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1851 New Zealand census

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Country  Colony of New Zealand
Total population  26,707
Least populous district  New Plymouth (1,532)
Date taken  1 November, 1851
Most populous district  Auckland (9,430)
1851 New Zealand census

The 1851 New Zealand census was the first national population census. The day used for the census, was Saturday 1 November 1851. The enumeration was left to the governments of New Ulster and New Munster, the two provinces into which the country was then divided and was ordered by the Census Ordinance of 1851. The census, which was confined to Europeans, revealed a population of 26,707.



General Census of 1851

  • December 1851. (Reports appeared in Auckland Provincial Government Gazettes, 1853 and 1854.)
  • Data availability

    The Blue Books were statistical information from New Zealand’s early Colonial period (1840-1855). They have information about population, revenue, military, trade, shipping, public works, legislation, civil servants, foreign consuls, land transactions, churches, schools, and prisons.

    Population and dwellings

    Population counts for the New Zealand districts. The original six were Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury, and Otago, though in 1858 New Plymouth was renamed Taranaki.


    Population by country of birth:


    Members of Christian denominations formed 93.35 per cent. of those who made answer to the inquiry at the census; non-Christian sects were 0.24 per cent.; whilst “other” religions constituted 6.41 per cent.

    Numbers of livestock

    Showing the numbers of livestock in the possession of Europeans in the several settlements in 1851.


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