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Prefecture-level city  Sanming
Area  2,942 km²
Province  Fujian
Time zone  China Standard (UTC+8)
Local time  Sunday 3:32 PM
Yong'an httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Country  People's Republic of China
Weather  24°C, Wind SW at 11 km/h, 90% Humidity
Points of interest  Taoyuan Cave, Guishan Park, Binglv Mountain

Yong'an (Chinese: 永安; pinyin: Yǒng'ān; Wade–Giles: Yung-an) is a county-level city in west-central Fujian province, People's Republic of China. It is located on the Sha River, which is a tributary of the Min River.


Map of Yong'an, Sanming, Fujian, China

Yong'an is located in west-central Sanming City, located approximately 290 km (180 miles) west of Fuzhou, the provincial capital. The city's population is 319,000 (2003–2004).The natural population growth rate is 5.87%.

Yong'an is known for:

  1. Its rich natural resources (hence the saying "gold mountain silver water"). The forest coverage is more than 85%, which is a miracle percentage in southern-east of China.
  2. A relatively strong industrial base. Yong'an is a rising industrial city in Fujian Province and an important energy and raw materials production base.
  3. A relatively complete infrastructure located in the northwest of Fujian Minnan. It is an important transport hub and a distribution center.
  4. A relatively high level of urbanization, actively creating better urban residences.


Yong'an, similar to the rest of the province, has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), with short and mild winters, and long, very hot and humid summers. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from 9.7 °C (49.5 °F) in January to 28.2 °C (82.8 °F) in July, and the annual mean is 19.36 °C (66.8 °F). Rainfall averages more than 190 mm (7.5 in) per month from March to June before gradually tapering off until early winter. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 23% in March to 55% in July, the city receives 1,629 hours of bright sunshine annually, with summer being the sunniest time of the year; spring and late winter are especially overcast and damp.


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