senti, The Mysteries of Love, The Other Truth, Can't Buy Me Love

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A Fistful of Stances (Chinese: 鐵馬尋橋) is a 2010 TVB television drama from Hong Kong produced and created by Lee Tim-shing. The Chinese title, literally meaning "Iron Horse Seeks Bridge," defines a person who is able to finally use his high potential to learn powerful techniques.


A Fistful of Stances A Fistful Of Stances DVD Hong Kong TV Drama 2010 Episode 125end


A Fistful of Stances A Fistful of Stances Behind the Scene Photos K for TVB

Au-Yeung Wai-Lan (Yuen Qiu), owner of a martial arts training school, is reunited with her long-lost son Ku Yu Cheung (Kevin Cheng) after years of agonizing separation. On his return home, Yu-Cheung is shocked to find that his younger brother Koo Yu-Tong (Kenneth Ma) has been critically ill and that his father was murdered long ago by Wing Tak (Dominic Lam), the existing director of a pharmaceutical company and a bitter old foe of the Koos.

A Fistful of Stances YESASIA A Fistful Of Stances DVD End English Subtitled TVB

Pinning all the family hope on Yu-Cheung, he later learns a special set of kung fu skills, and register for the Seven States Martial Arts Championship Tournament. Out of the blue, Yu-Cheung's opponent in the final turns out to be Wing Man-Kwan (Jacky Heung).

A Fistful of Stances A Fistful of Stances Ending K for TVB

After the tournament, Yu-Cheung and his family found evidence to prove to everyone that Wing Tak is guilty. Wing Tak began to use cruel ways again to save himself.


Ku family

Chow family

Wing family

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Awards and nominations

TVB Anniversary Awards (2010)

A Fistful of Stances httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbd
  • Nominated: Best Drama
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Kevin Cheng)
  • Nominated: Best Actress (Natalie Tong)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (Dominic Lam) Top 5
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Kara Hui) Top 5
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Selena Li)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Kenneth Ma) Top 5
  • Nominated: Most Improved Actor (Alex Lam)
  • Nominated: Most Improved Actress (Selena Li)
  • Won: Most Improved Actress (Natalie Tong)

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