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A Child's Hope

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Written by  Yeo Saik Pin 温雪莹
First episode date  2003
Genre  Medical drama
Directed by  Loo Yin Kam
Network  MediaCorp TV
Cast  Huang Biren, Phyllis Quek
A Child's Hope httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen66aChi
Starring  Tay Ping Hui Phyllis Quek Huang Biren
Opening theme  为明天 by Lee Wei Song 李伟菘, sung by Michael Wong 光良
Ending theme  好天气 by sung Tay Ping Hui and Phyllis Quek 心愿 sung by Ivy Lee 我们的地方 sung by Phyllis Quek and Yvonne Lim
No. of episodes  24 (Season 1) 20 (Season 2)
Similar  True Heroes, Springs of Life, Stepping Out, Holland V, The Vagrant

A child s hope

A Child's Hope (Simplified Chinese: 孩有明天) is a MediaCorp TV Channel 8 Chinese drama which stars Tay Ping Hui, Phyllis Quek and Huang Biren. It was aired in 2006 on weekday nights at 5:30pm and ran for 2 series. Scenes were filmed at the Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital. The opening theme 为明天 was used for both seasons.


A child s hope introduction


  • Tay Ping Hui as Huang Junsheng 黄俊生
  • Phyllis Quek as Zhang Shanni 张珊霓
  • Yvonne Lim as Fang Xiuyue 方秀月
  • Florence Tan as Fan Danmei 范丹美
  • Dasmond Koh as Hong Zhonggeng 洪忠耿
  • Other cast

  • Chen Shucheng Zhang Younian 张有年
  • Hong Huifang as Lin Peijin 林佩金
  • Michelle Liow as Sally
  • Cai Ping Kai as Granny
  • Huang Yiliang as Ding Cheng 丁成 (Uncle Ding)
  • Huang Biren as Chen Bimei 陈必梅 (Auntie Ding)
  • Aloysius Pang as Ding Weiliang 丁伟良
  • Ivy Lee as Yan Lizhu 颜丽珠
  • Chen Huihui
  • Allan Wu
  • Moses Lim
  • Zoe Tay
  • Cavin Soh as Fan Danshun
  • Li Nanxing as Hu Yiming 胡逸名
  • Chen Liping as Zhang Huilan 张慧兰
  • Li Yinzhu as Ah Feng 阿丰
  • Jeanette Aw as Lin Jinghao 林静濠
  • Andrew Seow
  • Yan Bingliang as Huang Kuan 黄宽
  • Zhang Yaodong as Huang Pinde 黄品德
  • Chen Guohua as Guo Jinfu 郭金福
  • Story

    This medical drama focuses on the working and personal lives of the doctors, social workers and trainee nurses in the paediatric department who care for critically ill children with chronic disease or terminal illness, such as congenital heart diseases and kidney problems.

    Using the hospital as a backdrop, the drama brings forth the importance of understanding the true needs of these children and their families. The drama also highlights the strain on the doctors, nurses and social workers who have to strike a balance between wanting the best for their patients and making sure that their actions are 'socially correct'.

    The various heroes and angels in this drama include Dr Huang Junsheng (Tay Ping Hui), the responsible and committed paediatrician who dedicates too much time at the hospital and as a result neglects his girlfriend; Sunny (Phyllis Quek), the social worker who believes in giving her best to care for the patients and their families; and three nursing student interns from a polytechnic. They are the bubbly but muddle-headed, Fan Danmei (Florence Tan), the cool and matured Fang Xiuyue (Yvonne Lim) and the mission driven Hong Zhonggeng (Dasmond Koh).

    The cast also features Chen Shucheng, Huang Biren, Chen Huihui, Ivy Lee, Huang Yiliang and many others as family members of the main characters and hospital patients.

    Season 1

    The other drama that are nominated for Best Drama are Holland V 荷兰村,Baby Boom 我家四个宝, ,Springs of Life 春到人间 & The Unbeatables III 双天至尊III

    Season 2

    The other drams that are nominated for Best Drama are Always on My Mind 无炎的爱 ,An Ode to Life 三十风雨路 ,Double Happiness I 喜临门I & Room in My Heart 真心蜜语


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