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Year 868 (DCCCLXVIII) was a leap year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • King Charles the Bald meets his brother Louis the German at Metz. They agree to a partition of Lotharingia, which belonged to former emperor Lothair I (now in possession of his sons Lothair II and Louis II).
  • Salomon, duke ('king') of Brittany, leads a joint campaign against the Loire Vikings. He is forced to defend south-eastern Brittany unaided, and mobilizes levies raised at Poitiers to defeat the Vikings.
  • Al-Andalus: The city of Mérida rises against the Umayyad rule. Emir Muhammad I regains control, and has the walls of the city destroyed. He supports the rival creation of Badajoz in retaliation.
  • The County of Portugal is established by Vímara Peres, an Asturian nobleman, after the reconquest from the Moors of the region north of the Douro River.
  • Alfred the Great marries Ealhswith (a daughter of Æthelred, known as Mucel, an ealdorman of the Gaini). He supports his brother Æthelred I, in his choice to form a alliance with Mercia.
  • King Burgred of Mercia appeals to Æthelred I for help in resisting the Great Heathen Army. The Danes occupy Nottingham, and stay through the winter without any serious opposition.
  • King Áed Findliath drives the invading Danes and Norwegians out of Ireland, after defeating them at the Battle of Killineery.
  • Africa

  • September 15 – Ahmad ibn Tulun, a Turkish general, is sent to Egypt as governor, by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mu'tazz. He becomes the founder of the Tulunid Dynasty (until 905).
  • Muslim Arab forces under Muhammad II, emir of the Aghlabid Dynasty (modern Tunisia), conquer the island of Malta and raid into the mainland of Italy.
  • Asia

  • The earliest extant printed book, an illustrated scroll of the Diamond Sūtra ("Perfection of Wisdom"), unearthed at Dunhuang (Western China), is produced.
  • Religion

  • Ratramnus, Frankish monk and abbot of Corbie Abbey, writes Contra Graecorum Opposita.
  • Births

  • Choe Eon-wui, Korean minister and calligrapher (d. 944)
  • Muhammad ibn Dawud al-Zahiri, Muslim theologian
  • Théodrate of Troyes, Frankish queen (d. 903)
  • Deaths

  • Ali al-Hadi, tenth Shia Imam
  • Al-Jahiz, Afro-Muslim scholar and writer (b. 776)
  • Bugha al-Sharabi, Turkish military leader
  • Conwoïon, Breton abbot (approximate date)
  • Minamoto no Makoto, Japanese prince (b. 810)
  • Muzahim ibn Khaqan, Muslim governor
  • Theotgaud, archbishop of Trier
  • Yang Shou, chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Yu Xuanji, Chinese poet (or 869)
  • References

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