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1927 College Football All Southern Team

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1927 College Football All-Southern Team

The 1927 College Football All-Southern Team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-Southern Teams selected by various organizations in for the 1927 Southern Conference football season.


Composite eleven

The All-Southern eleven compiled by the Associated Press included:

  • John Barnhill, guard for Tennessee, second-team AP All-American, later head coach at his alma mater.
  • Elvin Butcher, center for Tennessee. His play against Vanderbilt helped secure the spot on the eleven, as he outplayed Vandy center Vernon Sharpe, who arguably had the better season.
  • Dick Dodson, halfback for Tennessee, set a record with a 91 yard run versus Transylvania. It's still the second longest run in Tennessee history, broken with a 99 yard run by Kelsey Finch against Florida in 1977. In the Tennessee-Vanderbilt game of '27, Dodson carried the ball but four times, yet was the main reason for Tennessee keeping the game a tie.
  • Herdis McCrary, fullback for Georgia, second-team AP and UP All-American. Known as "Bull," he played in the National Football League for the Green Bay Packers from 1929 to 1933.
  • Tom Nash, end for Georgia, consensus All-American. He played professionally for the Green Bay Packers, selected All-Pro in 1932.
  • Fred Pickhard, tackle and captain for Alabama, second-team CP and UP All-American.
  • Ivey Shiver, end and captain for Georgia's "dream and wonder team." Known as "Chick," he was first-team AP All-American. He played professional baseball for the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds.
  • Gene Smith, guard for Georgia, third-team AP All-American. He played in the NFL for the Portsmouth Spartans.
  • Bill Spears, quarterback for Vanderbilt, nearest to a unanimous selection, first-team AP All-American, inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1962. He was speedy and rarely threw an interception.
  • Stumpy Thomason, halfback for Georgia Tech, played in the NFL for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Jess Tinsley, tackle for LSU, cousin of Gaynell Tinsley. He played in the NFL for the Chicago Cardinals.
  • Composite overview

    Bill Spears received the most selections from the Associated Press composite. Sixty four votes in all were cast.


  • Ivey "Chick" Shiver, Georgia (AP-1, UP-1, CP, WMA, EB)
  • Tom Nash*, Georgia (AP-1, UP-2, C, WMA, EB)
  • Ed Crowley, Georgia Tech (AP-2, UP-1, WMA)
  • Larry "Kitty" Creson, Vanderbilt (AP-2, UP-2, C, WMA)
  • Rags Matthews, Texas Christian (College Football Hall of Fame) (CP)
  • H. S. Spotts, Washington & Lee (AP-c, WMA-r)
  • Allyn McKeen, Tennessee (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-c)
  • Ap Applewhite, Mississippi (AP-c)
  • Pinkie Thornhill, VMI (UP-c)
  • H. R. Lewis, Mississippi A & M (UP-c)
  • Moss, VMI (UP-c)
  • Patrick Brown, Tulane (WMA-r)
  • Tackles

  • Fred Pickhard, Alabama (AP-1, UP-1, CP, WMA, EB)
  • Jess Tinsley, LSU (AP-1, UP-2)
  • Glenn Lautzenhiser, Georgia (AP-2, UP-1)
  • Dave McArthur, Tennessee (AP-2, C)
  • Garrett Morehead, North Carolina (UP-2)
  • B. Winston Cardwell, Virginia (UP-c, CP, WMA)
  • E. J. Hood, Georgia Tech (UP-c, WMA)
  • Bill Brunson, Mississippi A & M (AP-c, UP-c)
  • Duke Kimbrough, Sewanee (AP-c)
  • Clark Pearce, Alabama (AP-c)
  • Earl Fitzpatrick, Washington and Lee (AP-c)
  • Kenneth Rugh, VMI (UP-c)
  • Guy Nesom, LSU (UP-c)
  • Donald Adams, Maryland (UP-c)
  • Frank Speer, Georgia Tech (C)
  • Warren, LSU (WMA-r)
  • Guards

  • John Barnhill, Tennessee (AP-1, UP-1, C, CP, WMA, EB-as T)
  • Gene Smith, Georgia (AP-1, UP-1, CP, WMA, EB)
  • Jim Bowdoin, Alabama (AP-2, UP-2, C, WMA)
  • V. K. Smith, Ole Miss (AP-2)
  • B. B. Tips, Washington & Lee (UP-2, WMA-r)
  • Raleigh Drennon, Georgia Tech (AP-c, UP-c, EB)
  • V. E. Miles, VPI (AP-c)
  • Arthur Tripp, Tennessee (UP-c)
  • Bud Shuler, North Carolina (UP-c)
  • L. R. Thompson, Mississippi A & M (WMA)
  • Centers

  • Elvin Butcher, Tennessee (AP-1, UP-2, CP, WMA)
  • Vernon Sharpe, Vanderbilt (AP-2, UP-1, WMA)
  • Harry Schwartz, North Carolina (AP-c)
  • Peter Pund, Georgia Tech (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-c, C)
  • William Patterson, Auburn (AP-c, WMA-r)
  • Ike Boland, Georgia (EB)
  • Shep Mondy, VMI (WMA-r)
  • Quarterbacks

  • Bill Spears, Vanderbilt (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1, UP-1, C, CP, WMA, EB)
  • Johnny Menville, Tulane (UP-2, WMA)
  • Babe Godfrey, LSU (WMA-r)
  • Halfbacks

  • Stumpy Thomason, Georgia Tech (AP-1, UP-1, C, EB)
  • Dick Dodson, Tennessee (AP-1, UP-1, WMA-r)
  • Jack McDowall, North Carolina State (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2 [as qb], UP-2, C, WMA)
  • Phoney Smith, Mercer (AP-2)
  • Bill Banker, Tulane (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-2, UP-c)
  • Frank Peake, VPI (AP-c)
  • Al Barnes, VMI (UP-2)
  • Bobby Hooks, Georgia (UP-c, CP, EB)
  • Warner Mizell, Georgia Tech (CP)
  • John Sloan, Virginia (UP-c)
  • Davis Brasfield, Alabama (UP-c)
  • Gene White, Washington & Lee (UP-c)
  • Fred Linkus, Maryland (UP-c)
  • Roy Estes, Georgia (WMA)
  • Lewis Thomas, Maryland (WMA)
  • Red Brown, Alabama (WMA)
  • Bud Eskew, Clemson (WMA-r)
  • Reuben Wilcox, Mississippi
  • Fullbacks

  • Herdis McCrary, Georgia (AP-1, UP-1, C, CP, EB)
  • Jimmy Armistead, Vanderbilt (AP-2, UP-c)
  • Bill Middlekauff, Florida (AP-c, UP-2, WMA)
  • Sollie Cohen, Mississippi (AP-c, WMA)
  • Tom Young, North Carolina (AP-c)
  • Tom Shotts, Auburn (WMA-r)
  • Key

    Bold = Composite selection

    * = Consensus All-American

    AP = composite selected by the Associated Press. It had a first and second team.

    UP = composite selected by the United Press. It had a first and second team. Those who received selections despite missing first or second team are appended with a C.

    C = composite selected by six sporting editors: Blinkey Horn of the Nashville Tennessean, Ralph McGill of the Nashville Banner, Zipp Newman of the Birmingham News, Bib Phillips of the Birmingham Age-Herald, Morgan Blake of the Atlanta Journal, and Ed Danforth of the Atlanta Georgian.

    CP = selected by football fans of the South through Central Press newspapers.

    WMA = selected by coaches Wallace Wade of Alabama, Dan McGugin of Vanderbilt, and William Alexander of Georgia Tech, for a roster spot on a team set to face an All-Pacific Coast squad in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. It also include reserves.

    EB = selected by Miss Emily Boyd, sports editor of the Griffin Daily News, the only woman sports editor in the south.


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