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1947 Cannes Film Festival

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Location  Cannes, France
Founded  1946
1947 Cannes Film Festival
Festival date  September 12 – 25, 1947

The 2nd Cannes Film Festival was held on September 12-25, 1947.



The following were the Jury for the Feature films and Shorts: The entire jury at this festival were French.

  • Georges Huisman (historian) (president)
  • Raymond Borderie (CNC official)
  • Georges Carriere (cinephile)
  • Chosson (CNC official)
  • Joseph Dotti (cinephile)
  • Escoute (Cannes city official)
  • Jean Grémillon
  • Maurice Hille (cinephile)
  • Robert Hubert
  • Alexandre Kamenka
  • Jean Mineur (CNCF official)
  • Henri Moret (cinephile)
  • Jean Nery (critic)
  • Maurice Perisset (cinephile)
  • Georges Raguis (union official)
  • Rene-Jeanne (critic)
  • Georges Rollin
  • Régis Roubin (cinephile)
  • Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon
  • Segalon (cinephile)
  • René Sylviano
  • Films in competition

    The following films were selected as In Competition:

  • Antoine et Antoinette directed by Jacques Becker
  • Boomerang! directed by Elia Kazan
  • Crossfire directed by Edward Dmytryk
  • Dumbo directed by Walt Disney, Ben Sharpsteen
  • Il delitto di Giovanni Episcopo directed by Alberto Lattuada
  • Ivy directed by Sam Wood
  • La copla de la Dolores directed by Benito Perojo
  • La figlia del capitano directed by Mario Camerini
  • La gata directed by Mario Soffici
  • Les Amants du pont Saint-Jean directed by Henri Decoin
  • Les jeux sont faits directed by Jean Delannoy
  • Les Maudits directed by René Clement
  • Marouf Savetier du Caire directed by Jean Mauran
  • Mine Own Executioner directed by Anthony Kimmins
  • Paris 1900 directed by Nicole Vedres
  • Possessed directed by Curtis Bernhardt
  • Skeep till India land directed by Ingmar Bergman
  • Sperduti nel buio directed by Camillo Mastrocinque
  • A Tanítónő directed by Márton Keleti
  • The Chase directed by Arthur Ripley
  • The Jolson Story directed by Alfred E. Green
  • The Strange Love of Martha Ivers directed by Lewis Milestone
  • Två kvinnor directed by Arnold Sjostrand
  • Ziegfeld Follies directed by Vincente Minnelli
  • Short films

    The following short films were selected as In Competition:

  • Aux portes du monde saharien directed by Robert Vernay
  • Bianchi pascoli directed by Luciano Emmer
  • Cacciatori Sottomarini directed by Alliata
  • Caravane Boréale directed by Hugh Wallace
  • De Stichter directed by Charles Dekeukeleire
  • Escale Au Soleil directed by Henri Verneuil
  • Inondations en Pologne directed by Jerzy Bossak, Waclam Kazwierczak
  • L'Ile Aux Morts directed by Norman Mclaren
  • L'Oeuvre Biologique de Pasteur directed by Jean Painleve
  • La Petite République directed by Victor Vicas
  • Les Danseurs D'Echternach directed by Evy Friedrich
  • New Faces Come Back directed by Richard Davis
  • Rhapsodie de Saturne directed by Jean Image
  • Risveglio di Primavera directed by Pietro Francisci
  • Symphonie Berbère directed by André Zwoboda
  • Tea For Teacher directed by W. M. Larkins
  • Awards

    Feature Films
  • Best Musical Comedy: Ziegfeld Follies
  • Best Psychological and Love Film: Antoine et Antoinette
  • Best Animation Design: Dumbo
  • Best Social Film: Crossfire
  • Best Adventure and Crime Film: Les Maudits
  • Short Films
  • Best Short Film: Inondations en Pologne
  • References

    1947 Cannes Film Festival Wikipedia

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