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1824 in literature

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1824 in literature

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1824.



  • January 24 – First issue of the radical quarterly founded by Jeremy Bentham, The Westminster Review, is published in London.
  • February 9 – Because of his family's dire financial straits, Charles Dickens, just turned 12, begins work in a blacking factory in London. On February 23 his father, John Dickens, is committed to the Marshalsea prison as a debtor.
  • February 15 – Lord Byron falls ill at Missolonghi while taking part in the Greek War of Independence, dying of fever on April 19.
  • May 7 – Première of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 (the "Choral") at the Theater am Kärntnertor in Vienna, incorporating a setting of Schiller's "Ode to Joy" (Ode an die Freude, 1785).
  • May 17 – The publisher John Murray, together with five of Lord Byron's friends and executors, decides to destroy the manuscript of Byron's memoirs (which he has been given to publish) because he considers the scandalous details would damage Byron's reputation. Opposed only by Thomas Moore, the two volumes of memoirs are dismembered and burnt in the fireplace at the John Murray (publisher)'s office, 50 Albemarle Street in London.
  • June 21 – The Vagrancy Act in England provides for the prosecution of "every Person wilfully exposing to view, in any Street... or public Place, any obscene Print, Picture, or other indecent Exhibition".
  • Julia Catherine Beckwith's St. Ursula’s Convent or, The Nun of Canada; Containing Scenes from Real Life becomes the first novel published in Canada by a native-born Canadian (anonymously).
  • The United States Literary Gazette, a semi-monthly, begins publication. It publishes poetry by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and William Cullen Bryant, among many others.
  • The periodicals The Children's Friend and The Child's Companion both publish their first issues.
  • Fiction

  • William Cardell – The Story of Jack Halyard, the Sailor Boy
  • Mary Charlton – The Homicide
  • Lydia Maria Child – Hobomok
  • James Fenimore Cooper (anonymously) – The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea (published January, dated 1823)
  • Susan Ferrier – The Inheritance
  • Catherine Gore – Theresa Marchment, or The Maid of Honour
  • James Hogg (anonymously) – The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
  • Washington Irving (as Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.) – Tales of a Traveller
  • Charles Maturin – The Albigenses
  • Mary Russell Mitford – Our Village
  • James Justinian Morier – Hajji Baba of Ispahan
  • Regina Marie Roche – The Tradition of the Castle
  • Susanna Rowson – Charlotte's Daughter
  • Sir Walter Scott (anonymously) – Redgauntlet
  • Catharine Maria Sedgwick – Redwood
  • Louisa Stanhope – The Siege of Kenilworth
  • Children

  • William Cardell – The Story of Jack Halyard, the Sailor Boy
  • Agnes Strickland
  • The Aviary; Or, An Agreeable Visit. Intended for Children
  • The Use of Sight: Or, I Wish I Were Julia
  • The Little Tradesman, or, A Peep into English Industry
  • Drama

  • Manuel Bretón de los Herreros – Á la vejez viruelas (In Old Age, Chickenpox)
  • Aleksandr Griboyedov – Woe from Wit (Горе от ума)
  • Poetry

  • Thomas Campbell – Theodric; a domestic tale; and other poems
  • Giacomo Leopardi – Canzoni and Versi
  • Alfred de Vigny – Éloa, ou La sœur des anges
  • Births

  • January 7 – Julia Kavanagh, Irish novelist (died 1877)
  • January 8 – Wilkie Collins, English mystery novelist (died 1889)
  • January 15 – Anna Mary Howitt, English writer, painter and feminist (died 1884)
  • March 19 – George Murray Smith, English founder of the Dictionary of National Biography (died 1901)
  • May 19 – William Allingham, Irish poet (died 1889)
  • July 27 – Alexandre Dumas, fils, French novelist (died 1895)
  • October 18 – Juan Valera y Alcalá-Galiano, Spanish realist novelist (died 1905)
  • December 10 – George MacDonald, Scottish author, poet and Christian minister (died 1905)
  • Deaths

  • January 28 – John Larpent, English theater censor (born 1741)
  • March 2 – Susanna Rowson, American novelist, poet and playwright (born 1762)
  • April 13 – Jane Taylor, English poet and novelist (born 1783)
  • April 19 – Lord Byron, English Romantic poet (born 1788)
  • September 23 – John Cartwright, English political reformer (born 1740)
  • October 30 – Charles Maturin, Irish playwright, novelist and cleric (born 1782)
  • November 23 – Matthäus Casimir von Collin, Austrian poet and dramatist (born 1779)
  • Awards

  • March – Samuel Taylor Coleridge elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
  • Chancellor's Gold Medal – Winthrop Mackworth Praed
  • Newdigate Prize – John Thomas Hope
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