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2014 California wildfires

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Total fires  7,865
Dates  16 Jan 2014 – 25 Jan 2014
Injuries  At least 146
Total fatalities  2 confirmed
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Total area  555,044 acres (2,246 km)
Cost  At least $184.02 million (2014 USD)
Location  Angeles National Forest, California, United States
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The 2014 California wildfire season saw several notable wildfires ignited in the state of California, especially during the month of May, when multiple fires were ablaze concurrently in Southern California, and during September, when several massive wildfires were burning in Northern California. In the context of the 2012–15 North American drought (especially the 2011–15 California drought), as well as powerful Santa Ana winds, weather conditions were ideal for wildfires. The season began unusually early when a wildfire ignited on January 1, followed by 6 more fires igniting later within the same month. During a heat wave and dry Santa Ana conditions in May 2014, multiple wildfires broke out simultaneously in San Diego County, along with several other wildfires elsewhere in California. By mid-May, fire officials said they had already dealt with 1,400 wildfires in California in 2014 - twice the normal amount for that time of year - and a spokesman for CAL FIRE described the conditions as "unprecedented." The May 2014 San Diego County wildfires were estimated to have caused at least $60 million (2014 USD) in damage. In late June to early August, another group of wildfires ignited across the state, some of which reached over twenty thousand acres in size. In mid-September, the largest group of wildfires erupted, with some wildfires becoming larger than 50,000 acres in size. In early September 2014, the Happy Complex Fire became the largest wildfire of the season, eventually topping out at 135,369 acres (54,782 ha) in size on September 27. On October 8, an aerial tanker crashed during a firefighting effort at the Dog Rock Fire, which killed the pilot and sparked a small wildfire. From late September to late October, the latest flare-up of major wildfires were extinguished by cooler weather and precipitation. From December 10–13, a powerful winter storm extinguished the remaining wildfires that were present. In mid-December through late December, several more small wildfires sparked, but they were all extinguished by December 31. A total of 5,620 wildfires ignited throughout the year, which burned at least 631,434 acres (2,555.32 km2) of land. The wildfires caused a total of 146 injuries and 2 fatalities, in addition to causing at least $184.02 million (2014 USD) in damage.



Below is a list of all fires that exceeded 1,000 acres (400 ha) during the 2014 fire season, as well as those fires that caused significant damage. The list is taken from CAL FIREs list of large fires.

May San Diego County wildfires

In May a series of at least 10 wildfires broke out in San Diego County during severe Santa Ana Wind conditions, historic drought conditions, and a heat wave. The main event during mid-May was preceded by a precursor fire that ignited on May 5. The severe weather conditions contributed to the spread of at least 19 more individual wildfires, with ten of them receiving names. The Cocos Fire, which was the most destructive with 40 structured being destroyed, was determined to be arson. The causes of the other fires are still under investigation by multiple agencies, and a joint task force was formed to coordinate the investigations and facilitate communications. Six injuries and one fire-related fatality were reported.

Hunters Fire

On May 27, at 3:00 PM PDT, the Hunters Fire broke out at Hunters Valley Access Road Bear Valley Area, in Mariposa County. The fire spread toward populated areas and evacuations were ordered for the Hunters Valley Area.

Stony Fire

On June 19, at 3:14 PM PDT, the Stony Fire was reported at Stony Valley Range on Fort Hunter Liggett, in Monterey County. The wildfire quickly spread to 5,000 acres (2,000 ha), but it was 100% contained by June 20. Moderate amounts of smoke still lingered within the area, and cleanup work was expected to continue for the next few days. The Nacimiento-Ferguson Road was also closed due to downed trees, but was expected to reopen a couple of days later. No evacuations were ordered for this fire, and no injuries or fatalities were reported. The cause of the wildfire is currently under investigation.

Butts Fire

On July 1, at 12:08 PM PDT, the Butts Fire broke out near Butts Canyon Road in Pope Valley, California, northwest of Lake Berryessa, in Yolo County.

Banner Fire

The Banner Fire erupted around 10:30 AM PDT on July 3, 2014 in the Banner, California area, near Route 78 in San Diego County. It quickly spread westward and expanded to 150 acres (61 ha), threatening the town of Julian. Portions of Route 78 were closed, and mandatory evacuation was ordered for 200 homes; however, the evacuation order was lifted later that evening, as the containment of the wildfire's perimeter increased. Two homes were destroyed, but the heavy use of firefighting planes and helicopters prevented additional losses.

Monticello Fire

On July 4, at 9:32 PM PDT, the Monticello Fire erupted at Highway 128 at Monticello Dam, at the southeast shore of Lake Berryessa, in Yolo County.

Sand Fire

The Sand Fire was ignited in El Dorado County, five miles north of the Amador County town of Plymouth, on July 25, at 4:34 PM PDT, by a vehicle driving over dry vegetation. A total of 4,240 acres (1,720 ha) were burned, claiming 20 residences and 47 outbuildings. Twelve hundred residences were evacuated before full containment of the wildfire was achieved on August 2.

Gulch Fire

On September 10, a car fire started a fire in the Bella Vista area. On September 16, the Gulch Fire was fully contained after burning 1,375 acres (556 ha). The wildfire has also injured a total of 4 people. The damage caused by the Gulch Fire is currently unknown.


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