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1958–59 European Cup

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Teams  28 (26 competed)
Champion  Real Madrid C.F.
Top scorer  Just Fontaine
Matches played  55
Runners-up  Stade Reims
Dates  26 Aug 1958 – 3 Jun 1959
Goals scored  199
1958–59 European Cup

Champions  Real Madrid (4th title)
Similar  1961–62 European Cup, 1963–64 European Cup, 1965–66 European Cup, 1968–69 European Cup, 1972–73 European Cup

The 1958–59 European Cup was the fourth season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. The competition was won by Real Madrid for the fourth time in a row, who beat Stade Reims 2–0 in the final at Neckarstadion, Stuttgart, on 3 June 1959. The two finalists also competed in the final of the first European Cup in 1956.


This season was the first one in which Turkey sent its official national champion, and the first time of a Finnish participation. Olympiakos, Greece's first-ever entrants, withdrew for political reasons before playing their first tie. Spain continued to be represented by its runners-up, as its champions Real Madrid had already qualified as holders.

Preliminary round

The draw for the preliminary round took place in Cannes, France, on Wednesday, 2 July 1958. As title holders, Real Madrid received a bye, and the remaining 27 teams were grouped geographically into three pots. The first drawn team in each pot also received byes, while the remaining clubs would play the preliminary round in September.

The calendar was decided by the involved teams, with all matches to be played by 30 September.

Note: Real Madrid, Wolverhampton Wanderers, CDNA Sofia and HPS received byes.

1 Olympiacos withdrew due to international political issues, refusing to play in Istanbul following the long-standing tension between Turkey and Greece.

2 Manchester United had been invited to enter the competition by UEFA after their campaign in the previous year's tournament was damaged by the Munich air disaster. However, they finally refused to build a campaign on that tragedy.

3 IFK Göteborg beat Jeunesse Esch 5–1 in a play-off to qualify for the first round.

4 Wismut Karl Marx Stadt beat Petrolul Ploieşti 4–0 in a play-off to qualify for the first round.

5 Schalke 04 beat KB 3–1 in a play-off to qualify for the first round.

Standard Liège won 6–3 on aggregate

KB 5–5 Schalke 04 on aggregate


Schalke 04 won play-off 3–1.

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 4–4 Petrolul Ploiești on aggregate


Wismut Karl Marx Stadt won play-off 4–0.

Jeunesse Esch 2–2 IFK Göteborg on aggregate


IFK Göteborg won play-off 5–1.

Stade Reims won 10–3 on aggregate

Wiener Sport-Club won 8–3 on aggregate

Dukla Prague won 4–3 on aggregate

Atlético Madrid won 13–1 on aggregate

MTK Budapest won 6–0 on aggregate

Sporting won 6–4 on aggregate

First round

1 Atlético Madrid beat CSKA Sofia 3–1 in a playoff to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Standard Liège won 6–2 on aggregate

Wismut Karl Marx Stadt won 6–2 on aggregate

Schalke 04 won 4–3 on aggregate

Wiener Sport-Club won 3–2 on aggregate

Young Boys won 6–2 on aggregate

Atlético Madrid 2–2 CDNA Sofia on aggregate


Atlético Madrid won play-off 3–1.

Real Madrid won 3–1 on aggregate

Stade Reims won 7–0 on aggregate

Quarter finals

1 Young Boys beat Wismut Karl Marx Stadt 2–1 in a playoff to qualify for the semi-finals.

Stade Reims won 3–2 on aggregate

Atlético Madrid won 4–1 on aggregate

Real Madrid won 7–1 on aggregate

Young Boys 2–2 Wismut Karl Marx Stadt on aggregate


Young Boys won play-off 2–1.

Semi finals

1 Real Madrid beat Atlético Madrid 2–1 in a playoff to qualify for the final

Real Madrid 2–2 Atlético Madrid on aggregate


Real Madrid won play-off 2–1.

Stade Reims won 3–1 on aggregate


The 1959 European Cup Final was played on 3 June 1959 at the Neckarstadion in Stuttgart, West Germany. Real Madrid's victory was their fourth consecutive title, maintaining their status as the only team to have won the competition. Stade Reims were runners-up for a second time, having already lost to Real in the inaugural final in 1956.

Top scorers

The top scorers from the 1958–59 European Cup were as follows:


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