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Year 1004 (MIV) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • An episode of plague and famine breaks out in North Africa.
  • Asia

  • December – The Samanid dynasty ends in Bokhara.
  • The Liao dynasty launches a major offensive against the Song dynasty. Their armies meet near Shanyang, north of the Song capital of Kaifeng.
  • Battle of Shanzhou: The Liao dynasty general Xiao Talin is picked off, by an elite Song Chinese crossbow sniper.
  • Jingdezhen porcelain enters a period of significant production.
  • Europe

  • May 14 – Henry II is crowned King of Italy at Pavia. A quarrel between his German companions and the Pavese erupts into a full-scale battle.
  • Henry II launches a war against Bolesław of Poland (which lasts until 1018).
  • Boleslaus I of Poland loses Bohemia, after having become duke the previous year. He is succeeded as Duke of Bohemia by Jaromir.
  • Sancho III becomes king of Navarre, Aragon and Castille.
  • Sweyn I of Denmark destroys Norwich.
  • Aberdeen becomes a bishopric.
  • The Arabs sack Pisa.
  • The troops of Vizier Al-Mansur sack the Catalan city of Manresa.
  • Pope John XVIII begins his reign (or 1003).
  • Births

  • Abdallah ibn Al-Aftas (approximate date) (d. 1060)
  • Goda of England (d. 1055)
  • Deaths

  • November 13 – Abbo of Fleury
  • Adelaide of Aquitaine, wife of Hugh Capet
  • Erik the Red (or 1003) (b. 950)
  • Li Jiqian, Tangut jiedushi who ruled the new Western Xia Dynasty in northwestern China (b. 963)
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