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Yuin–Kuric languages

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Subdivisions  Yuin Yora Kuri
Glottolog  yuin1243
Yuin–Kuric languages
Geographic distribution  New South Wales, ACT, and SE Queensland, Australia
Linguistic classification  Pama–Nyungan Southeast New South Wales Yuin–Kuric

The Yuin–Kuric languages are a family of mainly extinct indigenous Australian languages that existed in the south east of Australia.


They belong in the Pama–Nyungan family. These languages are divided into the Yuin, Kuri, and Yora groups, although exact classifications vary between researchers. Yuin–Kuric languages were spoken by the original inhabitants of what are now the cities of Sydney and Canberra. Most are now extinct.

The koala is named from the word gula for the animal in Dharuk, a Yuin–Kuri language within the Yora group, and the same word occurs in other Yuin–Kuri languages, such as Gundungurra, within the Yuin group.


The constituent languages are groups are arranged from southeast to northwest:

Yuin group

The Yuin (southern) group includes:

  • The extinct Tharawal languages spoken along the South Coast of New South Wales, including Thawa, Dyirringany, Thurga, Tharawal, and possibly Gweagal.
  • Nyamudy language spoken by people around Canberra
  • Ngarigo (Ngarigu) spoken by the Ngarigo people
  • Ngunnawal, also known as Gundungurra (Gundungura, Gudungura, or Gandangara), spoken by the Ngunnawal people and Gandangara people in inland south-eastern New South Wales in the now Yass region.
  • Yora group

    The Yora or Iyora (central) group is accepted by Dixon.

  • Dharug, an extinct language which attempts are being made to revive.
  • Darkinjung, an extinct language.
  • They were spoken in the region of Sydney.

    Kuri group

    The Kuri (northern) group has been reduced to its southernmost languages:

  • Worimi languages: Worimi (Worimi, Katthang, Birrpayi), Awabakal
  • Dunghutti language
  • Languages once classified as Kuric include Yugambal, Yuggarabul (Yuggera), and Nganyaywana (Anaiwan) further north.


    Jeremy Steele's partial reconstruction of the Sydney language includes a comparison of pronouns in several Yuin–Kuric languages. The following partial and simplified version shows some of the similarities and differences across the family:


    Yuin–Kuric languages Wikipedia

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