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635th Radar Squadron

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Active  1947–1974
Country  United States
635th Radar Squadron
Branch  United States Air Force
Type  General Radar Surveillance

The 635th Radar Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 20th Air Division, Aerospace Defense Command, stationed at Dauphin Island Air Force Station, Alabama. It was inactivated on 1 July 1974. The unit was a General Surveillance Radar squadron providing for the air defense of the United States.



The squadron was first activated as an Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron (AC&W Sq) in 1947 at McChord Field, WA with a mission to detect and warn of aircraft and defend an area to the west of the Cascade Mountains. To accomplish its mission, it had detachments at Arlington, WA (WW II Site F-50), Neah Bay, WA (Det E, WW II Site J-55), Bellingham, WA, Spokane AFB, WA (WW II 4 AF Site 129), Coleville, WA, Pacific Beach, WA (Det D, WW II Site B-61, Lashup Site L-35), Sequim, WA (Det F), Everett, WA (Det B, Lashup Site L-31) and Fort Stevens, OR (Lashup Site L-36, Det C), located on World War II Sites. Its main search radar to perform this mission at this time was the AN/CPS-5. In the early 1950s, most of its detachments were replaced by separate squadrons. The squadron moved to Fort Lawton, WA in 1960. It joined the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) system and was redesignated as a Radar Squadron in 1960. It was inactivated in 1963.

The Squadron was activated again in 1973 to replace Operating Location G of the 630th Radar Squadron at Dauphin Island AFS as part of the Southern Air Defense System (SADS). SADS had been established because of the inadequacy of the radar coverage to the south of the United States that had been dramatically illustrated whan a Cuban MiG-17 went undetected before it landed at Homestead AFB, and two years later, an An-24 similarly arrived unannounced at New Orleans International Airport. As a result, ADC established SADS with the squadron operating a manual control center at the Houston ARTCC and added radars to supplement the existing Federal Aviation Administration coverage in the area. However, the squadron was inactivated little more than a year later.


  • Constituted as the 635th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
  • Activated 21 May 1947 Redesignated 635th Radar Squadron (SAGE), 11 June 1960 Inactivated on 1 August 1963 Redesignated 635th Radar Squadron Activated 1 January 1973 Inactivated 1 July 1974


  • 505th Aircraft Control and Warning Group, 21 May 1947
  • 25th Air Division, 6 February 1952
  • 4704th Defense Wing, 1 January 1953
  • 25th Air Division, 8 October 1954
  • Seattle Air Defense Sector, 1 March 1960 - 1 August 1963
  • 20th Air Division, 1 January 1973– 1 July 1974
  • Stations

  • McChord Field (later AFB), Washington, 21 May 1947
  • Paine Field, Washington, 26 September 1948
  • McChord AFB, Washington, 22 September 1950
  • Fort Lawton, Washington, 15 May 1960
  • Dauphin Island AFS, Alabama, 1 January 1973 – 1 July 1974
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