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1999 Cherry Hills subdivision landslide

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19:30 PST/UTC+08:00

3 August 1999

A man is looking at a cracked road running past collapsed houses with people in the back fixing their things in the Cherry Hills Subdivision in Antipolo City, Philippines on August 4, 1999.

Antipolo, Rizal, PhilippinesAntipolo, RizalAntipolo, Rizal (Philippines)

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14°37′01.45″N 121°11′45.78″E

On the night of August 3, 1999, a massive landslide occurred in Cherry Hills subdivision in Antipolo City, Rizal province, Philippines that resulted to about 60 death toll and 378 houses buried. The landslide was primarily caused by the heavy rains of the approaching typhoon Olga. The subdivision became a death trap when its foundations was filled with water and the whole complex slid down the hill on which it was built.


Effects of 1999 Cherry Hill Subdivision landslide are houses and cars were covered with soil and people helping in search and rescue operations.


Aerial view of Cherry Hills Subdivision threatened by the landslide in Antipolo Rizal, Philippines on August 3, 1999.

Cherry Hills subdivision was home to hundreds of families paying-off low cost, concrete houses. The subdivision was owned and developed by Tirso Santillan, president of Philjas Corporation. The subdivision was located in Antipolo City, Rizal and was situated in an elevated terrain cut along the perches of the Sierra Madre mountains.

Effects of 1999 Cherry Hill Subdivision landslide with damaged houses and people helping in search and rescue operations.

Besides its location on the mountain cuts, Cherry Hill was flanked by two subdivision on its either sides.The eastern summit is at elevation of 255 meters while the western side is at elevation of 233 meters. The subdivision cut from the mountain side is approximately 26 meters at its deepest.

Aerial view of Cherry Hill Subdivision in Antipolo City, Philipines threatened by the landslide.

The subdivision encompasses five hectares with paved roads. The subdivision consisted of light-roofed one or two-storey houses with hollow block wall construction that are either single-detached or row houses.


News about the 1999 Cherry Hills Subdivision landslide where houses and cars are covered with soil.

Before the landslide occurred, several residents evacuated to the nearby town when cracks began manifesting on the walls of their houses. Tell-tale signs about a possible impending slide was rumored, and ominous signs of changes in elevation and ground movements have been observed.

At around 7:30 pm, on August 3, 1999, the landslide occurred,


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