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1902 College Football All Southern Team

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1902 College Football All-Southern Team

The 1902 College Football All-Southern Team consists of American football players selected to the College Football All-Southern Teams selected by various organizations in 1902. Clemson won the SIAA championship. Virginia was often ranked as best team in the south.


Tichenor's eleven

Reynolds Tichenor's eleven as posted in Fuzzy Woodruff's A History of Southern Football includes:

  • Sandy Beaver, guard for Georgia. He was once head of Riverside Military Academy.
  • Marvin M. Dickinson, halfback for Georgia, later coached for his alma mater.
  • James C. Elmer, guard for Auburn. Tradition dictates many publications list Elmer as the school's first All-Southern selection.
  • Jock Hanvey, fullback for Clemson.
  • Harold Ketron, center for Georgia, known as "War Eagle." Ketron was known as quite a physical player, one source reporting he pulled hair and spat tobacco juice in faces. Another writer claims "There have been many of the old players who have followed the Georgia games long after graduation, but none of them with a record of more loyalty than the "War Eagle."' He recruited Charley Trippi to play for the Bulldogs, seeing him in high school while officiating high school games and owning a Coca Cola bottling plant in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Joseph Lee Kirby-Smith, tackle for Sewanee, son of Edmund Kirby-Smith. He later moved to Jacksonville, Florida as a practicing dermatologist and gaining distinction throughout Florida and the south.
  • John Maxwell, quarterback for Clemson.
  • Henry D. Phillips, guard for Sewanee. Sportswriter Fuzzy Woodruff called him "the greatest football player who ever sank cleated shoes into a chalk line south of the Mason-Dixon line."
  • Frank Ridley, end for Georgia. One account of Ridley reads "Ridley's first year on the team he played this position so well that Coach Heisman named his as the All-Southern end. He is quick and active and never hesitates to tackle a man, seldom being blocked." He was later a physician and surgeon.
  • Hope Sadler, end for Clemson. One publication reads "Vetter Sitton and Hope Sadler were the finest ends that Clemson ever had perhaps."
  • Carl Sitton, end for Clemson. He also played baseball.
  • Ends

  • Carl Sitton, Clemson (WRT [as hb], WA, AC, JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • Frank Ridley, Georgia (WRT, WA, AC, H)
  • Hope Sadler, Clemson (WRT)
  • Albert Cox, North Carolina (JLD, WAL-1)
  • Thomas Bronston, Virginia (JLD, WAL-1)
  • Lois Thompson, Kentucky U. (JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • Tackles

  • Joseph Lee Kirby-Smith, Sewanee (WRT, JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • Nash Buckingham, Tennessee (AC)
  • Jesse Thrash, Georgia Tech (AC)
  • Branch Johnson, Virginia (JLD, WAL-1)
  • Walter Council, Virginia (JLD, WAL-1)
  • Sally Miles, VPI (JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • Young, Georgia Tech (AC-s)
  • Oliver Gardner, North Carolina
  • Clyde Conner, Ole Miss
  • Guards

  • Henry D. Phillips, Sewanee (College Football Hall of Fame) (WRT, AC)
  • James C. Elmer, Auburn (WRT, AC-s, JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • Sandy Beaver, Georgia (WRT [as t], AC-s)
  • Hampton Lemoine, Sewanee (AC, JLD, WAL-1)
  • Frank Foust, North Carolina (JLD, WAL-1)
  • William Spates, Virginia (JLD-s)
  • Centers

  • Harold Ketron, Georgia (WRT, WA, AC)
  • Percy Given, Georgetown (JLD, WAL-1)
  • Roach Stewart, North Carolina (JLD-s)
  • H. Dorsey Waters, Virginia (WAL-2)
  • Quarterbacks

  • John Maxwell, Clemson (WRT)
  • Frank M. Osborne, Sewanee (WA, AC)
  • John Pollard, Virginia (JLD, WAL-2)
  • Louis Graves, North Carolina (JLD-s, WAL-1)
  • Sax Crawford, Tennessee (AC-s)
  • Halfbacks

  • Marvin Dickinson, Georgia (WRT, AC)
  • A. H. Douglas, Tennessee (AC)
  • Earle Holt, North Carolina (JLD, WAL-1)
  • Joe Reilly, Georgetown (JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • T. Watkins, Virginia (JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • James Forman, Alabama (AC-s)
  • Fullbacks

  • Jock Hanvey, Clemson (WRT)
  • John Edgerton, Vanderbilt (WA, JLD [as hb], WAL-1 [as hb])
  • Hunter Carpenter, VPI (College Football Hall of Fame) (JLD, WAL-1)
  • A. T. Sublett, Furman (AC)
  • Frank C. Harris, Virginia (JLD-s, WAL-2)
  • H. A. Allison, Auburn (AC-s)
  • Key

    Bold = Tichenor's selection

    WRT = selected by W. R. Tichenor, posted in Fuzzy Woodruff's A History of Southern Football

    WA = selected by W. A. Reynolds.

    AC = selected by the Atlanta Constitution. It had substitutes, denoted with a small S.

    JLD = selected by John L. DeSaulles. It had substitutes, denoted with a small S.

    H = selected by John Heisman.

    WAL = selected by W. A. Lambeth for Collier's Weekly. It had a first and second team.


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