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Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam

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Genre  Drama
Developed by  Deepak Panth
Directed by  Nitin jindal
Created by  COLORS Creative Team
Written by  Rajita Sharma
Creative director(s)  Rajita SharmaShantanu Agrawal
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Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam (TV Series 2009–2010) - IMDb

Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam (English: This Love Will Not Diminish) was an Indian television series starring Yami Gautam which aired on the Colors channel Monday - Thursday at 9pm IST. The story is inspired from 2009 Bollywood flick Delhi-6


It is a love story between Abeer (Gaurav Khanna) and Leher (Yami Gautam). It is one of the shows that replaced Vodafone Presents Bigg Boss 3 after its grand finale, the other show being Laagi Tujhse Lagan. This serial is quite popular among young generation. This show ended on 2 September due to poor ratings in spite of good concept.


This is the story of Abeer and Leher's love set against the background of caste politics and class differences. The story unfolds in the picturesque township in Lucknow where a Brahmin's son Abeer falls for a Kayasth's daughter Leher. The show portrays the often heard though never-seen-before love story of people from different castes battling their own families and the society in order to unite. The story plays on the popular adage, 'Love is blind' but is also a scathing critique on our country's obsession with caste and class.

Abeer Bajpayee comes from a very wealthy family and being the family's only son gives him the benefit of being the apple of everyone's eyes. He is a student at the local university pursuing a degree in law so that he can follow his father's foot steps. Everybody likes to follow Abeer because he is popular.

The Bajpayees have a Kayasth family, the Mathurs, as their neighbor. There is a rift between both the families because of a building construction (common wall) problem, while building their houses. Mr. Kulbhushan Mathur and his family is delighted to receive his elder brother, Mr. Brijbhushan Mathur, who works in the electricity department and is transferred to Lucknow. Brijbhushan is accompanied by his wife (played by Prachi Shah) whom he lovingly calls 'Dulhan' and his two daughters, Guddan (Leher) and Bittan.

Abeer sees Leher when she is moving her luggage from the truck into the house and is attracted towards her. He even helps her unload the truck without her taking any notice and while helping her, he picks up her payal which falls to the ground in the rush and keeps it with him. He is really smitten by her and tries to talk to her so that he can know her name but she only brushes him away whenever he tries to even attempt to talk to her. She even doesn't tell him her name, until he knows it from Bittan. Abeer helps Leher's family with a lot of things much to the dislike of his family thereby creating a rift between him and his family. After a lot of drama, Abeer and Leher get married to each other and the show progresses.


  • Gaurav Khanna ... Abeer Bajpayee
  • Yami Gautam ... Leher Mathur/Guddan
  • Parul Gulati ... Bittan
  • Bhupinder Singh ... Triyogi Narayan Bajpayee
  • Aishwarya Narkar ... Sudha Bajpayee
  • Prachi Shah...Leher's mother
  • Miankshi Verma... Dadi
  • ... Chutki
  • Rajveer Singh Palawat ... Banke
  • ... Dulari (the washerwoman)
  • Tushar Dalvi ... Brijbhushan Mathur
  • Shweta Gautam ... Mridula Mathur
  • Akhlaque Khan ... Ankur Mathur
  • Rohitash Gaud ... Kulbhushan Mathur
  • Indu Verma ... Rama Mathur
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