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1614 in poetry

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1614 in poetry

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  • May 24 – Lope de Vega becomes a priest.
  • Great Britain

  • Anonymous, The Life and Death of Hector, often attributed erroneously to Thomas Heywood; a free paraphrase in modernized verse of John Lydgate's (also anonymously published) Troy Book 1513
  • Sir William Alexander, Doomes-day; or, The Great Day of the Lords Judgement
  • Richard Brathwaite, published anonymously, The Poets Willow; or, The Passionate Shepheard
  • William Browne, The Shepheard's Pipe
  • George Chapman:
  • Andromeda Liberata; or, The Nuptials of Perseus and Andromeda, on the marriage of Robert Carr, earl of Somerset, and Frances Howard, formerly countess of Essex
  • Homers Odysses, publication year uncertain, Books 1–12 (see also Seaven Bookes of the Iliades of Homer 1598, Homer Prince of Poets 1609, The Iliads of Homer 1611, Twenty-four Bookes of Homers Odisses 1615, The Whole Workes of Homer 1616)
  • Sir Arthur Gorges, Poems by William Drummond. Of Hawthornden, publication year uncertain
  • Richard Niccols, The Furies. With Vertues Encomium; or, The Image of Honour
  • John Norden, The Labyrinth of Mans Life; or Vertues Delieght and Envies Opposite
  • Sir Thomas Overbury, A Wife, Now a Widdowe, expanded edition containing the author's Characters, published posthumously
  • Joshua Sylvester, translated from the French of Jean Bertaut, The Parliament of Vertues Royal, also includes translations of verse by Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas (see also Second Session 1615)
  • George Wither, A Satyre
  • Other

  • Miguel de Cervantes, Viaje del Parnaso, also known as Viaje al Parnaso (Journey to Parnassus"), dedicated to Rodrigo de Tapia and printed by the widow of Alonso Martín, Spain
  • Lope de Vega, Rimas sacras, Spain
  • Births

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  • October 12 – Henry More (died 1687), English philosopher and poet
  • Also:
  • Nicolaes Borremans (died 1674), Dutch Remonstrants preacher, poet, and editor
  • John Denham born this year or 1615 (died 1669), English poet and courtier
  • Hallgrímur Pétursson (died 1674), one of Iceland's most famous poets and a clergyman
  • Deaths

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  • October 9 – Bonaventura Vulcanius (born 1538), Dutch humanist scholar and poet
  • July 15 – Pierre de Bourdeille, also known as Brantôme (born c. 1540), French soldier, historian, biographer and poet
  • Also:
  • Francisco de Andrada (born 1540), Portuguese historian and poet
  • Rhys Cain (born 1540), Welsh-language poet
  • Vitsentzos Kornaros, died this year or 1613 (born 1553), Cretan poet of the Greek Renaissance who wrote the romantic epic poem Erotokritos
  • Luisa Carvajal y Mendoza (born 1566), Spanish aristocrat, religious poet and author
  • Konoe Nobutada (born 1565), Japanese courtier and man of letters known as a poet, calligrapher, painter and diarist
  • Bartosz Paprocki (born 1543), Polish and Czech writer, historiographer, translator, and poet
  • Cristóbal de Virués (born 1550), Spanish playwright and poet
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