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507th Bombardment Squadron

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Active  1944-1946
Type  Bombardment
Country  United States
507th Bombardment Squadron

Branch  United States Army Air Forces

The 507th Bombardment Squadron was a unit of the United States Army Air Forces. Its last was assigned to the 333d Bombardment Group, stationed at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. It was inactivated on 28 May 1946.



Established as a B-29 Superfortress very heavy bomb squadron in 1944. Trained under Second Air Force; deployed to the Western Pacific, being assigned to the new Eighth Air Force. Arrived in Okinawa but Japanese Capitulation led to drawdown of Eighth Air Force and the squadron never was engaged in combat.

Flew show-of-force missions over Occupied Japan and aircraft helped evacuate prisoners of war from Japan and China to airfields in the Philippines. Personnel demobilized and aircraft flown to storage in the United States in May 1946 and the unit was inactivated as a paper unit in Okinawa on 28 May.


  • Constituted 507th Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy) on 28 February 1944
  • Activated on 11 March 1944 Inactivated on 10 May 1944 Activated on 7 July 1944 Inactivated on 28 May 1946


  • 504th Bombardment Group, 11 March-10 May 1944 (Not Manned or equipped)
  • 333d Bombardment Group, 7 July 1944 – 28 May 1946
  • Stations

  • Dalhart Army Airfield, Texas, 11 March 1944
  • Fairmont Army Airfield, Nebraska, 12 March-10 May 1944
  • Dalhart Army Airfield, Texas, 7 July 1944
  • Great Bend Army Airfield, Kansas, 10 December 1944 – 18 June 1945
  • Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, 5 August 1945 – 28 May 1946
  • Aircraft

  • B-29 Superfortress, 1944–1946
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